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  1. I figured it out accidentally lol
  2. ikr.. i would way prefer something that had easier tire changes than something that looked perfectly clean from the outside.. make one small panel on either side to access the screws holding on the inner casing, and another to access the motor cable.. instead of having to access and unplug lights, remove pads and the whole outer shell just to get to those screws and the motor connector.. i would definitely pay more if it meant that i didnt ever have to remove pads, unplug lights and forcibly remove side panels just to access the tire.. theres no reason why they couldnt make access panels with just a couple screws to remove in order to unplug the motor cable and separate the inner shell from the pedal arms.. at the very least make it so no one ever has to rip off adhesive pads and make those pads clip in like ninebot and inmotion and affix the outer shell with some hex screws going into brass inserts, no more prying and forcibly ripping off outer shells
  3. thats what im wearing they are super comfortable.. when i said i replaced the insoles because they were paper thin, i meant that was because they were completely worn out.. wearing them every day for over a year means that i was literally walking on the rubber soles of the shoes lol.. when they are newish the memory foam insoles are great and thats what i had recently replaced them with
  4. i have two huge rolls of adhesive vinyl film wrap that i still havent opened haha.. i really want to try it though, it would be my first time ever using it.. i have painted a million things and have all the equipment and supplies on hand always, so thats usually what ill do.. but a major con is that once the paint gets damaged youre kind of screwed, especially if youre a perfectionist like i am.. sure you can simply paint over it but it will look like shiz, you have to sand it all down or find something to strip it that wont damage the plastic, both methods are tedious and messy... for a wrap sure the actual process might take more time but if you include the prep time, and waiting for paint to dry etc then wrapping surely would be the quicker process, i imagine for someone inexperienced it would be much harder to get right however from what i hear it seems that its very forgiving if you do it properly, and the biggest benefit is it can always be just easily removed and replaced unlike paint, so i imagine that would always be a better option in the end
  5. thanks i never knew the actual name haha, i should remember that.. in 3d printing we usually just refer to them as aviation connectors
  6. hmmm, interesting.. sounds a bit more like you forcibly shift the direction of the euc instead of letting the motor do the work but yea its hard to analyze from text lol and more difficult to put it into words when you havent done it two billion times yea i do pretty much the same for normal turns on heavier eucs but on my ninebot, v5f, 14s etc a normal turn i simply put less pressure on the ball of one foot and more pressure on the heel of the other, small wheels turn completely effortlessly, much different to riding a much larger or 18"+ wheel where you have to shift your body weight while having any decent speed. aah nice 19 miles aint bad, oh yea dont ever force it if you dont feel comfortable, always be prepared for something to happen, only once you have been in every imaginable scenario too many times to count can you know exactly every time if you can do it or not.. best to always not do it if you are unsure rather than crash, quite often the mental barrier is stronger than any physical one though and you will eventually break free of that and come back in a while and be like "this is easy as cake, how the hell was i struggling with this before?!?". i dont advise crashing but tbh to gear up and pad the euc and then just challenge yourself to do something that you dont think you can, doing it over and over and perhaps crashing multiple times will be by far the fastest way to break the mental barrier.. i personally would prefer to never crash and just become so comfortable that i know for a fact what can and cant be done on a particular euc, but im just throwing it out there oh wow thats pretty conservative, you have more restraint than most haha.. much better to be safe than sorry though xD and yes you are absolutely right about the wind, the same thing will happen on any euc, and the opposite if the wind is on your back. lmao yea i know the feeling, im so glad i dont have to fight against mother nature any more like when i was cycling, there is a 100+ km biking trail that goes through the whole city here and i pass many cyclists every time i go on it, especially in the hilly areas, where im sure theyre swearing under their breath lol
  7. oh wow youre just a baby then xD thats actually very impressive that you have done all that in 10 miles especially with previous injuries o: bravo
  8. hmm, thats a shame.. nikola seems like a more difficult GW wheel to get to the wheel heh,, yea thats good at least
  9. i noticed that too haha, i imagine when your head is spinning around in circles backwards it can be hard to keep track
  10. yup usually just pressure points.. sometimes if i plan to go on a long ride ill wear two pairs of socks but recently i got thicker insoles for my runners and is has helped quite a bit actually, the ones that came in them were paper thin so theres much less of a pressure point on the ball of my foot now.. haha yea mentally your brain says to stay glued this machine or you will die xD i dont know how much experience you have but once it becomes as casual as walking then you wont have so much of a problem lifting your feet, i was the exact same way a couple years ago felt like my feet were literally strapped on to the pedals but 16 or so eucs and many many thousands of km later you dont even think about it you just do it
  11. youre lucky that you actually have one of the most comfortable EUCs there is, try a tesla or MSX seriously though, it will totally depend on the person and the wheel... some say a couple hundred km some say a thousand.. for me it was probably around 200ish if i had to guess but its mostly just building up muscles and conditioning your legs.. i have ridden every single day besides maybe two days since the first time i stepped on an EUC.. now after 20k km i can easily do a 100+ km ride in a few hours and feel nothing.. another beginner thing is the tendency to tense up which will fatigue muscles much quicker than if they were relaxed.. thats just something that will come with practice.. try to practice at least 4-5 times a week and just go until it gets a little uncomfortable, then walk for a few mins, rinse and repeat.. do try to relax your legs and not tense up, although theres only so much you can do consciously you just have to gain experience and it will go away naturally in its own time.. ps. for the 18 XL idk if you got it from ewheels and have the large pedals or not? but if you dont, for someone with relatively large feet they do help quite a bit with the tendency to clamp down your toes and get foot cramps, since theyre so big you cant even do that haha.. you probably already have them but if not they are definitely worth it i have them on all 3 of my kingsongs
  12. nice, yea shifting can be difficult especially on something like 18 xl or nikola pedals large and all sandpaper.. easiest to keep half that foot on the pedal and shimmy it left and right sliding towards your desired position rather than lifting it especially at speed.. glad to hear its coming along, it may seem obvious but im not sure what your technique for tight turns is, for me i only lean my body left or right for slow curves, for tight turns on the spot i actually stay upright and use my legs only, if you want to do a sharp 90/180 to the left you would push down hard with your left leg while bracing the euc against that left leg, and then bend your right knee keeping the right foot only lightly on the pedal for balance, another small trick for tight turns at a decent speed is to lean way back and do that exact same thing, but instead of keeping your left foot planted stationary on the pedal you would push down with your left heel and lift the ball of your left foot (thats for a left turn)
  13. wow.. ive had multiple eucs with twice that mileage and the tire looked way better than that.. that thing is almost perfectly smooth lmao, you riding on sandpaper or something xD
  14. same as every other gotway.. 84V is 4 pin aviation, 100V is 5 pin
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