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Found 4 results

  1. It's a thought i had the other day and i haven't discussed it with anyone yet, but then again these forums exist to discuss things, so there.. I've seen from firmware hacking to mods to more things being done to wheels, so is there a chance that a second hand wheel may have been tampered so it's total displayed milage may vary from it's original/true milage ? Am i wrong to think that these bad practices may become a thing in the coming months/years if not already happening to people by con-artists etc.!? Is it just my imagination? Cause It's a concern I've been having for some time now...
  2. If you want to comment on your actual mileage (kilometerage?) and model, or anything related, feel free. Ther's just not enough time in the day for me to research every brand/model/battery size/motor size combination and then create an option for them.
  3. Just noticed that my MSX mileage is significantly smaller in the cold temperature compared to warmer weather: A month and half ago, outside temperature = 25-28 degree of Celsius, battery temp = 35-39C, mileage = 15.3wh/km or 0.065km/wh. Today, outside temp = 1-3C, batter temp = 16-21C, mileage = 21.3wh/km (0.047km/wh) . I was not able to reach my destination! Sad.
  4. I hope my Ninebot One E+ keeps going well without troubles. However I plan to buy a more powerful one (Gotway ACM 16 or Inmotion v8 or MSuper v3). Range is currently an issue for commuting without other transport.
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