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  1. I was a happy MSX 84V rider and wanted more range in first place. 1800Wh wasn't enough upgrade, but 2700Wh was. Then after i received my wheel, i see videos of people burning their mainboards while going up an incline. Ouch. In case i need a light wheel, i have my MCM5 V2.
  2. i see. I guess my non-suspension pedal hangers will not be able to be mounted to EX motor, right? If so, i can only wait until EX.N HT comes out and order those parts.
  3. While it takes me up any hill i tried so far, i fear burning the mainboard... i leave out the steepest inclines in my forest now. I really think the torque version would have been better choice. Instead of buying new wheel AGAIN i'd rather pay for an upgrade. So, do you think RS HT C38 motor and EX controlboard will work?
  4. Too late! i already bought EX.N speed :-D
  5. I'd love to have an EX.N HT version. Could i order an RS HT Motor and EX control board to modify my EX.N for HT?
  6. btl


    I've had fun and sunny weather pushing my EX.N through "my" forest. Featuring TorquePads One :-)
  7. I modified my EXN already. Mine still has the green board and had no sponge filter. In my forest here we have some quite steep inclines and on one of my first rides i managed to get the temps up to 165°F (74°C) peaks. Much too hot for my taste. Therefore i enlarged the air-out hole and put an 80mm fan on it, connected to the 12V output that was free on the board. I also drilled a few holes into the shell and glued sponge filter behind them from the inside. In case it gets too rainy, i could just put tape on the holes, but i never ride in rainy weather, anyway. Now the highest temp i got on m
  8. I've put on a CST C-186 on my EX.N right after unpacking the newly arrived wheel. The EX.N rplaces my original MSX 84V, that also was fitted with a C-186. My friend's Sherman has a Kenda tire with same size and pattern, but wider rim. We're both waiting for our new sidepads to arrive.
  9. Hi Seba, again, hats off Dude! My Premium account has been extended again, the next 12 beers go on me ! I like the new current determining system for Gotway/Begode/Sherman wheels. So the battery current is a mathematically value from the wheel reported motor combined phase current and the PWM % value? If it is calculated totally differntly, i'd be happy to read your explanation. About the Wh/km value in the gauge, would it make sense to average that with like, the values form the last 5km and then calculate an estimated left range? Greetings, Stefan
  10. https://youtu.be/lUW5xab9T-A?t=628 "it can go up to like 35° incline and then it beeps" ... with proof of it a few seconds later. Did you go that steep and then torqued it?
  11. How short can you stop?
  12. Thanks you for your comments! So the MSX draws up to 50A (with peaks sligthly above that) in stillstand overpowering events. You both agree that those will be the most current the wheel will ever draw? What about landing with a slightly tilted backwards case (thus spinning backwards wheel) after some air time? I'd expect that shock to be even more... On the other hand, a 30A fuse in the 16x battery packs is nice to see. Maybe adding a 50A fuse to each pack of my wheel can ease my mind enough already. Are these two 15A fuses in parallel? I was about to add something like this to my MS
  13. Perhaps i measure real battery current before ordering new BMS. Much better than calculating with some assumptions.
  14. Thanks for your comment. So motor phase current x battery voltage gives me these fake 10kW peak power i see in the EUC world log, i see. Surely enough, i want to prevent triggering the overcurrent protection while riding in any situation. I don't ride the beeps, but i do torque it over roots and rocks sometimes. In that diagram the battery current peaks at about 55A, which is still less than 30A per battery pack. But you're right, 50A per BMS gives a better safety margin.
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