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  1. none because I'm always eating or drinking something while riding lol,, plus I used to bike or walk everywhere and that was my only exercise, now I never do..
  2. he wants to use it as a mounting aid as he said multiple times in the op...
  3. its a cool concept, as in something to sit the euc on when its off... NOT as a handicap to make mounting it easier, just learn how to do it properly without any training gear and you will be much better off,, i mean if youre gonna use a mounting aid might as well just get the inmotion v3 with two wheels so you dont have to develop any skills
  4. yea good points.. i guess maybe im used to riding around with like three coats on here lmao so i basically have upper body protection already xD
  5. better question is why are you crashing many times at those speeds O.o lucky you havent broken your neck
  6. its instinctual to protect your torso by putting out your arms or legs, and you would have zero hesitation if you had on wrist guards, elbow and knee pads.. youd have to be going pretty damn fast and be very unlucky to need them.. i guess its better safe than sorry but i just see it as overkill
  7. i cant see any possible use for back or chest protection.. hand/wrist, knee, elbow, helmet in that order imo.. maybe thats just me but im not sure how you would ever land on your back
  8. not frequently can just feel it.. bounce it off the ground or from riding it you can tell if its starting to get low.. but a tire pressure gauge is only a few bucks.. digital one is more accurate but more expensive
  9. same size feet.. been riding for three years and only got xl pedals a few months ago.. theyre awesome but i never felt any foot fatigue or issues before i had them except when learning and still the majority of my EUCs have small pedals.. its simply something that is more of a beginner pain, with time it will pass, moving your feet around, shifting your weight and relaxing helps and it will all come naturally but as has been said on numerous threads before only experience and building up the proper muscles truly relieves it.. i can easily go 100 km without stepping off and have no pain or fatigue, but i have 25000 km experience on many unicycles, it has a lot less to do with pedals than you might think.. at least, thats my experience.. i cant speak for everyone of course, and you can only make the pedals so large before you have problems with inclines, turns etc.. just ride more and it will go away on its own haha
  10. "whos mans is this?" does someone care to translate wtf that means for me lmao.. this guy just seems like an uneducated idiot
  11. ive never worn any sort of helmet in my life
  12. yea i know its technically a law still but luckily they dont enforce it.. my uncle is a police officer and he knows i ride around on my wheels everywhere he told me the only reason a cop would ever waste their time pulling someone over for a helmet is if they were doing something suspicious or suspected of something then the officer could use that as a reason to pull them over and question them, because suspicion is not something they can use to do so..
  13. as long as theres no ridiculous speed limit or helmet enforcement or other laws like that im all for it.. otherwise, catch me if you can
  14. electric bikes or scooters or mopeds.. definitely not motorbikes
  15. yes but only starting after like four hours riding without a break.. you just need to build the muscles and get used to it everyone has pains somewhere when they start out
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