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  1. the problem with the sherman compartment is that the small compartment housing the board is just sitting on top of the board, it doesnt go all the way and extend down beyond it like KS wheels if you know what i mean... so while thats certainly better than the side, with the seams it is still possible for water to get in, though highly unlikely.. the ks top is one piece that goes all around the wheel and extends down beyond where the board sits so unless gravity were to reverse, no water is getting up inside of it... but yea, the only reason gotway doesnt is the same reason their last ten wheel
  2. if everyone just did what kingsong does which is put the boards at the top then this would be a non issue... if its really pouring ill put a waterproof backpack cover on it but otherwise it is basically impossible for water to get to the board
  3. dont need to be a bot to scam people lol.... easy for anyone to make a fake account, grab some pics off google and then try to sell an euc they dont have... most forums with any kind of sale section do this in some way
  4. not sure if sarcasm or if this is a real thing... either way, its hilarious xD
  5. im not aware of any euc in existence that reads 0% battery at >3.3V gotway wheels read 3.3V per cell as 0%.. even pushing a KS18L as long as you possibly could to the point that it didnt even turn on anymore would still be way above the unsafe level of discharge
  6. is it? that would be news to me... i have never owned one but i thought both it and the S18 were 3.0 same as all other KS wheels unless they changed it for some reason..... need some owners to chime in haha does the app display 0% at 60V or 63V O.O why is that hard to believe? KS has always done this afaik
  7. yea, but its not really considered a deep discharge some manufacturers say to not go below 2.4V some even as low as >2.0 being safe.. so i think 3.0 is still a super cautious number and no more damaging to the batteries than the 3.15V or 3.3V of other wheels batteries..i think as long as you are aware, then its a good thing... because one wheel will get you there at your normal pace while the other wheel the last bit of the ride will be at a snails pace, realistically once you arrive at your destination both wheels would still be very close in battery level.. but yea its true going down to
  8. aah ok.. well KS wheels have always had the best battery life.. comparing the same size wheel and the same speed a KS wheel will always get you further
  9. well if its the same as all other KS wheels made in the last few years it should be 3.0V per cell making it in a 20S3P setup 60V as being empty.. meaning it will kick you off, unrideable... this is however resting battery level, so keep in mind there will be some sag on the pack especially during more demanding tasks so it could kick you off long before its actually empty, you should try to avoid ever getting to this.. as for the hard tiltback and just making your ride uncomfortable well thats down the the specific wheel and its specific firmware so you would have to either find it in some upd
  10. hmmm, yea i thought as much.. it just adds another layer of complexity that can compound any issues especially with something thats constantly balancing
  11. wobbles caused by what? always wondered since they announced suspension wheels if that motion would make them more or less stable
  12. it's stronger.. I honestly think they just punch in a made up number without any testing whatsoever as to that
  13. do you think putting in a larger battery and stronger motor on the same wheel will somehow makes its max load less? these numbers are imaginary xD
  14. the tesla is a tall wheel... the vast majority of other wheels are much shorter.. you'll get used to it, the wheel shouldn't be clenched between your knees anyways that's the worst way to control it.. most people seem to prefer the wheel doesn't contact their legs at all or have padding lower down their legs... you're new so you just have to get used to it... I'm not tall at 5'10 but I highly prefer the feel of shorter or smaller wheels like the ks14/16, acm2 over taller wheels like the v8/10, tesla etc.. you absolutely don't need to clench the wheel to brake hard it's just a beginner tensing
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