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What are we missing, IPS i260+


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I spent all afternoon online with an impatient friend who wants to buy an E U C now.

So in between sharing the other friends 9B1, we searched.

I had already learned a lot from here, so we focused on KS, IPS, Ninebot, Gotway.

Myself, trying to be calm and wait for app bug problems to be fixed before getting a KS14C.

From the specs on Elecunionline the IPSi260+ looks interesting for my friend, any maybe even me based on replies?

IPS I260+ Electric Unicycle Specifications:

Max Speed: 30km/h
Changeable Battery: 260Wh
Range: About 30km
Max Load: 120kg
Max Incline: <30 degree
Wheel Size: 14 inch
Wheel Type: One Wheel
Motor: 800W
Gyroscope: 6 axis gyroscope
Self-Balancing System: IPS V4.3
Charging Time: About 2 hours
Charger: 67.2V/2A (Please do not use the old 50.4V/2A charger to charge)
Applicable Temperature: -10 °C - 60 °C
IP rank: IP65
Material: ABS and Aluminium alloy

IPS I260+ Electric Unicycle Size: 48.1*38.2*16.8cm

IPS I260+ Electric Unicycle Weight: 10.5kg


This for 590 Euros with shipping. Half of what I will need for the KS.

What we may misunderstand is this,

10.5 kilos for a 800w motor? Does anyone know the max for this as other companys list? or is that max? For example KS specs 800W motor 3,000w max, or 500w, 2,000w.

Does 260 w/hr li ion seem small for 800w motor?

By getting another battery more time had be had if needed?

The lighter weight seems a plus, but he like me wants to off road a bit, but for in town freestyle lighter seems good, no?

What we really do not understand is when we search the IPS website we can not find this model anywhere?

Is elecunionline well known for being correct?

Any and all info much appreciated! Thank you!

I sure have told him of the BMS and motherboard problems, face plant, and want to be of help to get the best quality/price but safety first!

Anything else?


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10 minutes ago, UKJ said:

Anything else?


Looks like a good choice, the only point I can raise is that a 14 inch may not be the best for off roading.

The model number of this unicycle in Asia is IPS I260, everywhere else it is IPS 132 (their model number system makes no sense). You can see more details about it here: http://www.ipselectricunicycle.com/bbx/222147-222147.html but it is listed as IPS132

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I have one of these... Its nice but 30km is a stretch... i got about 20km, i'm 170lbs on mostly flat space. It had about 33% battery left and thats when it started to beep and warn me to stop and charge. I was almost at full speed for the entire time though and i do zip by bikes and joggers with ease. I got the 16" wheel and it has a 1000W motor probably because of the extra power needed to turn the bigger wheel, also more space around the wheel for more wires and magnets...


Only down side is it has no padding around the legs and really needs it... but i'm new and my skin there isn't as tough as some of these old EUC riders.

Its not a hot swappable battery... you will need a screw gun to get at it...

I can confirm its about 20-25 lbs, and i can carry it around if i do lose a charge.

this is the one i got link $540 USD

I was surprised it only took 2 hours to charge... i wish my phone could do that....

I like it so far... very cheap for what you get in my eyes....

Only after a week i wish i had one with a larger battery.... after about 2 hours on it i had to turn in =(

My next one will have an 800AH battery =)



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Thanks Tom,

But see the difference between weight specs between I260+ as seen above and this, 132 from IPS, I wonder which is correct as all others seem the same. Big difference

between 10.5 and 13.5, 3 kilos= 6.6 lbs, a lot!





Battery260Wh lithium battery


Tire Size14 Inch

Max speed30 Km/H

Charging time2 Hours

Charger VoltageAC220V (50-60Hz)

Max mileage30Km

Max Climbing 30 Degrees

Max Power Output800 Watts

Environment Temperature-10°C ~ 50°C

Distance from the ground107 mm

Packing Dimension620 x 265 x 550mm

Net Weight13.5Kg

Gross weight 16.5Kg



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Unlike I'm mistaken the true weight is 11,7 kg, however I do not have mine anymore.. Received a defective unit of this exact model. Weight of the package is 13,3 kg, if it helps..

If any of you get troubles with your unit, expect no help from electricunicycleonline.com I can confirm that their support is utterly useless. Some on these forums have received some degree of support from them, I was not one of them.

You can purchase this model cheaper from Tony, if you would like. However I doubt he has any kind of warranty.. maybe others can confirm

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   There is something I noticed buying my first Wheel.   Unl"you buy from someone known, you can't trust the specs.  Half the time if you read more into the descriptions, they will even contradict themselves.  

  I'm not trying to sound all negative.  There are good places, with good product.  Just remember "if it sounds to good to be true"

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I would go for the IPS181 340KW, more battery is always better, except if you expect to carry the EUC a lot...which somehow defeats the purpose.

I have the previous version limited to 20Kmh:

solid build, rides very stable, high torque, good range (depends a lot on weight, road, riding style: I get around 15Km (+100kg) before the torque goes down (never ran it till the batt beeps)

needs padding (or put an extra sock in you socks) at the level of the ankles, and skateboard tape on the pedals

charging port is covered by a PIB plastic cap which does hold when riding

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