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  1. username: eWheelsLLC password: n3verf0g0t
  2. I just sanded off the sheen with some 600 grit and then used a can of matte clear coat from dupli-color
  3. toques.. to see if they're a good stand in for helmets xD
  4. I think if you like them, some good quality comfortable high tops would be a great middle road solution.. to be fair though I am speaking vicariously not through experience.. I wear whatever is comfortable be it shorts and a t shirt, or three jackets with a scarf and toque.. luckily, I haven't been in an accident that would prove or disprove my theory
  5. I would tend to think you would be more prone to an injury elsewhere if you were to crash wearing heavy boots.. sure someone might twist their ankle in runners but it's better than falling and breaking you're collar bone or smashing your head.. maybe it's just because I don't normally wear them but I can barely walk let alone full on sprint in boots lol... if I were to come off an euc at any half decent speed in boots I'd be going down for sure.. whereas runners you can run off most crashes under 30 kph or at least greatly decrease the speed/impact of your fall due to running it off
  6. totally depends on the person... I absolutely hate and refuse to wear anything but runners because you lose all sense of tactile feedback, something I use absolutely
  7. hmm really? I'm not sure if they only applies to while charging or not because I know lots of people put brand new batteries in the fridge but that may not be lithium batteries, not too sure on that one.. not that anyone is actually going to put their euc battery in the fridge xD bottom line, don't have it sitting on a full charge
  8. not to speak for Tony but all inmotion eucs use waterproofing methods that other manufacturers do not.. eucs are inherently very water resistant simply due to their shape and layout, however inmotion uses plastic compartments with covers and a gasket on the board, and the battery is at the very top with multiple layers of protection.. if I was a betting man I would always put my money on an inmotion wheel over anything else for lasting the longest.. generally, it's perfectly fine to ride most eucs in even heavy rain.. just make sure you're aware of potential entry points such as charging ports, physical buttons, gaps in the shell etc etc.. I have ridden basically all of my eucs in heavy rain and it's never been an issue, though I do now carry a nylon backpack waterproof cover in my coat pocket during the rainy seasons, it's compact and easy to carry but more for peace of mind.. do however always avoid laying it on its side in the rain and don't throw it in a lake haha, other than that I trust my inmotions and my ninebot one under any conditions.. any other euc and I'm very wary about having them in heavy rain. having taken apart a dozen eucs though I'm quite confident you would have to be severely unlucky to have it in any way damaged by water under normal circumstances, just give it a quick blot down when you get home and don't worry about it. for peace of mind, nothing but literally throwing it in a lake could possibly do anything if you have one of these on https://www.amazon.ca/AGPTEK-Waterproof-Backpack-Cover-Black/dp/B07211B8MD
  9. hopefully they decided to ditch that 100+ km bs.. as a great deal of people buying KS wheels are experienced, this is an annoying hassle
  10. Good condition besides a little bit of cosmetic damage, around six months old and 600 km on the odometer, this is the + version of the V5F 480 Wh (470) verified by me. Asking 630 CAD shipped to Canada or US original box and charger. https://ibb.co/yk7sxB4 https://ibb.co/0BnJBjQ https://ibb.co/DWr1fss https://ibb.co/CJBNZYD https://ibb.co/xDPFQxM
  11. I should have worded that better what I meant by depending on sitting charge level is that generally most people will give no thought and charge any battery to 100% all the time either leaving it plugged in overnight or whatever, so yes in those scenarios even room temperature will degrade it quite a bit over time.. now on the other hand if you always charge to 100% but then stick it in the fridge it would degrade still some but much less than room temp.. sub zero would be ideal yes haha or just don't let it sit on a high charge https://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/how_to_prolong_lithium_based_batteries
  12. a regular 16" wheel is definitely not enough to make it feel numb, you would likely need an 18x3 minimum for that, im just meaning at speeds if you hit something you will have more of a chance of coming out with your skin in tact, but believe me it wont just coast over anything and be boring.. regular 16" wheels are very small and sprightly if you ask me, very quick to start and stop and you can bounce and toss them around like nothing once you get used to it, its not like a 16X or nikola at all trust me i find them quite boring relatively as well.. my 18XL being right on the precipice where its still very nimble and super fun to ride but at the same time you can choose to relax and take it easy, take in the sights and it is definitely stable enough to the point that you dont have to glue your eyes to the road the entire time, its my favourite wheel, but not my most used due to its size and weight.. the difference between 14 and 16 inch wheels honestly isnt significant, it is mainly when youre going slow speeds that the 14" wheels shine because you can go walking speed much easier, you can turn basically from a stop and on a dime, you can throw it across a room so hopping on and off and carrying it around is a breeze, they are more for riding downtown at slow speeds lol, not many people want to take a 14" on the road and definitely not as a primary EUC if youre serious about it.. 16" is the one that breaks into the class of being truly versatile, not specializing in anything but being good at everything it is what you want if you love to ride but only want one serious EUC, because for me personally i dont like taking the 18" wheels into stores, they suck to carry, and they look very intimidating to other people so they are better reserved for long trips, fast rides, on road (or off road xD).. its not to say you cant ride any wheel anywhere, i do.. i love them but a 14" will hold you back
  13. KS16S is stellar in all regards except for top speed, which is why i didnt mention it.. the op mentioned 20 (im assuming mph) as being too slow on the mten3 which is only a couple mph less than the top speed of the 16S, so i didnt mention it.. if top speed isnt a priority it is extremely comfortable, convenient, compact and has amazing range
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