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  1. yup this exactly, except I would also point out that a low mileage wheel not getting up to spec be that 67.2, 84.2, 100.8 etc doesn't necessarily indicate a fault with the battery but more likely a faulty reading... there can be variations in accuracy up to ~2%... so though an 84V wheel may read as 83V after being on green for two hours that isn't always indicative of a battery issue, more likely just a faulty reading... this example is from my KS18XL which has been this way since the day I got it, the batteries are in perfect health and balanced... the way to tell is either a charger with an
  2. im not entirely sure if the current owner is in this thread, or if its just the original owner... but i think they both are... anyways, he doesnt really list much info about it but im guessing its fairly low km on it seeing as it was both their first wheel and they quickly upgraded.... v10f is a great and very capable wheel but eucs are just so addicting that most people cant resist haha... just check like meep said that it charges to full voltage, if it doesnt get him to show you it while its charging at 100% and see that it drops off to below ~0.5A indicating that its balancing properly....
  3. personally i dont want suspension... i would choose not to buy a wheel simply because it has suspension, its just another thing to worry about breaking, fixing, or maintain and i have never once felt the desire for any kind of suspension, just like riding road bikes with no suspension... and for me i would definitely pay 200 dollars more JUST for the extra 15 kph top speed.. i prefer overall the 16" tire because its compact yet the perfect balance of nimbleness and stability imo, i can take it on tight sidewalks with lots of people and i can take it on side of the road and keep up with cars...
  4. i would definitely be interested.... i was ready to purchase one of these about two years ago until i saw the price..... it was like 1000 for something with a 132 wh battery, literally useless but i just wanted it as a novelty and because it would be fun with the high seat but no way in hell i could justify that unless they increased the battery to at least 3x that
  5. you only need to open the left side panel and disconnect the piezoelectric speaker... the "loud speakers" are bluetooth for music and will not register warnings unless you set it to that in the app... disconnecting this small speaker will make the wheel completely silent
  6. does this run on AA's???
  7. i think maybe its just an issue with new wheels requiring too much input from the user as someone on here mentioned? cant say.... but i do know every wheel i have ever stepped on has accelerated and braked very quickly with very little effort for my 120 lbs so the only scenario i can imagine is a super bumpy off road ride where youre bouncing around all over the place, then they would come in handy.. but same with me im always on paved road
  8. uhh i remember lower back and leg pain when i was first starting out.. never neck? are you wearing a heavy helmet that you dont normally? that would be my guess as to why your neck would be sore, otherwise thats weird
  9. how the hell do you lose 20 psi disconnecting?? it should be like 1 or 2 psi loss.... its literally a split second.. for me i have one of those digital motorised pumps so i just set the psi i want and press on, i think theyre way more accurate than a bicycle push pump because on my push pump i was going to 3 bar or just slightly over usually... which is like 45-50 psi... waaaaay too much for my weight of 120 lbs, but the electronic one since i got it i use 25-30 psi on it and thats what feels good for me.... that seems way way more accurate than the cheap bicycle pump i was using before theres
  10. the OP hasn't visited the forum in two years lol.. something tells me it's not for sale anymore and he's not going to answer any questions it could be 2019, KS was still using the pads with the side logo,, you would have got them unless you ordered from ewheels who I think started the trend by asking them to remove that huge ugly logo which they now do by default
  11. my 2400 wh monster v3 had no pads, rode for over 60 miles the first day I got it felt great, amazing for seated riding too... haven't tried any of the newest gw wheels though
  12. well no wheel gets daily usage, i cycle through my stable lol.. i have always made sure to check after fully charging that every wheel gets up to proper max voltage.. so far the only euc that ever hasnt was one that came to me with a faulty pack from the factory
  13. perhaps i am mistaken but i dont recall a single incident ever of an euc actually going up WHILE charging... it seems to always be while riding , no? unless you have damaged it in some way yourself i think the chances are next to zero, but if you crash your wheels on a regular basis thats cause for concern for sure as is any sort of battery defect like not being able to charge.. if either of these are the case i would probably say charge/store outside if you can and check for damage every time if you crash it/monitor the batteries
  14. i do the same, probably totally unnecessary but it makes me feel better lol, unless i plan to ride it the same day im charging it and actually use it all, i never go above 80%.... however i will make sure to charge it to 100% and leave it on the charger every month or so to make sure the cells are balanced as with these BMS they only balance at or near max charge
  15. i cant say one way or not... i seriously doubt that the batteries on an euc get remotely warm enough for it to matter, but maybe its a 30 degree day and you immediately plug it in to a 10 amp charger, whos to say.... that would worry me lol... but out of habit no, i never charge a wheel right after riding (wait at least an hour) as well as never ride one right after charging, same thing... then again i dont even ever charge my wheels more than 3A... however, i have absolutely no need to, i have a lot of wheels lmao.. maybe you only have one and need it to be charged right away for something...
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