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  1. I'm having trouble getting EUC.world to graph my data. The CSV file is uploaded automatically, but the data isn't graphed and "tour" isn't logged. I have start and finish tour with connection and loss selected...any help you all can give me would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. And one-wheels are no where near the machines that high end EUC's are as you have noted. Not from a performance standpoint or a value standpoint. I'd say the only real advantage is they are easier to learn, but we are talking a couple hours so it's dwarfed by the EUC advantages.
  3. Just a couple suggestions. I have not read the entire thread so my suggestions may be repetitive: If you have a narrow (normal width) hallway you can use, it doesn't have to be long...start getting on and off while bracing yourself with your arms between the two walls. Even better if the floor is carpeted. Get comfortable with that then try riding down the hallway without bracing yourself (use the wall when needed to avoid falling off). The distance you can ride will slowly increase until you can get on and ride the entire hallway and get off without using the walls. If you don't have a hallway get a shopping cart and brace yourself while riding the wheel in an open area like a parking lot. Get comfortable with getting on and off while using the cart then without the cart. If you can find a artificially turfed area (even short grass) you won't need any assistance, just the grit to challenge yourself to ride a little further and break your last distance record. Total time to learn (about 2 hours). Break it up into 15-30 minute sessions over 2 or more days. You might duck tape some cardboard around your EUC as padding so you don't beat the hell out of it while learning to ride it. Learning to ride is hard on wheels! Keep us posted. Adrian
  4. Mine shows the same thing...but it’s working fine, and I’m not about to try and update it. 🤣
  5. 18S is my go-to wheel! Favorite wheel I have and it would be the last wheel I would get rid of. I don't think I'll buy another one I can't sit on. Sitting, even if briefly, gives the feet a nice break and makes my rides so much more enjoyable; extends the range I want to ride several fold as well. I'm so much more stable on it while seated at high speeds (not going to get the death wobble). Get one; I think you'll be very happy with it!
  6. Speed/power is an important consideration, but remember you can also outgrow your battery capacity as well. Your situation may be different but I'm on my 5th wheel and have progressively "outgrown" the battery capacity of each wheel. Just something else to consider besides top speed. Good luck.
  7. I can't promise I could make it, but I'd sure like to try! (As I invite myself!) Sounds like fun! (KS18S-1680 wh)
  8. I charge my KS18S frequently with a cycle satiator at 5A and have never had an issue. One of the KS reps checked with engineering on max charge rate and told me 5A was max for the 18S. I can't imagine them going backwards on the KS18L/XL.
  9. Back up and running! @Flora Yuan and @US69 got me fixed up. You have to get another engineering app that will allow you to install the firmware by wheel model rather than allowing the app to select it automatically. In this case the app installed once and kept on wanting to install 16S 1.08 onto my 18S wheel. I didn't loose any settings or mileages. Thanks everyone!
  10. Just noticed the “firmware model” is KS-16S....the wheel is a 18S.
  11. Got a prompt to update firmware, did so no issues. Restarted and wheel just beeps rapidly and non-stop after the update... firmware took...wheel shuts off sometimes after 10-15 seconds other times stays beeping like this. I do get the following message in the app... Any ideas? Thanks, Adrian
  12. And by far the longest range!!!! LOL
  13. Downtown fun! Nice edit from one of our skateboarders (Brice Luppi).
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