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  1. Definitly, your cracked shell could be a possible reason of your shacking problem...
  2. @US69 Thanks for your reply... I'll redo it again. 98% is a very good score ! Even 90% could be OK for me.
  3. Sometimes, I have some bugs with Lift sensors to cut the motor when I lift my KS18L... I have this wheel since one year now. I know that the wheel must be at 0km/h to activate the fonction. I made lots of setting (calibration of the sensors, thighten (or not) the screws of the sensors) but after I make a ride w on it, my lift sensor don't work correctly. I checked in the app and there is no malfunction with the two sensors (Sensor A and B are OK). When my KS18L leave the ground, I have the double-bip (motor cut activated) but EVEN I don't move, often, the wheel bips and the motor is re-engaged... Evidently, the wheel goes to the maximum speed with the voice message "Please Deccelerate!"... Not very discret... Is somebody here with ZERO problem with this lift sensor cut fontion? Is it a magical solution to increase the reliability of this fonction?
  4. I've ugraded from v1.11 to v1.13. All the process was OK (I had to recalibrate the wheel), but sometimes, all my LED (sides) make some random color. But more annoying, my Lift sensor is KO now... Even after I tried to calibrate it... I'm alone with this problem? EDIT: I was fully OK just 5min before (v1.11)
  5. It's VERY impressive and I'm happy to see the end of this project!
  6. How Kingsong will fix the problem for the KS18L (freeze in the supermarket) ? If the trolley bars are like antenna, should we connect them to the ground?
  7. @Tom It's possible to do it without any problem... BUT when you plug the 60v battery pack for the first time, it MUST be under 63v. And after, the Ninebot charger will charge it at the right voltage. Your 60v battery will never be fully charged... 10 to 15% of your new battery will never be used.
  8. Thanks @The Fat Unicyclist !
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