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  1. It's VERY impressive and I'm happy to see the end of this project!
  2. Do you have a photo of this foil? Where is it located ?
  3. And what about the confort?
  4. How Kingsong will fix the problem for the KS18L (freeze in the supermarket) ? If the trolley bars are like antenna, should we connect them to the ground?
  5. @Tom It's possible to do it without any problem... BUT when you plug the 60v battery pack for the first time, it MUST be under 63v. And after, the Ninebot charger will charge it at the right voltage. Your 60v battery will never be fully charged... 10 to 15% of your new battery will never be used.
  6. Thanks @The Fat Unicyclist !
  7. Is it any way to replace the "Please Deccelerate" by some beeps like on a Gotway per example (DDD) ? I have the "Please Deccelerate" at 32km/h and the Tiltback at 37km/h (the two others alarms are at "0").
  8. With a low pressure of 2.3bars in the tire (smaller diameter), I have a gap about 6% between the GPS Speed and the speed shown in the app.
  9. Thanks a lot @US69 ! It's works most of the time for me...
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