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  1. Rywokast

    Traffic count of light vehicles

    im in Canada
  2. Rywokast

    Traffic count of light vehicles

    do i see? many hundreds.. and thats just out the window from my work.. there are lots of huge bicycle paths that go all throughout the city that so many people use to commute, the few times ive been on them i have seen probably a thousand when its busy.. one of the trails alone is 55 km long.. and in all my life i have seen one single ninebot and thats it.. in the building i live in which is a smaller condominium there are around 75 bikes in the bike storage downstairs, which is at capacity so im sure lots of people also have bikes in their apt.. nobody has ever had any clue wtf it is that im riding lol
  3. Rywokast

    Traffic count of light vehicles

    where i live its more like 10,000 bicycles to one EUC lol
  4. Rywokast

    KS18L vs GW Tesla

    being theoretically possible doesnt mean they you wouldnt probably die if you tried lmao.. maybe if you weighed 90 lbs with the wind on your back going down hill at 95% battery
  5. Rywokast

    Witch wheel to buy for about 1100euro

    another geat wheel, with a large battery and tons of torque due to the relatively large motor to small overall and tire size.. i would only be wary about a 14" wheel for your size but tbh i dont think with the 14S it would be a problem.. its a very popular wheel im sure you can see tons of reviews on it and if youre willing to compromise the 5 kmph for a more portable wheel plus its cheaper, then its definitely worth looking into
  6. Rywokast

    Witch wheel to buy for about 1100euro

    sure, if you wanted to go past the manufacturer firmware limit and risk a cut out, especially with that tiny ass battery.. and i dont know why you use quotes for superior motor as last i checked 50% more wattage is substantial
  7. Rywokast

    How to lock a KingSong 16s (pedal lock)

    well then you have nothing to worry about the cable lock will work great i like my ks too much to ever let anyone ride it.. my starter wheel, the ninebot one is what i use to let people test out,, yea i seriously doubt anyone is going to for one be walking around with cable cutters and steal it in plain sight.. if you left it outside in a secluded area overnight thatd be worrisome but obviously not in front of a wal mart or grocery store haha.. this is a great idea
  8. Rywokast

    Need advice : first "real" unicycle

    thought you would be proud marty, you were right
  9. Rywokast

    Witch wheel to buy for about 1100euro

    agreed, however after checking the European sites I'm baffled at the price difference compared to local Canadian and US shops that offer similar warranty, repairs etc.. just wondering why it's more, im sure it's out of their control however and I'm not blaming them, though with the new US tariffs I suspect the prices will raise there too very soon.. heres where i got mine from.. not sure how much shipping is to you but it cant be that outrageous,, only 1050 euro https://freemotionshop.com/product/kingsong-ks-16s-840wh-black-matte/
  10. Rywokast

    Witch wheel to buy for about 1100euro

    1600 euros??? what a rip off lol why so much... and I just realised that the link for speedy feet I posted is in gbp not euros so more expensive than I thought >.> though the eBay one I think is only 1200 euro give or take and it's from China so you can just tell them to fudge the declaration lol though they usually do it either way.. I would just be wary about the v10 to make absolutely sure it has been sent back or the seller has done the waterproofing upgrades because that will lead to major problems, but I think for something portable to take on transit and such it's quite tall and would be awkward.. I'm just average height though so it may be different for someone larger.. then again if you get the v10f just avoid the bus and ride all the way xD I got my first euc around 18 months ago and haven't taken a bus since
  11. Rywokast

    Witch wheel to buy for about 1100euro

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/KingSong-KS-16S-Unicycle-Balancing-One-Wheel-Scooter-840Wh-1200W-Motor-Silver/163164053194?hash=item25fd55deca https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/products/kingsong-ks-16s too expensive? shame they dont sell them on ali any more.. they used to be 900 euro shipped lol
  12. Rywokast

    Witch wheel to buy for about 1100euro

    im thinkt he wants a wheel that is more transportable relatively.. besides the chaos of the v10 so probable delays, and if not, probable problems with the wheel right now, and the big price difference of the 18l compared to the 16s, they are not nearly as portable.. v8 is more portable true, but the slight size difference nowhere near makes up for the far superior motor and battery of the 16s.. of course, thats just my opinion
  13. Rywokast

    Witch wheel to buy for about 1100euro

    one vote for 16s.. for what it packs it is amazingly small and lightweight and the 35 speed is just right imo.. it is ridiculously easy to trolley around.. but i do strongly advise against anything lower than the 840 wh battery, you will soon regret it in more ways than one trust me.. and the v8 is okay, fine for a short commute but these wheels are fun as hell and soon youll want to go everywhere on it, and the measly 480 wh battery will be sure to disappoint, not to mention 30 kph i feel is just a tad too sow if you only plan to have one wheel, and with that puny battery the top speed will not stay 30 for long ps. if you hunt around quite a bit you should be able to find a 16s 840 wh for 1100 euro.. if not just slightly over but i can guarantee youll be wishing you did if you get the smaller capacity
  14. Rywokast

    Need advice : first "real" unicycle

    imho if youre serious about euc's you should have at least two.. i have five but that may seem like overkill to most, though i do know of a few people who have more lol.. they all excel at different things, and yes if you get used to it the tesla can be a good all rounder.. though for me personally the best all around wheel and especially if you live in the city, is the KS16S.. i always go for it first and in the city you will find 95% of the time the speed limit of 35 kph is quite enough.. then again thats why i have multiple wheels because though not as comfortable as the KS or as portable as the v5f, i do love bombing around bike trails and such at 45 kph and going on 100 km trips.. different wheels for different occasions.. though, gun to my head.. i would likely choose the ACM2 over all else as that 1600 wh range and 45+ top speed i dont think i could give up after having them lol
  15. Rywokast

    Vans for EUC riding?

    i only ever wear sneakers.. and they are quite a loose fit to boot.. my feet do slide around which can be annoying so i tried some vans.. my brothers and they were definitely i feel more suitable as my toes usually curl around the front of the pedal and can cramp up sometimes.. with the rigid, flat soles of vans i cant see that happening.. however it was so foreign to me that i switched back to my sneakers as im just too used to them to want to switch lol