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  1. awesome, glad youre on here and decided to clarify.. i will edit my other post. great to have another canadian seller!
  2. yea im sure they have something in alberta as they have listed a repair centre there... but i am doubtful about them shipping out of canada or having any sort of warranty or anything like that edit: the owner of the website has clarified this for us and it is indeed a legit canadian business
  3. hmmmm, have never seen them before, definitely seems new.. and a little fishy, i dont see anywhere a location/ship from location.. and the fact there is no shipping charge or options for those prices makes me think that they are a chinese seller pretending to be a canadian seller.... and this disclaimer doesnt help either "The risk of loss and title for all merchandise ordered pass to the Customer when the merchandise is handed over or picked up by the shipping carrier. Go Wheels Canada is not responsible, nor can we be held liable at any point, for any disputes, damages, or claims arising aft
  4. uhhh.. you cant just swap any rim with any motor lol.... and you cant put the motor from one euc in another... you can replace an 18xl rim with an 18xl rim and thats it https://www.ewheels.com/product/18xl-2200w-motor-rim/
  5. i just use the medium ones 26-40L.. the large would work the same but theyre too big for some of my wheels so the medium is just a one size fits all for me
  6. just to point out the control board on top is not inherently bad,, all ks wheels use this design,, but the holes from the trolley handle have no access to the board and are drain areas for water through the bottom of the shell.. however, if i recall from pre production units (and i guess it wasnt fixed) was that the top "cap" doesnt go all the way around the sides like ks wheels and its possible for water to get it, i guess they havent done it but i remember someone saying waterproofing silicone or at least some sort of gasket should be added to prevent this but like ive said in the past.
  7. nope, i havent even heard of slack lol
  8. what a stupid name... not gonna call it that lol
  9. a bullet? that how they do it in russia? here police arent even allowed to pursue a suspect unless its literally a murder... however, how many people ride EUC? you would be caught
  10. it sucks riding in the rain.. but no more than riding anything else in the rain lol, just get a backpack rain cover and slide it over... this will be the fourth year that ive ridden year round,,, snow/ice is fun lol
  11. oh and btw saw someone yesterday on the E&N who was riding a veteran sherman! no idea who it was because he was fully geared up but i dont believe its anyone in this group...
  12. hey welcome.. oh awesome, where did you order it from? chose a bad time to get into it now that summer is over xD oh well, never really gets too cold or icy to ride here anyways i ride all year round.... have i by chance seen you on the E&N trail before? because a few times ive seen someone on a unicycle there and i cant imagine there are many people in victoria who ride unicycles around lol
  13. if you have the speed set to max with the third alarm at the same speed and no first or second alarm then you wouldnt hear any... the please decelerate takes the place of the speed alarm.. but no beep while powering on or changing settings means its disconnected.. the beeper is extremely obvious, just take off the left side panel and its in plain sight beside the battery... if its unplugged then obviously just plug it back in, if its not unplugged theyre dirt cheap to replace
  14. thats correct.. i was being coy but actually the weight of the sherman comes from its frame and the larger batteries (not that they arent a huge help in considering something for larger riders.. but in reality anything ~1600 wh or >6p is really negligible).. not from the power of its motor or size of its tire which is matched by other, much lighter eucs
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