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  1. anybody else notice that the lcd panel looks all warped and like it's not even stuck down.. as if it's sticker is peeling right off? that and the fact that it says leaper Kim on it would make me want to replace it immediately lol
  2. yup temperature makes a tremendous difference in range... you could compare martys range tests to ians and see that martys are always much better
  3. his range tests are notoriously horrid... as in, worst case scenarios... for every range test i have seen on his channel i have easily doubled it... the climate he is in is usually quite cold, his terrain is hilly and he has a good weight... i guarantee i could easily get 150 very usable km out of that wheel because even on a cold windy night i could get 105 hassle free km out of the nikola 2100 and ~120 from the monster 2400... thats not going slow
  4. they dont do this.. it was a glitch.. ks just said they have a new apk on their website that will resolve the issue for anyone thats having it https://www.kingsong.com/list-30.html
  5. how many times you plan on doing it O.o perhaps Velcro with adhesive backing if you are going to be doing it a lot?
  6. not sure.. but either way there should be at least two conditions met before it ever cuts off... should never cut off with someone on it... the braking is a great idea though because yea often when somebody bails or falls off backwards the wheel can continue for some time,, though I'm not sure it can actually accelerate it can surely continue going at its current pace which is very dangerous as it is
  7. why would the wheel be beyond tilt back speed? it's so when you drop out it doesn't dance around and smash itself up.. though I agree it should be made so it can't do it with a rider on
  8. according to you having it happen on video makes no difference whatsoever lol
  9. lol youve seen many videos now proving this but for some reason refuse to believe video evidence... so its pointless to argue the point any further, believe what you want to believe it doesnt matter... i guess the op is just crazy and he could do this all along!
  10. i cant imagine that KS themselves really cares at all about this... whoever sells the wheel to you, they made the same amount of money selling it to them.... but i am thinking that they were probably persuaded to sign contracts with european official resellers that would prevent or at least dissuade those in the EU purchasing from aliexpress to skirt taxes and dealer price hikes
  11. they are a somewhat brittle magnesium alloy... probably the worst metal you could choose to use for the pedals lmao as it has zero flex and if it develops even a hairline fracture that can lead to it shearing very quickly
  12. yea it costs more.. thats the reasoning behind any decision lol
  13. its an option, though how effective it would be i cannot say since its actually just a self tapping screw wrapping itself around the thin metal bracket that goes through the trolley.. so its not actually going into any threading.... however the reason i think it wouldnt ever really loosen itself is because its under quite a bit of constant pressure from that strong spring thats always under tension
  14. yes, it is stupid and completely insane that like five years later they have still done nothing about it... of course you can turn off the light in the app, but it doesnt matter the next power cycle it will be back to auto... so stupid... pre 2.X i used to have to press the power button "only" two times after powering on... and now, with their wacky lighting options i have to do it four times....... who in the hell is having a headlight on the front and rear of the wheel, or just on the rear of the wheel??????? why is that an option!?!?
  15. glad you got it solved... it really shouldnt loosen much if at all over time i dont think, i wouldnt worry about it as long as it works now it should continue to do so... and for some stupid reason the euc has no memory for the headlight setting, even though it does for every other setting imaginable, i hate it... i hate to press the power button 4 times now every single time i turn on the euc, baffling
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