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Total mileage on new KS 16x

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Hi all,

I am totally new in the forum, and also in the EUC world.
I just received my KS 16x, and I connected it with the Kingsong App which I just downloaded from the app store. The wheel seems totally new, but the app shows 359KM already as total mileage...

I am wondering if that is normal, and if someone has experienced the same in the app? Maybe a mismatch or something?


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Try other app. Normaly is zero Km/miles. When i install new mainboard show 0 km/miles for me.

Kingsong in factory test EUC before shipping. 359Km is nonsence.

Dont worry no stress just some bug or you are lucky and you get some deeply tested mainboard.

Can you share you serial number here we no need last digits.

In eucworld app(android) is two total mileage rider and machine.

Tire looks brand new. Download darknesboot (or how is this app name i no have iphone/app store)    and check again.

Anyway no stress enjoy you ks16X and dont forget water is ks16x cryptonite!

Happy riding and wear you gear always!

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You production date is 20.03.2020 this is mean you have new unit. Dont worry just propably some bug in app. All is fine. Update to 2.02 Fw if you want.

Try learn in hard or medium mode try avoid soft. ( this is optional do what you like or prefer maybee you be love soft mode nothing wrong) 

I dont know what app you use. If this is stock app. Try download https://apps.apple.com/us/app/darknessbot/id1108403878 Is optional maybee you got 0 km in other app.

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Alright, so I tried the wheel yesterday and it seems that the KM thing is just a translation problem in the new Kingsong app. KM was supposed to be meter, as I rode a little yesterday, it now shows 10 KM.

I also installed darknessBot, and it said 359 meters there, so this confirms that it's just a translation problem.

I tried to start with the beginner mode... could really not even move forward. As I changed first to normal, then to expert, I started rolling, and after one hour I was basically riding pretty fluently.

Thanks for the help @DjPanJan. can I ask you where do you find info using the serial?

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In some table published kingsong ago. I think is eunicycles.eu

Serial number is model type dare production and last numbers is nuber produced this day and assembly operator number. You no need think about this. 2b in serial number mean bkack color. If you want thank me or others just push hearh icon in my/any post you want. 

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