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  1. Rywokast

    KS-16 Broken Handle

    weak? no.. like anything it might break if you misuse it but the design is great and it works perfectly.. my daily driver for a year use the handle every day works fantastic.. did you drop it or crash or lean it on things with the handle extended?
  2. Rywokast

    KS 18XL mudguard - Found

    could have.. too lazy to model one and the original looks much better though aha yea that could work,, glad it didnt resort to that though xD
  3. Rywokast

    KS 18XL mudguard - Found

    Thank you very much @The Fat Unicyclist
  4. Rywokast

    KS 18XL mudguard - Found

    I am about to pull the trigger on the 18 XL but would really like to replace the mudguard that now comes standard.. i really dont like the squared one. does anybody have a clue where i can find the original 18L mudguard like the one pictured, or does anyone have one theyd be willing to sell? Edit: got what i wanted, please delete thread.
  5. Rywokast


    i like to do gradual turns/curves by just slightly lifting my foot on the opposite side.. if i want to turn on the spot i will lift the opposite leg and then twist my upper body the direction i want to turn.. for a sharper turn while moving yes lift up the foot opposite to the direction you want to turn and push down with the leg on the side of the way you want to turn.. like to turn left sharply bend the right knee and push down the left leg, to do a very sharp turn or a sharp turn from moving at a quick speed i will do what i just said but at the same time lean my whole body back, seems counter intuitive but it works,,, much easier to show than explain lol
  6. Rywokast

    Power cut out on a new V8

    not surprising at all seeing how it has a measly 800W motor.. i would suspect you just went beyond the limits too quickly... ive done the same thing on my ninebot numerous times if it cant provide any more power it cant provide any more power xD its only a 500W motor but im way below the average rider weight and have no problem overpowering it if i want to
  7. well if were comparing to say the msuper x which is the most obvious, its barely any more depending on where you get it like 50-150 cheaper, but the ks looks much better, the ergenomics are much better (my opinion) msuper is stout and very squared, and to me looks like a cheap piece of junk with very ugly and pretty useless side pads that will take some conditioning to get used to.. the trolley handle is actually functional on ks (i honestly have never once used the trolley handle on my gotways, i hate them so much) but on the kingsong you can pull it along side you completely effortlessly with full control.. that alone for me would be a selling feature as i dont feel like hauling around 60 lbs all the time, pedals are more comfortable which again is my opinion, flat and larger as opposed to being at a sharp angle.. other than that its down to personal taste.. for me looks and practical functionality are way more important that slightly better raw power (only because it is untamed, they are actually equal in power). i would definitely take the kingsong even for 500 bucks more over the msuper but it depends on what you are wanting to do with it, a commuting device the kingsong wins hands down.. purely fun and adrenaline rush then the gotway.
  8. Rywokast

    New Gotway Mten3 / Onewheel Hybrid

    yea but its probably mediocre in speed, battery life, maneuverability.. like anything it does theres already something that does it much better, unless its super cheap i cant see it being a good purchase at all
  9. Rywokast

    New Gotway Mten3 / Onewheel Hybrid

    looks useless lol
  10. Rywokast

    Where does EUC adoption come from?

    i had a hoverboard back when they were popular because they were everywhere and i thought hey, im lazy, i could use that instead of walking.. got it, hated it.. utterly useless unless you live inside of a shopping mall because over even slightly uneven terrain they suck, not to mention the top speed is laughable and battery is atrocious... but, when it was possible to ride it (mostly in the house lets be honest) i got hooked, so naturally i look at something much better, electric scooters... i actually stupidly placed an order for one on kickstarter, one year passed and the stupid thing was still in the earl manufacturing process so i said screw it and sold my pledge again looking for some alternative.. eventually i stumbled across a youtube video of an euc and i thought that looks like the coolest fkn thing ever.. made a poor decision and purchased the ninebot one c+ because i was too cheap and very much doubted i would ever be really into it... needless to say, i most certainly was incorrect in my assumption and almost two years later i still think it is the coolest thing ever and there has been maybe three days since the day i got a unicycle that i havent ridden.. i think in about the month before i upgraded to a kingsong 16s i had put just over 1000 km on the ninebot, i was charging it twice a day almost every day lol. now i have currently 5 unicycles that i use on a regular basis and have had i believe 11 over the past two years. however, sadly, i still have yet to see anyone in my city riding one before and have been unable to convince anyone to take it up (though i have taught a few friends to ride and theyve come with me on mine before).
  11. this sounds like a problem with your particular wheel, never heard of that or had it on either of mine.. maybe it needs to be recalibrated
  12. Rywokast

    Cover for KS16s?

    it is rubberized, thats the matte black
  13. Rywokast

    Cover for KS16s?

    would buy that if it wasnt 150 bucks O.O
  14. id fire a harpoon at you from my igloo
  15. ive had a ninebot one C+, airwheel X3, two kingsong 16S, gotway acm2 67 and 84 V versions, gotway tesla, gotway msuper v3s+, inmotion v5f, inmotion v8.. around 15k+ km of riding, never once had a random cutout... its a non issue.. if you have a cut out, which would be very rare to happen at all, 99.9% of the time it would be your fault, pushing the wheel way beyond its limits, ignoring safety precautions, riding it hard on a low battery etc etc, its mainly a play stupid games, win stupid prizes type thing hah.. some would consider it idiotic but i have no qualms about going down the road at 50 kmph at 2 AM with zero protection or whatever the top speed of the particular wheel im riding because i feel 100% confident in them, but i am not a beginner and you should take time to achieve that confidence.. i cant stress it enough, that you should absolutely not be going full speed on the unit until after you are 100% confident and experienced on it, its not if but when you will regret it lol. in fact you should only be riding in areas that there are no pedestrians and few cars when you are learning, any incidents could give bad press to EUC's and leave a sour taste in your mind. also do be mindful that its not a huge wheel, you are in the upper weight class for this size of wheel and of course with any weight increase so is the stress increased on the motor and battery.. youre not even close to the limit but if you were to ride it as hard as you saw somebody who was like 120 lbs ride it, bad things could happen.. overleaning, battery cutout (riding it hard with low battery) or hitting a pothole with low battery causing it to be unable to summon the power to rectify itself, over voltage from going down hill too fast on full, or low battery etc etc