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SOLD-Gotway Nikola 84V 1600- One Month Old-Free Shipping- Oregon


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I am selling my One Month Old Gotway Nikola 84V 1600Wh battery EUC. I purchased this for my wife who I thought would love it. But she Hates the ergonomics of the wheel and it is simply too wide  for her. After she rode my sons Inmotion V10 she fell in love with the ergonomics. I have since purchased her an Inmotion V10F from @JZT-Colorado which is enroute. 


Asking $1500.00 including FREE SHIPPING to lower 48 states. 

Gotway Nikola 84V with 120.6 miles on it but it will be ridden so maybe more at time of sale. 

1600WH Battery

Charger and Chinese instructions Manual included. 

Has normal cosmetic blemishes from a few drops while my wife was learning. I can send full resolutions pictures via text. 

Everything works including the lift sensor.

Left side LED light rope went dead. I don't know why. I will ship a brand new one with the sale. Gotway stickers are peeling off (this is normal).

Original Side pads have never been used. I can also include aftermarket 1/2" and 1/8" side padding I purchased for it. 

The rubber grip material on the pedals was moved to the side of the chassis and Viscious Grip Tape replaced the (IMO) crappy rubber pedal material. (See Kuji's Youtube video on Viscious Gript tape. It gives you near unlimited grip.)

Location: Salem, Oregon. FREE SHIPPING!

E-wheels Wrist Guards in the pictures ARE NOT INCLUDED!

Please PM me with questions!













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