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  1. no previous ks pedals have been flat.. just about every euc ever released besides the inmotion v10 that i can think of has angled pedals
  2. should have bought it with the app.. its cheaper and you can still use the coupons as well
  3. 100 volt is plus regardless of battery.. yes only 84v is poor mosfets
  4. nice, it would be quite the size difference haha nikola is the size of an 18" wheel but more ergonomic than the tesla
  5. I hope so.. I know they're super high up which will make for some great sharp turns but would be sketchy if they were totally flat like the v10 lol.. never liked that
  6. I've always added an angle to my ks pedals as I prefer more of an angle you feel more secure.. just used a piece of hard adhesive rubber trim where the pedal hits the bracket,, I can get it in lots of sizes locally to add a huge angle if I want.. is it just me or does that look like it's even bending down slightly??
  7. they are extremely different lol.. it will feel very weird on the tesla and will take some time to get used to, they are nothing alike.. the tesla is a fantastic, smooth, fast and reliable wheel however the ergonomics are poor, it does hit your shin very high and is very boxy... you will get used to it but expect it to be uncomfortable in the beginning. idk how 20 km could possibly take a couple hours thats walking speed but nonetheless it would be nice to be able to go 4x that distance and not have to charge every time you ride.. if you plan on keeping your speed so low and your mileage low why spend so much on a tesla? there are a dozen other wheels that would be perfectly suited for less like a 650 wh mcm5 for example or even an inmotion v8, kingsong 14d etc etc
  8. me? sure here, easy enough to alter.. this one in particular is for the 18 xl so it should be fine as is for the v8 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3692438
  9. i print my own from my own 3d model.. design changes to suit the euc that it holds.. heres a couple examples, a very simplistic and extremely sturdy design
  10. well i guess we know what happened to the tail light lol.. there is one after all
  11. oh and the pedals cracking, again i havent seen enough evidence to say that the v10 pedals are bad... a hairline crack can form in any pedal at any time you you wouldnt notice it until it finally gave.. if the pedal hangers were snapping left and right that would be worrisome but this isnt the case.. its good practice to give the pedals a once over every few rides at least to see if theres any problems.. there are some simple fixes to avoid pedal droop but again this is something that would happen over thousands of km usually and can be prevented, as well the pedals are very easily replaced so it wouldnt be something that would cause me to recommend against them, after all how many thousands of units are there with zero pedal issues, its just inherent with the design it can wear down over time. i think this is where kingsong has a strong advantage as they have a large piece of metal that actually goes underneath the pedal hanger instead of butting up against the edge of it where it could wear down over time
  12. yea the v10 particularily has had quite a few struggles compared to inmotions mostly spotless record.. there are some lemons and the firmware was not very good on release and then the huge waterproofing incident.. if you were to buy one today all of these things would be fixed but yea its had some issues.. that sounds really weird, did you try having it on the charger overnight like long after the light turns green? perhaps the cells are out of balance and the bms is giving you the reading of the lowest one which is out of sync with the others.. who did you buy it from? are you able to have it looked at by them under warranty? i wouldnt worry about the fires or pedals cracking.. this was like a few units very early on and can/has happened to any euc or anything with a lithium battery either because of user error like it fell while charging or some unseen damage.. besides maybe a couple very early v10 units and thats still not confirmed afaik there havent been any fires that were proven to be from manufacturer error, every one ive heard of or seen was on a fairly aged unit that took a lot of abuse or other user error i havent seen any evidence to make me even think twice about charging multiple eucs in my house when im sleeping.. the v10 should be getting you an absolute bare minimum of like 40 km i would think so definitely there is something weird with that battery i would try leaving it to charge for a long time to see if its a cell balancing issue you can fix yourself but otherwise sounds like something that definitely should be covered under any warranty unless youve had it since day 1 release
  13. nowhere near 30 km lol.. more like 15 unless youre going 15 kph and babying it.. 15 fun km.. is it worth it? to me no, absolutely not 340 wh is laughable especially on something with a 1500W motor and top speed of 40 kph.. different people will give you different answers maybe you only go to work and back which is 1 km away on it i dont know lol only you can know if it will be worth it but dont expect to get any more than 15 km of fun on it
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