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  1. yea no doubt.. it sucks but it is what it is.. i found that learning to ride backwards has made me a lot more comfortable with really hard stops, but even so i would prefer if given the option to not come to a hard stop and instead quickly swerve.. but i mean yea its gonna happen some time inevitably, if there isnt room there isnt room that goes for swerving or stopping
  2. depending on who the seller is.. they might be able to provide you with the manufacturer app that kingsong uses in order to manually install an older firmware... its not possible without that though.. i know jason @ewheels has it but im not sure if thats where you got it from or not.. but i would ask nonetheless
  3. i would see if you can manually just go to firmware update and try to get it to offer you an update again.. if not, i would for sure contact your seller and be looking for a replacement board, at least at the moment this sounds like a major annoyance and not something dangerous, but you never want to take that chance...
  4. wow.. lucky that wasnt worse than it was.. but sucks nonetheless i would be super pissed off... im glad you and the unicycle are okay. how i approach it is i always assume that people are not paying attention and are going to walk whenever and wherever the hell they want... especially since here pedestrians on foot always have the right of way according to the law.. im not as worried about that as i am cars though, the amount of times i have come to within an inch of being nailed by a car who didnt even bother to glance when turning right is astonishing, theyre only concerned about cars coming to their left and so they dont even bother to look right.. ive had to come to a dead stop, swerve into traffic etc more times than i can count.. this sounds like it was totally this guys fault as he was not paying attention/didnt care. hopefully he learned a lesson
  5. actually i think with the newest KS wheels and firmware, a failed update will be just that, the wheel will still function as normal you wont brick it.. it just wont have updated lol... i would definitely try doing a firmware update again with the newest all blue app.. just be sure to turn off power saving mode on your phone and dont allow the screen to turn off until the update is finished... if it is successful then you re calibrate the wheel and restart it as well as the app... it SHOULD be working perfectly fine then.. if not then perhaps there is something wrong with the bluetooth module on the EUC or on the mainboard..
  6. i would love to... i get so jealous watching your videos haha, california looks so beautiful.. here is lame lol, extremely densely populated city with nothing but forest pretty much anywhere else around me.. the tallest mountain is 1.5 km to the top and a paved road at a very moderate incline that my v5f can race up without breaking a sweat.. i wish i could ride where you are!! on the plus side though we have some good bike trails at least, but thats mundane
  7. haha report back in one year.. if youre still riding euc then , trust me 40 will feel like nothing.. thats really weird i have never had a problem with any wheel or any app... i would try another phone and see if theres any issues, if not then obv its the phone.. perhaps some permissions or battery saving thing you have on to put the app to sleep after X amount of mins etc.. but if another phone is doing the same thing perhaps its the bluetooth module in the EUC... do both of your wheels have the same connectivity problems?? if you really want a speedometer you can get a gps speedometer app, i just dont personally think its important with KS wheels, theyre firmware limited to a very safe speed, which goes down with the battery level, tiltback on overspeed, over voltage etc.. unlike gotway which will let you go the same speed at any battery level hence why i use wheellog with pebble on them no, 60 isnt too high for any 14"+ wheel.. its no problem at all.. i know they have it printed on the tire the max psi.. but i dont really care lol, ive owned 15 different wheels and on them probably 8 different pressure ratings on the tires.. ive even had one kingsong 16s with a different pressure rating on the tire as another 16s lol, i think they honestly pull the numbers out of their ass, and even if they didnt tires are put through tests with like 10x the amount of pressure that is recommended.. not once ever that i know of has there been a single incident of an EUC tire exploding or splitting or anything else, im sure i could put 100 psi in it and the tire couldnt care less.. i would probably burst the tube but the tire wouldnt care lol
  8. i would be cautious about going with the wider stance.. the farther you are from the motor the more leverage you will have meaning it will be more sensitive to your movements and more twitchy in general, that coupled with not having your inner legs as support for stabilization is probably not a great idea when you have so little miles under your belt.. i mean you can try it, whatever is comfortable for you but i think youre gonna tense up even more realizing that you have little to no physical connection with the wheel, dont get my wrong i love the inmotion v5f and v8 how they are so thin they never touch your legs.. like floating on a ball, but i can do a 180 from a standstill on those, they are ridiculously agile, two years ago that would have freaked the absolute hell out of me... you just need to learn to relax, dont think about it too much, but again it cant be forced you just need to naturally learn to trust the wheel. i will say though, if youre brave enough, padding up the wheel and yourself and then going on some grass and intentionally bailing at slow speeds for a while will definitely allow you to overcome a lot of natural fear of falling xD my first EUC, i was absolutely mortified of crashing, i would tense up like a dead guy and play it waaaaaaaaaaay too cautious, completely terrified at the unknown, ill tell you though once i broke past that barrier, i absolutely rode the living hell out of that wheel, i would force myself all the time to do stuff i was completely uncomfortable with and scared of, i ran off that wheel many times and beat the hell out of it in the process, but i was no longer scared, of anything, i never tensed up, and i just did it.. since my first EUC almost three years ago, ive never had a crash/run off since.. i am completely ready for any situation, let me tell you the number of times a car has been close enough to me for me to reach out and grab it, and it doesnt worry me in the slightest.. confidence and trust in the wheel will take time and come naturally.. everyone has their own personal barrier they need to get past in order to be truly relaxed and at one with the wheel, a coffee in one hand and my phone in the other while floating around town, best feeling ever
  9. sounds a lot like beginner stuff to me.. a lot larger wheel, can go a lot faster, a lot more expensive.. that i think as well as the fear factor that comes with it sounds like a lot of the trouble youre having.. wobbles, bumps, wind etc.. when i was a beginner i didnt even like to go out when there was 20 km/h winds.. now i ride in 40 km+ an hour winds all the time and it doesnt phase me in the slightest... i can cruise at 40 kph and get bored and go on my phone.. riding at 4 am without any headlight etc, now i struggle to find somewhere i can ride that will challenge and excite me whereas before going anywhere on the ninebot one was exhilarating. it all comes down to experience that will come naturally with time, nothing much you can do about it just relax, take it easy and dont push yourself too hard, try to get out even for a short while every day and soon you will be able to ride while sleeping btw for the app, that sounds extremely annoying have you tried both kingsong apps the newest blue one and the older orange and white one? there isnt really any need to use the app though if im being honest.. i use the kingsong app once to unlock the speed and turn off voice prompts/alarms and never use it again.. you have nothing to worry about on a ks wheel unless you are intentionally pushing past the limits.. the firmware speed limiter that declines along with the battery as well as over voltage, over heating etc etc are all taken care of, the only way you could overpower that 18" wheel especially is if you really tried your absolute hardest to make it fail lol, i have absolutely zero worries whatsoever about my KS or inmotion wheels, and only use wheellog with pebble watch for my gotway wheels because of their auditory alarms which i cant hear with headphones in, and im always wearing headphones lol ps. i run all my tires at 60-65 psi, i wouldnt obsess over tire pressure, its simply a matter of personal preference and experience at that pressure.. i wouldnt recommend you go below 40 for your weight for fear of damage to the rim or inner tire if you hit a pothole or a curb at remotely high speeds.. but even thats low in my opinion, im 120 lbs and i prefer 65 psi
  10. Rywokast

