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I purchased a King Song 14M off of eBay, got the app., charged the unicycle, got connected, watched lots of videos on YouTube and went to learn how to ride. I would push down on the pedals and there was no movement, the only time the speedometer moves is when I drag the cycle. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? or is this just an expensive paperweight? I would appreciate any advice.

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Does it self-balance when you turn it on? If it does, looks like it works.

The working principle of an electric unicycle is: It accelerates in the direction that it is tilted until the tilt goes away. That's literally all there is to it. So you need to lean to tilt the electric unicycle.

So you need to move your center of gravity forwards to get moving.

Rarely new riders try some stance (e.g. e skiing stance) that doesn't actually move your center of gravity out of balance. There is a simple test: Do the same stance you would do on the electric unicycle on the ground. Can you keep it? Can you keep standing like this? Because if you're not (possibly slowly, but definitely clearly) falling over, that means you are in balance, that means you wouldn't accelerate when doing it on the electric unicycle.

If that's not the problem, maybe show us a video of what is going on. And there are lots of EUC riders in the Seattle area that can help you, too.

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10 hours ago, Ryder said:

watched lots of videos on YouTube and went to learn how to ride

You also watched 


Imho great tutorials - somwhere at around the fifth post of this topic is described how to get english subtitles...

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