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  1. btl


    @buell47 your daughter shows off some awesome skillz there! Adorable...
  2. btl


    Chill with me.... EUC riding is precious relaxing time, isn't it?
  3. @Seba , awesome new feature to an already awesome app, i'll invite you to a beer a month from now on! @ugoaps, thanks you so much for this cool sound pack!
  4. Hi, ich habe mit Tobias gestern ne schöne Runde durch Bielefeld gemacht: beetle's tour - 31.3 km in Bielefeld | World of electric unicycles | World of electric unicycles EUC.WORLD Mit vollem Akku losgefahren, hatte ich nach 31.3km immer noch 66% im Akku, was mich dann doch erstaunt. Start und Endpunkt waren gleich, also spielt Höhendifferenz keine Rolle, windig war es auch nicht. Würde sich der Akku linear entleeren (was ich bezweifele) käme ich bei dieser Fahrweise auf beeindruckende 90km Reichweite. Doch in der Praxis gehen beim e-Skateboard, E-Auto und e-Bike die zweiten 50% Akkuladung schneller flöten als die erstste Hälfte, was wiederum eine Reichweite von 70-80km ziemlich realistisch erscheinen lässt. Das ist immer noch sehr viel, und viel mehr als meine Beine momentan mitmachen, die waren nach den 31.3 km ziemlich leer... Gruß, Stefan
  5. btl


    I also quit using copyrighted music from now on. Still learning both how to better ride and how to video edit... let me know what you think, constructive critism welcome!
  6. Hi guys, i got the cam but the invisible selfie stick is still underway. I hope you enjoy this little clip, anyway.
  7. I guess my video fits here? Not as polished as the former ones, but i had fun!
  8. Hej guys and girls, its about time to show the progress of my learning curve. Please excuse the bumpy ride, next camera will have motion stabilize function of some kind. So, all you need is the will to learn, and a wheel that matches what you intend to do.
  9. Take care guys, you don't wanna be the bad example that shows EUC's aren't safe. Do not go on public roads or places until you can ride with confidence. Greets, Stefan
  10. And then, when you receive your 0Wh EUC, will you start building your own battery pack?
  11. Stimmt wieder, die Versicherung lächelt vielleicht beim Abschluß, sucht aber im Schadensfall Wege, nicht zahlen zu müssen. Und in den Vertragsbedingungen steht bestimmt jeder Ausschluß haarklein drin. So hält dein Versicherungsaufkleber nur uninformierte von lästigen Fragen ab.
  12. Ah, thank you Chriull next time i'll switch on CSV logging. What motor current would an MSX user enter to the app to get a sensible alarm? Or does it just not work properly with an MSX? The statistics page in the EUC-WORLD app even shows a whopping 11kW max power used:
  13. Hi, something strange is happening with my new MSX 84V. I installed the EUC WORLD app and set the current alarm to 60A, because i heard Marty Backe saying that he set it to 90A before the overheat hill stress test. With 60A the alarm was going almost instantly, here on my driveway, so i set it to 90. But it was easy to trigger. I searched the forum and read that the Gotway Wheels tend to report too much current. So i set the alarm to 115A, just for a test. The wheel itself did not beep at all. Then i started logging and went for my first ride in the forest. It didn't have very steep inclines but the overcurrent alarm was triggered 3 times. Here a screenshot of my log. The three red dots on the lowest chart show the alarms, i assume. See the point i highlighted. it shows a 4780W peak in power, pretty exact the battery voltage multiplied by the current logged. So, why was the overcurrent alarm, which was set to 115A triggered with 61A ? I looks like i'd have to enter twice the current to get the alarm at the correct point. Could this be a bug in the EUC-WORLD app?
  14. Hi, today I have ridden on asphalt for an hour this morning, to condition my legs to the new wheel, and to learn how it behaves. I also installed the EUC-WORLD app and tried various alarm settings. I have the tiltback to 25mh/h to prevent myself from speeding before i know the wheel. My EUC-WORLD speed alarm is set to 20km/h. Then in the afternoon, after creating EUC.WORLD account and logging into it on my phone, i geared up, put all my protectives on and tried my new MSX in tha forest: https://euc.world/tour/585333786868146 it was only 20 minutes, but my legs told me to pause. That was really fun :-D . This part of forest is at the bottom of the "Teutoburger Wald" and only has little height differential. However, it triggered the current alarm of the EUC-WORLD app twice. To what value should i set it? Greets, Stefan
  15. @raidzero: the LS2 looks like really good value for $99! I took the wheel for a first spin up our street and on some gravel and gras and it handles very predictable compared with the Ninebot one (as expected, the one is for sure not meant for offroad...) The Fox proframe is so light, doesn't affect my breath or sight, so i hope i'll always wear it. Come on, we know ourselfes. When protection gear isn't comfortable, humans tend to not wear it, at work, at sport, at fun.
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