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Dressing up?


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So my poor old battered E+ N10 looked like it needed cheering up and as the weather over here at the moment is dire to say the least I thought I'd have a go and see what I could do.  I found some of that 'vinyl car wrap' on a popular auction site and ordered some - only a few £'s and free delivery!  Never used this stuff before but looked at a couple of videos and thought it looked easy enough (with a little practice of course?).

I took my bot apart and cleaned the covers up as best I could - took some sandpaper to the outer shell where it was pitted and badly marked from gravel / tarmac abuse (not just by me of course - friends who wanted a go cos I made it look so easy!).

This stuff is great to work with.  Cut it roughly to shape and went for the inner surface first.  Got it all smoothed out and with some heat from a gun it went around the corners like they weren't even there :) .  Wasn't going to attack the outer surface just yet but after my initial 'success' I had a go at that too.

More tricky this time with greater curves etc. but over it went.  I didn't have enough overhang in places to pull it really tight, but for my first attempt I'm really impressed with my results.  Not going to complete the other side just yet but have plenty of material to go over the whole thing - thinking I should have got a couple of colours instead of the one to really be flash?

Now just got to see how it lasts with the abuse it gets ;)





Need to get the other side done now - more practice! - to finish off but another day perhaps :D





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12 minutes ago, cbgti said:

Very nice!

DangerousDick, How do you remove the waves (at the border) between your 2nd and your 3rd photo?

By heating the border of the wrap?







Yep - simple application of heat (which was nice considering my boiler stopped working last week!) from a heat gun and it goes all flexible, then gentle encouragement from a thumb and the creases just disappear :D

Of course, sometimes you need another pair of hands or some other method?  At one point I had the gun balanced on the desk with a weight on the handle pointing off the end so I could hold the frame between my legs and use both hands to guide / pull the covering nice and tight.

Might just be having a go at the other side this week ;)

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