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  1. I thought of that too. They now make a smaller shipping container. https://www.atscontainers.com/en/Products/New-containers/Product/8-New-Mini-Container
  2. @nalds accidents happen. This was an accident. Thanks for sharing. Thus should be a wake up call to everyone driving an euc. People and animals are unpredictable and assume their worst action/reaction at all times. Correct way to proceed when seeing this elderly woman or anyone would have been to slow down so that you could have stopped safely. Your location in the world dictates how traffic flows and interactions with others but pedestrians should always be yielded to. Unfortunate accident that caused her to hit her head and fracture it. You will never forget the
  3. Just stop and stay stopped at red lights . You are a motorized vehicle so it isn’t about pedaling back up to speed. Pretend you are a motor cycle and follow those rules.
  4. Wow, that looks like speaker wire. The jacket of that wire is not very strong - I know you said it was a rush for the next day ride but hope you replaced it.
  5. So true. I haven’t seen an isolation transformer used in light weight switching power supplies that look like laptop computer supplies. The inputs are normally full wave bridge rectifiers and high voltage smoothing capacitors to produce high voltage DC. This DC then gets switched at a high frequency and through a high frequency small transformer inductor to produce the desired voltage. If this is your charger, then DC on the input is fine because it just passes through 2 of the full wave rectifier diodes.
  6. Mica and paste is superior to that Chinese pad. Aluminum Oxide is better than Mica and Aluminum Nitrate is even better. I had the mica insulators on hand and knew it was significantly better than the pad that was supplied with the V10F. The ceramics are a better choice if you can get them. Beryllium Oxide should be avoided because it is a health hazard if it gets powdered.
  7. I see tin plating/solder of the PCB trace. I see something small on that trace which might be an electrical conductor to increase the capacity of trace. That capacitor lead that opened at the bend might have been knicked or bent out of shape causing an increase in resistance due to thinning and therefore heated and vaporized. Is that all that broke? Did you try and connect the leads to see if it fixed the problem?
  8. I don't see any metal heatsink between the mosfets and the PCB. There will be a large trace on the PCB bottom for conducting Battery + and or Ground to the Mosfets. It will not be a heatsink. The legs of the Mosfets will bend sufficiently when they are tightened down with mica and paste. They are tinned copper so very flexible. The Mosfet should be screwed down tight with the mica to squeeze the paste really thin. The paste is designed and meant to fill only the very very small air gaps in the imperfect surfaces. I'm in no rush to buy a V11 at this time because my V10F does me just
  9. LOL, no, I am not a gotway owner. I went from a C+ to a V10F. Bought the V10F in May 2018 so I was an early adopter to their defects. It seems every manufacturer uses the cheap and fast pad with paste method of assembly. I'm an electrical engineer so I know how much better the mica is. Especially when there was a heat related problem.
  10. Everything on the V11 is more complex to dismantle. I'm a little disappointed in the heat sinking design. The top half of the compartment is not properly connected to the lower half for heat conduction because of the caulking. If it was designed with some embedded heat pipes on the bottom and top pieces that met with some more metal to metal surface and then the top having heat sink fins with a fan on it would really keep everything cooler.
  11. It is MICA and not micra. Yes, hopefully the legs of the Mosfets don't have solder right up to the body of the device so that it can be lowered a tiny bit more. At least they are all screwed down ready for just replacing the insulator. I had to drill and tap the heat sink of the V10F.
  12. Those 30A SMD fuses are a lot easier to replace than the soldered in through the board blade fuse that the V10F uses. Don't have to remove the main board to unsolder the SMD fuses like you should do with the blade fuses. If you own a soldering iron then the SMD fuses are user replaceable. 60A fusing means that for the fuse to blow fast, much more than 60A is needed. Speed of fuse blowing depends on how much more than the rating is going through it. It just doesn't blow at 61A for a a long time.
  13. When I eventually get a new V11 wheel and they are still using the pad with paste, I will definitely use MICA with very thinly coated paste to do it properly. I have done it to my V10F.
  14. How did you mod the C+ for 20MPH? I have a C+ and found no info on doing it to the C+. I ended up getting a V10F when they came out in 2018 because I hated the slow speed. But I'm 260 pounds so I don't think I would have much safety margin on it.
  15. But why would you want to ride the NB1E+ for 50 miles going that SLLLLOOOOWWWWWWW? lol
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