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  1. how did you pay? if paypal then the screenshot of the payment may be ok?
  2. Where did you the wheel from? a screenshot of the order will be fine if ordered from Aliexpress etc
  3. very sad to hear this Everyone please be vigilant on the roads
  4. I use demon flex meter with my insta360 but have a pebble watch fitted with velcro as per photo I find it OK with the selfie stick, you get used to it.
  5. Antec


    Lol. Fair enough 😀
  6. Did you order from erides mate? If so, then yeh they send the charger separately. Don't worry
  7. An update to my locked Kingsong 16x purchased from Aliexpress..Success.
  8. Thank you. Now to decide what to do with it. Keep or sell, as I also have an MSP too. I've just completed the first 6.2 Miles at 12mph. Boy that was painful! Now the speed is fully unlocked, pheww
  9. Just an update on this and my experience. Emailed the email address on the KS announcement on 14th August. Had no reply or acknowledgement at all I then took to Facebook chat, they responded with asking for serial and a screenshot of the order I made on Ali. I sent this. Then no response apart from telling they are working on it. I then took to messaging Jack on here last night asking for an update and he replied saying it's now done. I checked the wheel this morning and sure enough it's fully working with the kingsong app. I get the feeling us Ali buying folk are ob
  10. Ks have confirmed today they are working on getting my wheel (16x P model May 2020 from Ali) unlocked as per recent announcement. Will keep you all informed on how long it takes.
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