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  1. hmmm, after reading that i now know that UL certification is ridiculous and never meant to be for advanced PEVs xD interesting.. i honestly had no clue clue before what it entailed, just that it was a type of safety certification for electronics.. yea thats never gonna happen lol
  2. really? ive seen multiple sources claim that for them... but i cant even find any info or any sort of database for such ratings.... whos to say anyone couldnt just slap a sticker on it and say that lol, dont know why information about it is so vague.. smartwheel claims its cheap ass hoverboards are all UL certified https://www.smartwheel.ca/Smartboard-R8-65-Cool-Hoverboard-with-LED-Wheel-LED-Top-Bluetooth-Free-Bag_p_1937.html so dont know how expensive it could be? i would definitely believe their batteries are
  3. inmotion wheels have official UL and IP ratings though... i believe so do ninebots and anything from segway/ninebot, which were also sold on amazon but theyre out of the EUC game now
  4. uhh.. no,, but ive been called the opposite quite a few times lol... however riding is what i do to relax
  5. i believe the new boards would be for the new 2200W ones that come with the 2.XX FW baked in along with of course a couple other minor changes... a v1.3 should be able to replace it no problem since it can get any FW, but i would be wary of going from having a 2000W 18XL with the 1.3 board and replacing it with a 1.6 since im not 100% sure the old motor would be compatible, but the way you want to do it should be no problem at all since even first batch 18XL's can swap out for the new motor and upgrade their FW to 2.XX... KS unlike GW rarely changes things up that much like changing the shape
  6. idiots like this piss me off beyond belief... i dont care if youre the best euc rider on the planet NO ONE knows exactly how an unsuspecting pedestrian or kid is gonna act when they drive around like raving lunatics down crowded streets, so insanely irresponsible and the reason so many people hate and lobby against PEVs... and then you are stupid enough to post it onto youtube for the world to see the evidence of your lawlessness! completely baffles me
  7. fill up a couple water jugs and try it haha.... idk depends on the person, i carry 25 ish kg wheels up and down stairs almost every day.. my building has an elevator but i never use it, its no big deal at all... unless you have like 10 flights of stairs and you HAVE to take them, i wouldnt even consider the weight into the equation. idk about where youre from but i cant remember ever being in a multi story building without an elevator because it goes against our accessibility rules in the building code
  8. Throttle at 50% is correct.... the only way for a KS-18L to NOT throttle at 50% is for you to be on a firmware below 2.XX, the 2200W motor cannot run at firmware below 2.XX it wont allow you to install it... the page is stating old information... I have and prefer a KS-18XL with the old 2000W motor on FW 1.13, this is what it will always stay at.... the new 2200W motor or an old motor on FW 2.XX+ has the "benefit" of being much more touchy and harder on acceleration, its 0-50 speed is much quicker and easier to attain than an old motor on old firmware hence the added safety measure of throttli
  9. ninebot one e+, Z10, rockwheel gt16, gotway acm2, inmotion v3pro, an s18 that works xD
  10. i was brought up learning both but predominately metric educationally, we had to learn and use everything in metric always in school..... but my parents use mainly imperial and so i know both well.... however i hate imperial with a passion and refuse to use it for anything in person as it makes no sense at all and is based off metric anyways xD in forums where i know there are mostly americans i will usually do the conversion and begrudgingly post in standard as you will always have someone asking you wtf youre talking about otherwise haha.. since ive learned to model in 3D it just makes me la
  11. its better in literally every single way... speed, electronics, safety, battery capacity, customization (being able to raise the pedals automatically makes it a better offroading wheel) and the touch screen looks awesome, i hate having to get out my phone or bring a watch.... even discounting its rocky past the 16X is a quite average wheel... its not a bad wheel by any means it just doesnt excel in any category... unfortunately i think both wheels are quite ugly, though i will be getting a V12 and hopefully there will be an euc bodyguard made for it
  12. oh yea, these things are made to work when you get them and in a way that makes them cheap to produce... i have always been envious of the craftsmanship of the onewheel for example... we need less plastic, nothing that "clips" into place and is removed by forcibly ripping pieces off, better screws.. and yes most importantly a release for getting the tire out to change the tube... ive changed about a dozen tires and it takes me 2+ hours of work every single time.... this is ludicrous, takes me under five mins on a bicycle... and speaking of not considering maintenance, they even glue on the pad
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