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  1. yes you are right but they are doing something different because gotway is the only one i have ever once heard of them coming loose, something perhaps about how they use the shims maybe im not sure but its not a problem with anyone else
  2. CYT tires are the best.. i love the compound they use the wheels just seem to absorb more road imperfections and just feel more cushy even while being at 50+ PSI.. my least favourite are kendas all the ones ive tried are harder than stone and i dont know if its coincidence or not but i have definitely had way more flats on kenda tires (never due to being pierced, always from being worn) which makes me think its their compound that wears the tubes down
  3. yup I've done it more than once :-) the gotway system is ridiculous, hence why no one else does it
  4. bike etc thieves are just looking to make a quick buck and sell it off quick I seriously doubt they are on this forum.. probably some buck tooth crack addict just looking for their next hit
  5. they should do it from factory.. motor would be the last thing to go and hangers are cheap,, actually, they should just find a non idiotic way to connect the hangers like every other euc manufacturer but that would be too easy lmao
  6. there is no need, this is only an issue with gotway wheels.. it is absolutely ludicrous that anyone should be expected to do any maintenance sub 1000 miles.. I have many thousands of km on many wheels and the most I've ever had on one was around 10,000 km.. in perfect condition as the day I got it never any maintenance.. this is something that gotway absolutely needs to address with next year's EUC lineup it's unacceptable for something that cost that much
  7. wtf!! that's horrible... you just got it, hopefully they find that guy and lock him up, I'll keep my eyes open.. after having multiple bikes stolen over the years I would never consider not taking in with me anywhere I go
  8. only hard ever.. the pedals shouldn't be leaving forwards ever unless you are say accelerating while in soft mode.. what mode was that in? you should only really need to do a calibration once unless something changes but if it's acting up you can calibrate it again but make sure that it's level not just front to back but also side to side when you do it.. either use a stand or use a spirit level app on you phone and put it on top of the wheel when calibrating
  9. whats wrong with the waterproofing already applied to the board?
  10. I did not, I wouldn't think that it would be compatible.. but now that you say it I wonder what would happen haha
  11. settings? no.. increase tire pressure will affect it.. a little, youre comparing a 14x2.125 tire to a 16x2.5 tire lol its gonna feel a lot different
  12. I know it can go 24 kph (which is unsafe if you ask me) but I mean 18 km distance not speed
  13. i just looked up the actual specs on this, 132 wh............ wat.. if you can do 18 km on a 132 wh battery i would pay you a million dollars, but thats going above 5 kph lol
  14. you will fall, its a fact.. if you ride on any sort of a regular basis its inevitable.. how badly depends, but mid 50s with hip replacements im going to have to assume your reflexes and athleticism arent that of a 20 year old.. i wouldnt say you shouldnt do it, just dont expect it to be perfectly safe all the time.. and no, seated riding is not safer, far from it its much more dangerous and more difficult than riding standing.. as other have said, training wheels will only hinder you they are completely pointless imo. honestly, i think a much better choice would be an electric scooter, an euc seems like a poor fit, though with enough dedication its possible for anyone to ride one well so if you have some money to blow you could try one out and see what you think, perhaps there is somewhere that can rent one out instead of having to buy one? or even somewhere that offers lessons?
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