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  1. Oh nice put down there about "attitude".... Accidents can happen, you may not be going fast but some kid pops out of nowhere, because he was hiding being a large flower pot. When that happens, the only thing that matters is how fast you pump Watts into that motor... whether it is fully charged or you are 50% down... I've yet never hit anyone, for one simple reason, because I use unicycles with high capacity discharge batteries. My MCM had 10A batteries before and it was a joke.... actually one guy I know really hurt himself on it, accelerated hard, broke hard, could not output enough, it
  2. Someone said the same to me until they tried my MCM5 67V, that until he decided to break and heard the wheel screech, and stopped abruptly/safely... So sorry I not only disagree, I keep avoiding hiting people thanks to having 64 x 20A batteries... I've yet to see try wheel on which I can break faster.... Also I have a V5F with VTC6 and one without, the difference on them is massive, anyone that tries them is loves the acceleration and breaking of the one with VTC6 cells.
  3. I think they should just provide a like a hole across the body, where you put your JBL Extreme or something across it and can plug it into a USB.
  4. yeah maybe in your mind, until someone riding behind you records how you ride and you see the trail of people that you have impacted you left behind.... The fact you are talking at such high speeds of 20km/hr you don't understand. You can't zig-zag at that speed, your should not be within 3 meters of a pedestrian if you are riding at the speed. If you want to zigzag, maybe top 7km/hr... I took a video the other night where I found myself between 100 joggers, and they were going at a good pace, the few at at the front were doing about 17km/hr but where the vast majority were doing about 1
  5. Don't have high expectations of the speaker/sound. The speaker is pretty mediocre, neitherhas fidelity nor base... It sounds encased... My little JBL Clip 3 provides much better quality. I don't understand given the size of the wheel why can't they get this right. A speaker doesn't have to draw much power and having nice sound chamber is easy to do in such a big wheel.
  6. I've pointed out that one model and many options it costly, complex and prone to errors.... They should bring out 3 configs of the same wheel.
  7. Are you sure the shell is attached the columns properly? Or is the body cracked? I've never had a wooble cornering....
  8. zig-zagging until you can't zig-zag and someone has to avoid you or you hit them.... Unfortunately we don't have the luxury, even the day they are legal, to Ride without Reasonable Consideration Towards pedestrians. That term will become massively important on the legalisation of unicycles and it will be one of the infractions that will support the legal frame work. Zig-zagging is not a skill it to merge into the crowd and have zero impact. That requires very serious cognitive to calculate, speed trajectory of the people around you, determine whether you can change your direction and spee
  9. The development costs of the V11 and V12 have been massive, downsizing them can't cost much.... Bringing a V9 and a V7 with less weight and more battery.
  10. It have been proven that giving a buyer too many options reduces sales.... How many versions does apple bring out Mobile phone. Roughly 3, then the option is colour and storage. On a wheel it would be colour and battery capacity. If each wheel is unique, doing QA is a total nightmare and the manufacturing costs would increase. Correcting errors is very expensive. You would need a very smart production line.
  11. Opinions are good, but facts speak louder. These 16X Probably the best Whr/$ deal out there... but not only are there many for sale, they don't get sold. Which here, 2nd hand non beginner wheels can go in hours and at most 2 weeks if the seller is responds. Read Dar Arieli's.. Predictable Irrationality "the high price of ownership" https://whistlinginthewind.org/2013/01/17/predictably-irrational-chapter-7-the-high-price-of-ownership/ BTW you shouldn't give a shit what I / people think, if you are happy with it. All wheels have compromises, it is whether you are willin
  12. Most large wheels I generally don't want to try again.... but to be honest I woudln't mind another go on the V12. Yes, HK has many areas which are empty right next to really highy congested areas. They may be less optimal paths but on unicycles do we care if we have to add a few hundred meters to be able to increase our speed form say 5-7km to 25km/hr and attain much higher average speeds. Whilst everyone is in total awe of HK's town planing the reality is when you get on a wheel you start noticing the flaws it has. It isn't that great. With HK's car first policy many people are for
  13. I tend not to have the headlight on among pedestrians unless it is so dark I may hit one... as having a headlight on is nuisance, may scare them or make them behave unpredictablity and I hit them. On the V12 however the light was on auto and it is pretty bright, similar to a quad LED torch which I use. I turned it off.
  14. Very simple, it was hyped, up, it didn't deliver, there is better, then they all sell. Many unicycles are sold in HK and resold, we don't have any shipping cost or the "lithium transportation" premium you guys pay in Europe and USA.... The 16X "assited turning sucks. the pedal dipping and when you turn and then flipping back almost throws me off every time I ride one.. I want pedals firm and stable and I want to be able to accelerate as I corner to retain traction whilst I am leaning hard or scraping pedals.
  15. Firstly, I don't now if what I rode is the prototype of the production version. The HK distributor told me that many of the other distributors are waiting to see what he publishes.... so this unit may be the real deal. I kind of feel it was. It is 5am and I am too tired to post photos and videos of tonight 2 hours of riding the beast. Before I say anything it is worth noting that I am in HK and I am urban rider where torque, light weight and maneuverability is priority to ride among the pedestrian crowds of Hong Kong. I think anyone that likes large unicycles is going to love it
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