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  1. oh nice.. well definitely considering the prices there i would say you got a really good deal then im sure youll be happy with it.. especially if youre coming from an IPS, though it will take some time to get used to good to hear that hes reputable thats always good,, he is very right though unless you ride a variety of wheels A LOT then it will feel really weird switching haha. congrats on the new wheel!
  2. inmotions are my favourite to change the tire on.. no nonsense like stripping screws or tearing up motor cables, splitting the shell etc haha
  3. nice, like i said its different for every EUC some it will work fine if theres room.. i tried this too out of desperation (and cheapness) once and it literally lasted me about ten mins before it split open at the joint lmao.. needless to say i wont be doing that again taking apart an EUC and changing the tube twice is not at all fun
  4. did you ever find out why he is actually selling it if he went through the trouble of buying a second trolley and charger and is willing to take a massive hit on the price he paid, even though he only drove it 100 km?? thats like two charges lol.. seems a little bit fishy if you ask me, unless he just really hates the ride style.. are you able to get a video from him of trolleying it as well as riding it? would i buy it for that price, absolutely not a chance in a million years, 940 euro is 1450 CAD... i can get a brand new 18XL (1600 wh) with large pedals for 2500 CAD, 940 euro is barely cheaper than a new 18L, and the original price quoted is what i would pay for a brand new 18XL with large pedals and warranty... but relatively.. i know you guys are gouged big time on EUCs for whatever reason you pay way more, if that is absolutely the cheapest price that you could get one new within europe for then relatively speaking the price is good yea, but unless you know him make sure to get a short video of it in operation, i always take videos before i sell an EUC just for myself to cover my back, and if requested i will always show it working to the buyer
  5. i think the 14D is much better bang for your buck.. 14S is in the more expensive territory though, but its range is phenomenal especially given how tiny and light it is
  6. i usually go by 2/3 current retail if in perfect condition and lowish km.. and goes down from there depending on the condition
  7. hmmm, i think there are just some nuances/bugs like controlling lights and led being on while charging, never heard a single case of anybody having any problems that could be in any way dangerous or compromising with 2.X FW... i have put it on my 16S and 18XL and gone for a normal long ride as i do to test the firmwares, and as i didnt personally like the ride (besides the silence) i saw absolutely no strange behaviour or anything that would lead me to believe they are unsafe in any way... but dont take my word for it lol i didnt write the FW nor did i do any long term extensive testing, just the one ride on each before deciding to go back as i prefer the ride characteristics of 1.0.9 and 1.13 respectively
  8. oh, well that makes it easy to diagnose lol.. i wonder if you could just replace it with a similar switch.. ah yes i wholeheartedly agree with that, whoevers idea it was to include that startup sound was obviously a psychopath, i just unplugged my speakers because i dont use them and its easier lol
  9. hey whatever works! if these things were easier to take apart i would be using whatever the cheapest tube i could get my hands on and not care lol, but im definitely much more willing to spend more money on a proper tube if i can mean that possibly it will be much longer until i have to swap it out, because changing the tire is always a nightmare on any EUC haha... thats why i have always recommended whenever somebody takes their EUC apart for any reason they change the tube (unless its got like 100 km on it obviously that would be a waste)
  10. hmmm, i have to disagree on that.. i would not suggest using any straight valve tube as while it may be able to fit, you are putting a lot of stress on the joint forcing the stem to bend over like that.. some wheels it would be fine like some 18" wheels i know the hole is centered and theres ample room to go straight up.. but on most eucs its off to the side and by forcing a straight valve over to the side like that the joint is constantly being twisted with pressure on it so it becomes even more of a weak point, likely to be where its going to fail. @someguy152 all you need to do is look at your euc, there are only two types of bent valve stems those that point parallel to the tube and those that point outwards (or inwards depending on the orientation you install the tube).. if im remembering right the KS16S has it pointing parallel just like this theyre cheaper on aliexpress and they all work good as long as you get the stem right ive bought a dozen tubes from aliexpress, but you can also obviously get them from most dealers for a premium if youre in a hurry. if you are still unsure just post a pic of it here and ill be able to tell you which one it is
  11. yea.. tec-toyz and 1radwerkstatt as well as aliexpress sell them.. btw buell that second link doesnt go to your site its a redirect here
  12. as you can see here there are two physical buttons, one per side... if you are using it on one side and it doesnt work im afraid that means it is broken... either that or the unlikely chance that it came undone.. i havent actually checked myself but i think its connected to the main board so if you knew what you were doing you could check that and see if its a complete dud or just not connected.. otherwise, nothing much you can do besides gluing a piece of rigid plastic under there in the hopes both sides would be able to trigger the working one.. gotway wiring is a bit of a rats nest so its hard to tell from someone elses disassembly pics but if you were to take off the side panels it should be obvious where its going
  13. nice collection lol.. dual lenovo is for the 16X right? iirc it has the same dual ports as the 18L
  14. yes completely.. been using them for years.. heres an example of this one which goes from a 4 pin aviation connector to a lenovo connector (84V wheels like V5F and KS18XL use lenovo) that i use on my ewheels fast charger.. you can get all sorts of adapters, what matters is that you have the correct voltage charger for that euc.. most are 84, some are 67, and i think my ninebot one is an outlier like 64V or something.. then of course you have the newer 100V gotways but as long as that matches you can get any sort of adapter and it should work great
  15. yikes.. dont understand the pedal spikes myself, i can go on a two hour ride and my feet might move a few mm.. takes all of two seconds to adjust them again.. i dont want my feet to be stuck on to the pedals in case i have to bail like when i had a similar situation, dark path at night saw a huge pothole right in front of me inches away so i bailed.. not sure how i didnt wipe out but i was able to just keep running and didnt fall, the euc somehow managed to bounce out and keep on going for like another 50 feet before landing in a huge pile of mud, that was fun to clean...
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