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Waterproofing battery or anything else

Hal Farrenkopf

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I know this is late for most people who had the V10 / V10f waterproofing the battery but I finally got around to do it. (I never rode in rain or through water so I had no water on the battery or battery compartment)

I didn’t like the supplied 2 piece plastic shells to retrofit the weatherproofing so I used the method used for weatherproofing outside RF cable connectors. Vulcanizing rubber tape with electrical tape. 

I wrapped the battery first with electrical tape which wasn’t really needed since the batteries had a plastic wrap already - first wrap on RF connectors makes it easier to remove later than trying to remove the rubber from its surface. If there wasn’t a plastic wrap the I would first wrap it with electrical tape.  

Wrap the entire battery with the Vulcanizing rubber tape as demonstrated in the photo. The rubber is activated by stretching it before it is placed on the surface and last wrap of the rubber - stretch it as you wrap it. It will stick together and bond forming a waterproofed shell.  Wrap around the wires exit locations too. Any gaps there must be filled in with RTV Silicone after the final wrap of electrical tape. The electrical tape sticks extremely well to the rubber tape and makes a rugged surface that won’t split or rip and protects the rubber tape. 
I used only one roll of vulcanized rubber tape and one roll of electrical tape. 


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3 hours ago, Chriull said:

@Hal FarrenkopfF - i'm not experienced with this, but did you consider condensation?! Maybe 100% sealing could be contraproductive?





I did this to my battery over the existing heat shrunk plastic wrap battery covering. That existing cover seemed to completely seal the battery and I had no sign of any water in my V10f- I never rode in rain or through water. 

Water condensation occurs when humid air is cooled. Completely sealing the battery doesn’t allow movement of air into the battery for that to happen. I did consider drilling holes in the bottom of the compartment holding the electronics since there were possible water entry locations but likely only when it gets submerged and not likely when vertical riding in rain. 


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