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  1. For my weight, I find that if am running less than 800A theoretical aggegate discharge capacity I have stability or performance issue. I convert all my unicycles to 20A batteries (MCM5, V8) at the cost of loss of Whr and range for stabiltiy and having lots of breaking power. 7.3A is not an issue as long as you have 120 or more cells in the pack.
  2. Whilst it is good to get rid of the Ninebot BMS . the ninebot BMS built in obsolescence is bad. It draws to much power and if you don't charge your unicycle for a few months it may never charge again... I think the BMS should be replaced with a generic 15S BMS to blaance charge maybe use one even one of those with bluetooth. I think that the other connector there must be some charge voltage to feed into the BMS.... The big question is can we put 30 cells in there somehow.... and build a 2P15S
  3. Just an FYI, I have configured a MCM5 with 48 x Sany 20700B (4250mah 20A), the side panel is not big enough to take 32
  4. use the message function on facebook. It is manned... In my case they did suggest that I could change my 67.2V for an 84V but alsow ould have to change batteries, but I was building a 48 x 20700B. The 67.2V and 84V use the same motor BTW. I think the 67.2V is a 1200W not 900W.....
  5. I posted a thread on charging a unicycle from 12V solar or a car using a DC to DC boost/step up transformer.... The only issue is that to go from 12V to 84V you are going to need many AMPs and very thick cables.... I decided to configure my batteries at 48V and used less amps... The Boost transformer I used allows you to post the AMPs output.... to reduce the load...
  6. what voltage? I heard one of the distributors converting the 67.2V to 84V by changing controller and battery for the user... maybe he has some v67.2 controller kicking around.
  7. I am sharing some photos of the battery pack. When I got the i5, with 40km, the nickle strips had melted and someone had made a total bodge job.. They had used metalic tape for the contacts also. I had it fixed properly. I would love to know how you tell the BMS to report more Whr and put some 5A x 21700 16S in there
  8. 1. You need a spot welder, 2. plastic battery holder that needs replacing so it can take the larger diameter cells. 3. The BMS will still report 144Whr, 167Whr to the Controller so it won't go faster, you just have more ranger. It would be much better if they made a taller version which takes 32 cells... that would have been great.
  9. Well phillip my rig is experimental whilst batteries I have a 5P4S 48V, I only have one single solar panel... 12V. My current charger is a "make sky blue" it is good, but it doesn't do any setup up transforming and also draws power from the batteries. It is smart, have a number of cut off etc.... I've just bought a new solar charge, errr... lets just call it a set up transformer which powers itself from solar only.... than will go from the 12V to 48V and charge the whole series. Right now charging involved manual moving of the leads, so not balanced, some overcharged some overcharge and d
  10. same as a Inmotion V8, not sure if that helps.
  11. My little experiment is great. I love the breaking power my MCM5 has. I've done 1600km so far on it but recently riding up and down some steep hills some of the batteries have died and have taken the pack out for repair and replace the dead cells. I've bought a V8 used ( 4000km) and i've come of backwards 3 times in 2 months because it just couldn't deliver the power. So I am buying Sony VTC6 (3000mha,20A) batteries and doing the same to what I've done to the MCM5...
  12. Presently: I use 12V AGM batteries in 4S, to give me 48V. I charge from the solar panel, then I connect the DC to DC transformer and set the voltages amps.... and it charge pretty simple. I am getting a new charger that doesn't need batteries and i will just connect the solar panels to the charger, 48V, and the the DC to DC step up... total 3 components and a bit of good weather. My daughter is riding on pure solar power..... I am buying more panels to get the AMPs up...
  13. The BMS somehow is able to tell the controller what batteries it has installed and the speed is limited to the battery back size you have. I beleive that there are different BMS's in each battery pack so there is no way to trick the unicycle into going faster even if you have the 244Whr/288Whr with 21700 batteries....
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