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  1. could your handle be jammed and the motor disengaged? is there a setting to disable it on the app?
  2. I think the key issue here is your weight and whether that 450W motor will be able keep the pedals stable IF it is able to draw enough power from the battery pack. What voltage is the motor? If you oversupply power to it of course it will be better... I ride an MCM5 67V with 48 x Sanyo 20700B 4250mha, 20A discharge rate and it does make a different, from raw acceleration and pedal stability. I tried to run it with a single 32 cell pack and it was average, it was not enough to cope with the 900W? 1200W? MCM's motor being pushed hard. Regardless of what they say if your cell count is small, your amp discharge rate is really going matter... Don't forget also to look at your BMS wether it is inline during discharge as it may limit AMPs and make the whole exercise futile. You ideally only want the BMS for charging, or have BMS with high AMP discharge (but those cost money). Also look at Sony VTC batteries, they have the biggest range of high discharge batteries out there.... VTC5x and VTC6x (x = a/b/c etc)
  3. i often find that even a ninebot charger led turns green, it is still drawing too much power and I wonder whether it over charges the batteries. I am soon replacing the charger with one that cuts of when the voltage reaches a certain point, so it only charges to eg 90% The other thing I find that the Ninebot BMS is always on. If you don't charge the ninebot for a few weeks it will go to zero. My friend didn't charge his ninebot Mini and the battery pack died. I suspect the BMS will sit there drawing power until the batteries die. The only way to revive that pack is to crack it open, and test the voltage of the cells and find if all cells are alive and then charge each at a time until they have enough voltage for the BMS to recharge normally. I would not try to charge through the discharge ports, like I did. I found one of the components got hot and sat there drawing power from all the cells and got very hot. By the time it cooled down and I was able to open it I found the out of 32 cells only 7 were still alive. The "hot" component had discharged the batteries to the point it had killed them. If you are not going to fix it, crack it open and harvest the batteries, don't play with it like it I did.
  4. Only if you are very heavy you can overwork the motor. It is a beast.... I borrowed the 420Whr version and I hammered it, I could get about 22km range out of max on flat riding around Bang Kok. Love the torque and top speed. Noisy though...
  5. actually the KS16S and the V5F are similar kind of beasts in terms of acceleration rate. If you ride a V5F you will find many unicycles are unresponsive. Good choice, enjoy!
  6. i am noticing vertical wobble on my MCM5.... I think it is probably the low quality tires.... they are too soft and get distorted?
  7. I would do all the above, but first you test battery voltage, maybe something has shorted it is discharging it.... also I would do this swiftly as the batteries don't have protection and will discharge until they die... It must have been one hell of a crash, I've slammed my V5 many times, but it has the cover that gives it a lot of protection....
  8. over here in HK on the congested pavements, your MSX KS18, KS16, are suitacases that you push around as they cant manouvre in crowds and you would be putting your foot down or being a pedestrian nuisance....You would spend a lot of the time walking. The V5 however will get you through the congested areas and then to anywhere within 22-28km... door to door, mounted.
  9. i got an amazing charger with instructions in chinese which you can charge at a certain voltage and get it to stop at certain output voltage so that the pack is only charge to say 90%. I got it to charge well and it feels stable. The beeping doesn't go away when you turn it on. beeps quetly but constantly. The app gave me some error from the unicycle but I forgot what it was...
  10. Yes those are the numbers I get regardless of the app I use.... I really is a beast, when you ride it is feels aggressive and like it can way way faster than what I am pushing it. I set max speed at 30KM/hr BTW is your BMS wired on the discharge wiring too?
  11. I've found that my BMS is charging the batteries to perfection but would not charge above 63%. I tested the charger output voltage is and it is 60.1V. The BMS as it does see any gains cuts off the charging. When the powerpack reaches that point I have the same symptoms as the video that @RiderAllen shows. I've bought a new 3rd party smart charger and will report back. Does the led on the BMS blink red for everyone else?
  12. Guys I am total newbie on safety clothing. I don't tend to ride much above 20km/hr and most of my riding is in urban areas on pavements. I normally ride with a suit on, but I wonder if there is anything wear under a business shirt? I just also MacDavid 401 knee pads that I wear under my trousers when I am going longer distance trips around Hong Kong. It gets hot put when riding well you are relatively cool.
  13. If the have a fault on the BMS and don't respond the unicycles are pretty much dead. There is no room to put a generic BMS on there. Their BMS board also tells the microcontroller what is the top speed so if you have 21700/288Whr batteries I doubt is will go above the top speed with 167Whrs. You can't charge it through the discharge cables unless you bust some components of the BMS. Mine and my friend's also has this constant beeping when you turn it on which eventually goes off. Which I read somewhere is due to overcharging? I bought it for US$190 from a friend who didn't tell me that the battery connectors had melted and had been bodge fixed. I had to take them to spot welding. There is no service unless can come up with a solution for these battery issues best not to touch IPS.
  14. So we finished. The maximjm 20700 batteries we could put in the MCM5 was 48. https://pixhost.to/gallery/tVNFy This is the side panel battery pack. We built a 32 cell pack and then it was too tall to be able to close it. So we had to remove 16 cells. I can't figure out a way to put 32 x 20700 batteries there... Some have suggested modifying the side panel of the mcm, use heat to expand it but it would need to be at least 2cm bigger... https://pixhost.to/gallery/AEZBr This the top battery bank. To begin with I ran with this this 32 cell pack. If you look at the photos, there is a 4P16S config wiring was wrong as I didn't give my electronics guy the split PCB BMS, he was going split the side battery PCB and solder it... After we clarefied it made the upper brick and fits well. With the 32 cell I acelerated fast the motor is able to drop the voltage where the stated battery capacity would drop to 10% and it would beep with low battery. With 48 batteries it is much better. Both the 900W and 1500W version of the MCM5 use a the same 60V motor. The power the motor draws makes me believe that is it bigger than 900W.... I have gone up very steep hills and seen it draw 4000W... 1. For those out there with 84V MCM5, you can't put 20700 batteries in the 84V version, as the top compartment won't take 40 x 20700.... maybe the side panel could take 20 x 20700. Still you would have to mix cell types and it would not be good. Riding it feels aggressive and fast, like a KS-16S, I have not pushed it above 30km/hr, and I don't see much of a point going faster unless I have a full face helmet... I feel it would be better if the MCM5 would have less powerful motor, it really can draw a lot of juice. Next is to get shorter L columns to raise the pedals....
  15. someone is selling 2020 IPS i5, out there... on aliexpress... but is the just the 21700 battery version, 244Whr?
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