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  1. hey, well it completely depends on your intended use case as justin said... that being said, battery technology as well as hub motors and everything else besides the boards for the most part have remained fairly stagnant.... meaning you are always pitting speed, weight, size, power, and price against each other.... no perfect euc exists all have strengths and weaknesses and there is absolutely no point in waiting for something new... my 16S came out over three years ago yet it is still the wheel i ride the most by far, the upgrades are have mostly been very incremental and minimal and no wheel you purchased new today would be outdated one, two, three years from now.. suspension wheels are extremely new and they havent worked out the kinks, theyre relatively expensive, harder to repair, and most would probably consider them an unnecessary luxury seeing as they add weight and size to a wheel.. i would probably not recommend one as a first/only wheel... and btw, out of those two i would actually vote for the 16S... they will get the same range but the 16S is more compact and a lot cheaper... for the price of the V10F you could get something much better in any aspect... unless money is no issue at all, i wouldnt recommend it to anyone really... but in order to make a decent recommendation need to know exactly what you plan to use it for
  2. they were one of the first to have pre orders....
  3. from my experience 16" and smaller wheels are 5 km until you unlock max speed, and the 18L is 200 km to unlock max speed but you can do 40 immediately on it.. sounds like there must be differences
  4. yup i use the stands to do calibrations for all wheels, its just the easiest thing for having it level front to back and side to side... oh haha thats weird, that never happened to me before O.o
  5. really? the hell why do they hate people in their own country haha.. nice
  6. really? i havent tried anything beyond 2.0 so i cant comment on 2.2... but to me the difference between 1.13 and 2.0 was marked, the wheel felt very foreign and a very obvious increase in torque and off the line speed... perhaps they calmed that down in 2.2? you should try 2.0 and see if thats true.... as for changing fw you can use soft tuner to select any firmware you want, or you can use the older app (dark blue) if you still have it on your phone to go from 2.0 to 1.13 because that app hasnt been updated and still thinks 1.13 is the newest fw
  7. 200 km? its 5 km with the 16X lol
  8. oh i thought you meant you had the tiltback at 40 and you took it up to 45 haha.. hmm, id be more worried about the radiation from the sun from being outside riding than the weak non ionizing radio waves from your phone im not too sure about the ear buds.... i know if you use the voice prompts on the wheel they come out of the bluetooth speakers, so in theory if you had the speakers coming through on your earbuds, it should work... however thats the supremely annoying voice only, the beeps are from a piezoelectric beeper, but if euc world can interpret the alarms and make your phone vibrate there ought to be an option to push an alarm through headphones too.... dont know too much about it only time ive ever done anything with alarms is when i get a new wheel to turn them all off or to the max lol i thought the same thing about the V11, i canceled my pre order im not going to jump the gun... im not usually very patient but its not very wise to order something like this brand new when its absolutely guaranteed there will be bugs with them and new ones will have improvements, plus summer is practically over anyways
  9. nice,, yea if youre not wearing a helmet and you turn your head you can kind of hear beeps lol... as far as an alarm theyre fairly useless... can just set up in euc world vibrations or if you can find a cheap pebble watch set that up to have it go off on your wrist and use as a speedometer... cant believe you got 5 kph past the limit lol, was it tilting you back hard? even my 14D wrenches me back if i try to go a couple km/h over the limit haha.. in that case, at least for a while until you can gauge your speed more precisely and get to know the wheel much better, probably yea a hard limit of 45 is safer than going up to 50.... not that i think it would be a problem but if you were able to go 5 over then perhaps if you werent paying attention some time you could overlean it before it was able to tilt you back
  10. i have never once left a wheel unattended.... i would never, i have probably gone into a store with a wheel over a thousand times since i have been riding, and never has anyone batted an eye.. not that i would care anyways
  11. well you could always disconnect it and just use voice prompts or euc world for alarms.. very much doubt they will ever change it
  12. maybe something like a tesla or 16S... anything bigger can be pretty intimidating heh.. nice yea sounds like my friends, thought they would kill themselves,, few close calls but they survived
  13. nice, sounds like you're getting pretty comfortable on it even though you still have very low km you caught on real quick.. did your wife have a go on it yet?
  14. well to be fair that price point is absolutely dirt cheap for what it is.... look at onewheel, at yet they're still infamous for faceplanting people lol... eucs relatively are pretty damn cheap
  15. as I have access to an account I have no idea if a guest user can change firmware or not... I would assume they could but who knows, I sent him some credentials to try not sure if it will work for him... I think part of the serial is tied to the type of wheel,, obviously.. but the only way the board "knows" what type of wheel it is is by it's firmware, so I'm just assuming someone at some point installed incorrect firmware on this wheel (luckily for a mostly equivalent wheel) and it's conflicting with the board... strange that it even works but I suspect if you force update to the proper firmware the serial will be correct and the wheel will function as normal
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