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  1. I got pretty friendly with wheel store on Ali, was getting really good discounts but bought a 16x from them last year and it got blacklisted, they took an age to get it sorted, in the end I contacted ks direct who sorted it but I lost all faith with Ali euc sellers. The hassle is not worth the extra saving in my opinion. Green shop is chicway. They are decent so don’t worry, the Sherman will arrive eventually. Like other Ali sellers they drop ship and rarely have actual stock. godd luck!
  2. The latest batch have new smaller bearings, a redesigned inner shell with smaller hole and the new black motherboard. Think it should be very good!
  3. for me only time I get a little flustered is when im at the front of some traffic lights and there's lots of cars behind me and im hoping for a good first time mount lol I ride cycles and motorcycles too so used to dealing with car drivers road rage
  4. I think this is world wide The shoulder check is also called a "life saver" by bikers
  5. how did you pay? if paypal then the screenshot of the payment may be ok?
  6. Where did you the wheel from? a screenshot of the order will be fine if ordered from Aliexpress etc
  7. very sad to hear this Everyone please be vigilant on the roads
  8. I use demon flex meter with my insta360 but have a pebble watch fitted with velcro as per photo I find it OK with the selfie stick, you get used to it.
  9. Antec


    Lol. Fair enough 😀
  10. Did you order from erides mate? If so, then yeh they send the charger separately. Don't worry
  11. An update to my locked Kingsong 16x purchased from Aliexpress..Success.
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