    Can everyone learn to ride an EUC?

    maybe thats why i learned so quick lol.. ever since i can remember, especially at work whenever im standing in one spot i always stand only on one foot, then when i get tired just swap to the other foot.. idk why i just never stand on two feet
  11. Rywokast

    Can everyone learn to ride an EUC?

    no one can never get the hang of it.. they just quit before they do lol.. some can take weeks to get good enough to go to the store and back, some take minutes.. i was riding around the park within fifteen mins.. i suggest you go somewhere like an open field where the fear of falling can be eliminated, because thats by far the biggest thing holding people back, they abandon ship at the slightest hint of any wobble lol
  12. Rywokast

    Community effort to improve KingSong app text

    hell yes i hate that.. at least say it right... "bluh-tooth.. is off" so annoying lol i hate the spoken messages luckily you can just change warnings to beeps.. i would prefer it if my kingsong wheels never made a single noise ever since i have zero worries about anything.. im wearing headphones anyways but i can imagine it could be annoying for other people lol
  13. Rywokast

    KS18XL feels weird (tilting back at slow speed)

    no.. alarms i think so, but never speed unlocker
  14. Rywokast

    KS18XL feels weird (tilting back at slow speed)

    the stupid term warping that their newer apps use for some reason is tilt back, yes.. alarms 1 and 2 are completely optional but 1 must be < than 2 and 2 must be < than 3 if they are enabled.. alarm 3 is not optional, you can set it to anything you like as long as its above 1 and 2 and below tilt back.. for example on my 16s i have 1 and 2 at "0" and then 3 at "34" and then warping aka tilt back at "35" edit: btw to change the speed above the app and firmware default of 20 you must connect to their servers... so i suggest you keep it at max and just adjust the alarms.. because once changed, it can be very difficult to change it again.. i find the newest all blue app to be the best at connecting and allowing you to switch the max speed tilt back around.. it should never revert on its own so again i just suggest leaving it at max