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  1. Appreciate the desire to speed things up a little but that board doesn't look as capable as the one already in there, let alone be suitable to 'drive' faster? I'd be fascinated to find out if it did work tho You've got to wonder why the 'P's started to 'burn up' using the same boards as the E+ versions when the software allowed the faster capabilities. Not all - and a lot are still running today quite happily so tolerances will come into play. Just make sure you've got plenty of protection on when trying the 'extremes' and feed back to us if it's good news
  2. Oh my god - was this really a year ago! Still haven't managed to get out there with any other 'nutters' in the area must be a good few more of us around now though?? Haven't been on this forum for a while either come to that but I do still ride my NB1 around pretty regularly Good to see NineBot hasn't fallen off the map although they do seem to have been overtaken by one or two others since the 'P' fiasco? Haven't thought about replacing mine yet as it still does exactly what I need it to do - and probably (as it doesn't go mega quick) been pretty safe to ride. I'll have
  3. Well, with my order arriving in super fast time I grabbed the chance to fit a new rear and headlight to the NineBot - inspired by StreetMeatNYC's example Extremely happy with the result (surprising what a few beers can do on a Friday evening! Excuse the silly grin on my ugly mug!) - they glow pretty bright - excuse the floodlit carpark as demo - the Aqua at the front really lights the way Better still, they're not heavy and won't fall off during transport in the car if I knock it against something which keeps happening with the previous 'bicycle lights' I had glued to the frame.
  4. Loving this simple solution to lighting StreetMeatNYC - ordered similar items from the popular auction site on line and will be experimenting before the end of the week Thanks for sharing.
  5. Might have been yourself this guy knows? Haven't seen him since and don't go along that path on a regular basis. Doesn't seem to be much activity in the area for riding around on these things - let me know if you're ever going out just for fun and I'll come over and join you?
  6. I'll second the 'beer' thing - I've fallen off a good few times (not lately thankfully!) but never while under the influence. Definitely helps to relax and enjoy rather than tense up and worry about hurting yourself. There must be a limit to this theory and, I'm glad to say, I haven't yet found it but then again I always was a lightweight where it came to drinking.
  7. I'm heading down to Surrey this weekend - anyone going to be out riding? Need to know whether or not to stick the NB in the car with me
  8. Count me in live in Cheshire, but Lancashire is only the next county along
  9. Very nice Jonathan - specially the Tron suit. You even managed to scare all the skateboarders away with your impressive skills! I have driven past a couple of skate parks and wondered if I'd be able to get away with practicing but worry I would be too 'out of place' at my age Have you ever got any negative comments riding around the place - particularly in Crystal Palace - or is it too quiet for anybody to notice?
  10. That's what you get when the board is blown - I take it the lights are coming on around the edge? If necessary, try turning it on while it's laying on its side - you should get the red 'error' lights and a warning beeping. At least then you know the power is OK from the battery, just the motor drive part of the circuit which is blown. Definitely sounds like a return to where you purchased it for replacement.
  11. Apart from opening it up - and invalidating any warranty? - I don't think there's much you can do. Could be a loose connection, or more serious. Did it do anything at all when you powered on after charging? Did the charging light go from red to green? Do you have anyone close with a NB1 to visit for help - it's always a lot easier if you can get in front of one of these to see exactly what's happening? When you say the 'wheel is stuck' will it turn at all? Is it mechanically jammed or electronically 'braked'? Pretty bad when it's new - how difficult to return to the shop and
  12. I know, sounds crazy right - weird tho, again as has already been said, we don't need to eat three square meals a day, we're just brainwashed into it from young and just blindly follow it. Just keep an eye on the TV later in the afternoon / early evening to see the amount of food being thrown at us - even worse with snacks tempted mid-evening. Why do we suddenly feel hungry just because we've been reminded of what may be in the cupboard? Just liquids one day, normal eating the next. Never more than a day away from your next meal and it tastes so much better if you've waited a bit long
  13. So we're talking weight loss - I've got to add to this one Tried many diets over the years but it always meant avoiding / cutting out / exercising etc. just couldn't keep up - always wanted something I couldn't have! Watched a Horizon programme in 2012 where a Professor Mike Mosely was talking about calorie restriction - this was before the 5-2 stuff came along - and how it (at least on rats in a lab!) was good for health, and aided weight loss among other things - a biggie was living longer?? The main thing I took from watching was the 'ADF' or Alternate Day Fasting which many in t
  14. How about riding it backwards - does the directional issue difference change? No need to actually go backward, just mount the other way around
  15. May be a 'weak link' necessary in the design where it would be EASIER to replace that particular part instead of the main mountings? Haven't had the need yet (must've been very lucky as it's done a fair bit of tumbling in the past few months!) but when I do I'll be able to give it some proper thought
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