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Modding the MSX for integrated BT audio


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after opening the wheel and checking the free space i decided i'll add BT Audio to my 84V MSX.

The space where the MSP has the open speakers is free on both sides of the MSX, so i wanted to have a speaker each side. My speaker chassis of choice is the Visaton FR 8 WP. It has a mounting depth of 37mm, while the MSX shell offers 39mm inside. The FR 8 WP is a waterproof 8cm wide range speaker with a plastik cage and membrane grill. I also ordered an Amplifier board with Bluetooth input integrated and a 20-120V DC stepdown converter to 24V, 3A.

With a 3A fuse, i'll connect that through a switch and a relay contact directly to the battery of the MSX. The relay will be driven by the 5V of the MSX controller, so the Amp is off if the MSX is off.

I'll post pictures and links to the stuff i used, after everything works as desired, since i'm not yet sure if the stepdown converter and amp do the trick as expected. And then i'll record a truck horn for custom horn sound :-P


Keep gliding,


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Interesting, keep us posted!

Also, if you are going to have a 24v output lying around you could rig up a 24v buzzer triggered via a relay/mosfet from the board output.

My top mounted stock buzzer is doing the trick at the moment but I am always sniffing around looking for improvements :)


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i'm going to have the EUC world alarms on the Speakers.... but perhaps i could somehow take the buzzer alarm and also guide it to the amplifier.

Lets see where we can go. At the moment i am waiting for the ordered parts.

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Hi guys,


i finished the mod now and i am very satisfied.

The parts i used:

stepdown converter https://www.ebay.de/itm/DC-9V-90V-84V-72V-60V-48V-36V-zu-12V-3A-Step-Down-Buck-Modul-Netzteil-Wandler/373066923512

amplifier with BT input https://www.ebay.de/itm/HIFI-Drahtlose-Bluetooth-5-0-TPA3116-Digital-Power-Audio-VerstäRker-Platine-B5V6/313075851565

speaker chassis https://www.ebay.de/itm/Visaton-FR-8-WP-4-OHM-schwarz-Seewasserbestandiger-1-Paar-02008/270633536053

I plan to cut a video of the installation, if the material is not usable (phone recoreded) i can at least show some pics tomorrow. 

Volume is plenty and the sound is pretty nice, though of course not high end. I think it does compare nicely to the built-in solutions in existance.



msx sound mod.jpeg

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