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Can a stolen Gotway EUC be blacklisted/blocked by the app?


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Hey all

Silly question, but are Gotway able to block/blacklist a stolen/lost gotway euc via the app?

one seems to have gone missing in the post and need to find out if I can get it blacklisted. 
i have the motor code etc


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absolutely not... for a ks or inmotion this technically could be possible under certain circumstances.. but not by you... if its gone missing in the post, that shouldnt be your problem, you are speaking of yourself? the seller has or should have shipping insurance should something like this happen, and you are covered by law (at least here you are) and by your credit card company or paypal

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On 7/18/2020 at 7:06 PM, Hansolo said:

No, for GW there is no identification informations transmited by BlueTooth, even the model of the wheel is not transmitted.

the bluetooth ID  Gotway_27390 is the ID of the unicycle. Yes maybe GW app doesn't transmit it but it could..

each blue tooth device has a mac address also which could be used.

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