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I just purchased 2nd hand a V10F 2 weekends ago & was very excited to join this EUC world. 2nd day of learning in front of my house I took a sharp right & fell off the unicycle.  Immediately I noticed I was unable to turn it back on & the wheel would not rotate freely. Actually it was a bit of a struggle to push it bc it did put up some resistance so I ended up carrying it home.  The battery was at 50% at that point. The other weird thing is that the rear tail light is constantly on since the incident & does not turn off (even after I unplugged the battery after disassembling it).  I am not familiar with electronics but I did notice the fuse is blown but also some blackish colors on the electronic board associated within a 1 cm diameter range of where the fuse plugs into the main board. I want to have it fixed & fully evaluated before I jump back on it.  The company InMotion USA told me I need to send it to them in San Diego & the shipping one way would cost about $60.  

I'm just curious does anyone know of a technician here in  Northern California (I live in Pacifica, CA) I could bring it to so I can get back on the road?  

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