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  1. I used h.264 because i know it works When you export, you can give any resolution as a target. The 1080p from the free capture reframer wil be scaled to whatever you choose. ProRes422 is relatively new in InstaStudio as an export option. But i 'll try it with the current video i'm editing. Its an Apple format, and i wasn't sure if my non-Macs can even handle it.
  2. btl


    Hi, after applying some hints from this thread and removing an unnecessary plugin from my browser, my latest video finally presents itself in better quality. I also took advice and chosed no high energy electronic music for casual riding scenes this time. I didn't expect to learn about video making and editing when i purchased the EUC, but here we go. My channel is also showing a learning curve, not only EUC riding but video editing, too. This is all because of you, so thanks to all! Greets, Beetle
  3. Sure, i know a 16:9 reframe out of an 5.7k 360° video will hardly have enough detail for a crisp 2k, but the difference beetwen what i uploaded and what i was getting from YT was just too big, Youtube kept showing me this AVC1 encoded crap as "HD": Then you showed me that the clip comes up for you in the better vp09 quality. So i checked with another browser and found the culprit: I had enabled a plugin called "h264ify" on my chrome, once back in time on a really low-spec machine, but it synced to all my computers with chrome... So i disabled h264ify and voilá: The diff
  4. Hi @ all, i uploaded a video to YT and it just looks incredible poor on the riding scene, can't get it look OK. I'd be open for hints :-) Camera is my Insta360 One X, i exported the flat video from Insta Studio in 1440p 25 FPS with maximum Bitrate and cut the scenes in VSDC or Adobe Premiere Elements 2021. The exported video looks good (as good as autumn video gets with that low light) in VLC, but uploaded to YT its literally unwatchable. I tried many different settings, even faked 50fps / CBR / VBR 2-pass / 4k Ultra presets. but none of the videos are watchable quality after YT
  5. Hi, i have an MSX as my main EUC, and i am really happy with it, but i just ordered an MCM5 V2 as a 2nd wheel. The MCM5 is most probably an easier wheel to learn on than the heavy MSX. I learned on a Ninebot One S2 and of course i outgrew it fast, but that was more or less planned. When looking for a used wheel, you don't know what crashes the wheel has survived, how many weeks it was stored with full or depleated battery, and how many parts have been replaced. I'd rather buy it new, got my MSX for like 1300 Euro (you have to ask the seller for a rebate / promo code). So, if yo
  6. btl


    After all these videos with shiny new wheels, why not enjoy this clip of my nephew and me, riding an old Ninebot One C+ and the original MSX 84V ? Have fun, we sure did! Like & subscribe :-D
  7. Thanks, that was my intention while posting these videos. And no, it wasn't all on one day, It has been 3 or 4 days, and i just took some clips and glued them together. Keep at it and have fun, Stefan
  8. Thanks man! Today i had another hour to try it, and indeed it went far better than yesterday. Sorry for the bad camera angle, but the clip at least shows my progress. If you're trying it: keep at it, an hour a day! Greets, Stefan
  9. Hi, i finally found the motivation to learn what seemed impossible: backwards riding. Every now and then i of course tried it, but had to unmount before even going 1 meter backwards. Today i kept trying and the video shows that it basically clicks right now. I'm taking the same approach as with my first learning how to ride: grab the fence when needed, try to slide the hand only, if possible. If it goes the same way as with my initial learning curve, then: "Everything that i barely managed to do one day, was easy the next day."
  10. btl


    Trying out the local dirtpark... i did of course avoid the higher obstacles, i'm still a beginner, with now 370km on my wheel.
  11. btl


    Nice round trip, Flyboy!
  12. Standing on that thin chip of rock looks super scary! Nice video, as always!
  13. Hi guys, i finished the mod now and i am very satisfied. The parts i used: stepdown converter https://www.ebay.de/itm/DC-9V-90V-84V-72V-60V-48V-36V-zu-12V-3A-Step-Down-Buck-Modul-Netzteil-Wandler/373066923512 amplifier with BT input https://www.ebay.de/itm/HIFI-Drahtlose-Bluetooth-5-0-TPA3116-Digital-Power-Audio-VerstäRker-Platine-B5V6/313075851565 speaker chassis https://www.ebay.de/itm/Visaton-FR-8-WP-4-OHM-schwarz-Seewasserbestandiger-1-Paar-02008/270633536053 I plan to cut a video of the installation, if the material is not usable (phone recoreded) i ca
  14. Hallo Harry, im "learning to ride" schrieb noch jemand mit Einschränkungen im Gleichgewichtssinn, das der das EU Fahren seltsamerweise ohne Probleme hinbekommt. Vielleicht bekommst du für das EUC ja per ärztlichem Attest eine Genehmigung, da du ja beim Zweiradfahren und gehen Gleichgewichtsprobleme hast... In dem Fall nehmen die gemeldeten Gleichgewichtsbeschwerden möglicherweise stark zu. :-)
  15. i'm going to have the EUC world alarms on the Speakers.... but perhaps i could somehow take the buzzer alarm and also guide it to the amplifier. Lets see where we can go. At the moment i am waiting for the ordered parts.
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