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  1. I just got back from a 35 plus mile ride at 28 plus MPH speeds. 1. I love my 84V MSX, but man that is hard on your body and if you miss a pot hole, pavement ripple or big bump it could mean taking a spill. Obviously, as you ride faster you risk more, but one thing is clear, I believe having a suspension would add a large element of safety. A: You would be less fatigued from the hard hits over time, in Chooch's video he said the Inmotion V11 was so smooth he could ride it for a lot longer than the S18. B: You would naturally be able to carry more speed and at the same time not risk as much losing control when you hit an unexpected bump, wether turning or riding in a straight line. 2. It seems to me that the S18 is a more specialized weapon, an off road or extreme urban jungle machine. The V11 though, is the more all around package, everyone has commented on its really powerful motor, generally super smooth operation and incredible headlight. The Achilles heal in the S18 is range. Yes, in most cases it would be ok, but I ride fast and need a wheel that will go the distance and at night I can't see crap with the MSX headlight. Based on @Marty Backe recent range test, it should do 50-55 miles on the production battery, once the bugs are all sorted. 3. I would definitely pick the V11 as my all around wheel. Something, that hasn't really been mentioned, but is worthy noting or speculating on is cornering ability. I've only heard Chooch talk about this. A. The V11 allows more cornering angle before it shuts off vs the S18 and has greater ground clearance. B. That, with the added leverage of the wheel being taller, meaning higher contact points for leverage, should mean it is a cornering monster. I used to do trackways with Motorcycles and leverage makes a big difference in your ability to control a bike at full lean, hence the need for tank pads, and a firm outside foot grip. I believe, that the V11 would have a natural advantage in the handling department given it's leverage points (meaning it contacts higher on your leg) are further from the pedals. This would also translate into finer controls at higher lean angles/ speeds if the correlation between motorcycles is maintained. The higher the lean angle the finer the control needs to be. In any case, I am heavily considering ordering a V11 as I believe it is the best all around wheel for do anything use.
  2. I have purchased 4 wheels from the forums. All have been upfront and honest people. Items were as described. I would take cues from the following. If someone is all weirded out about talking to you on the phone or sharing information, that’s usually a red flag. I always offer my phone number and extra information to buyers or the sellers. I also have a long list now of people who would vouch for my performance in sales agreements.
  3. @Paxton I have one for sale. Check it out.
  4. My two cents from watching all the Youtube Videos on the MSX 100V is that it eats more juice at higher speeds than the 84V. Output is less overall in the 84V so it seems to make the most sense that it would be more efficient. This is directly taken from experience in listening to Chooch Tech and others. I got the 84V because I don't need the extra 4mph and I get really good distance out of my 1600WH wheel.
  5. It really comes down to how you fit on the wheel. I am a newer rider but I have taken to this pretty well. I have had a V10F, Nikola (which I traded), an MSX, and a 16S. They are all very different wheels. I like the V10F best for cruising and it handles second best to the MSX. My wife, my son and I really hated the Nikola's ergo's. I much preferred my MSX for high speed turning and riding. The angled pedals really make a huge difference when cornering at 25 mph plus speeds. However, I had to remove the stock side pads on my MSX and replace with Motorcycle Tank Grip pads which are so much thinner and very grippy. I had to get the wheel adjusted to my personal frame. I don't believe either wheel is going to be bad. I believe it will come down to how you ride and how the wheels are going to fit you. I haven't had the chance to ride both wheels but I can tell you ergonomics is probably the biggest factor. In my book I would go with the MSP, only because I love the ergonomics of my MSX. Newer battery technology, similar range and the big tire makes off roading slightly easier. Although, the Nikola still holds the crown for bumps and smoothness. It felt like it had a suspension compared to the hard riding MSX. Hope this helps!
  6. The 18xl is a solid all around choice. I originally was going to buy one but I couldn’t find one in my price range. I haven’t ridden one yet but if it’s like a V10F it’s going to handle awesome. I really like Inmotions ergonomics and it seems like most youtubers poo poo the V10 because it’s specs aren’t anything too fancy. But once you ride one with the high contact points, thin design and extremely smooth motor it’s awesome. The 18XL is as close as you can get to that similar ethos but with longer range, more speed and KingSong Reliability. Even on my MSX I don’t go 30 plus for long. No worries, my Nikola is going to a happy new owner on Friday! I think you made a solid choice! Give yourself time to learn to get over the dreaded Survival Reactions and you are going to have the time of your life!
  7. I'm local. Once you make enough posts you can PM me and we can connect. I have a group of people that I know have wheels that we can ride with. I can't comment on Portland area as I haven't ridden there yet, but I have ridden around Eugene, Salem and other places. As long as your respectful of pedestrians. You're invisible. I ride right next to the State Police with my family, many of whom also ride, and I have never gotten any attention from the Police. My guess is your mileage may vary. When I ride though, I make it a point to not fly by pedestrians and ride respectfully.
  8. Hey everyone, this is a great deal on a V10 which are fantastic EUC's. Bumping this thread!
  9. SOLD!!!! I am selling my One Month Old Gotway Nikola 84V 1600Wh battery EUC. I purchased this for my wife who I thought would love it. But she Hates the ergonomics of the wheel and it is simply too wide for her. After she rode my sons Inmotion V10 she fell in love with the ergonomics. I have since purchased her an Inmotion V10F from @JZT-Colorado which is enroute. Specifications. Asking $1500.00 including FREE SHIPPING to lower 48 states. Gotway Nikola 84V with 120.6 miles on it but it will be ridden so maybe more at time of sale. 1600WH Battery Charger and Chinese instructions Manual included. Has normal cosmetic blemishes from a few drops while my wife was learning. I can send full resolutions pictures via text. Everything works including the lift sensor. Left side LED light rope went dead. I don't know why. I will ship a brand new one with the sale. Gotway stickers are peeling off (this is normal). Original Side pads have never been used. I can also include aftermarket 1/2" and 1/8" side padding I purchased for it. The rubber grip material on the pedals was moved to the side of the chassis and Viscious Grip Tape replaced the (IMO) crappy rubber pedal material. (See Kuji's Youtube video on Viscious Gript tape. It gives you near unlimited grip.) Location: Salem, Oregon. FREE SHIPPING! E-wheels Wrist Guards in the pictures ARE NOT INCLUDED! Please PM me with questions!
  10. I can’t private message you. I’m interested.
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