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  1. I still ride my Ninebot One - it's perfect for me, but since it's such an old model I'm finding it harder to get spare parts. Does anyone know a decent place to get spare parts? I'm looking for a charging port wire and a footplate grub screw and possibly an extra battery but the only place I can find seem to be charging stupid amounts.
  2. Put a wider off road tyre on my Ninebot, I like the pink accent
  3. What difference can this make to my Ninebot C+?
  4. I don't think he meant EUC Segways. I saw many traditional Segway tours in Barcelona, but no rental EUCs... I did however see 10+ EUCs in a single day walking around Barcelona, they seem to be much more popular over there.
  5. Thanks for the advice, I won't try it - just need to find a use for these 3x 132Wh 60V batteries. I wonder if I could create an external battery pack using them to power the Ninebot C?
  6. I have a 60 volt generic unicycle battery that has the same connector as my ninebot c battery. is it safe to use it in my ninebot considering the ninebot has a voltage rating of 55.5? Sorry if this is a stupid question.
  7. That's all really useful info, cheers. My bro had previously borrowed my IPS Zero for daily commuter use for a year, when he saw it again after owning a Ninebot he said it felt so lightweight and small it felt like you could pocket it. Which is useful since I had to carry mine a lot more than he did. Did you find about the Zero is the shape means you can't wedge it between your legs? Only your ankles, so it makes controlling it difficult compared to more "boxy" EUCs. Does yours still work? Lots seem to have the fault with poor quality metal being used for the pedal brackets, causing give and feedback shaking - I fixed mine by hammering a ton of screws into the bracket to wedge the axel in. Pic of the dodgy result. I will be getting a 16" wheel for sure. Gearbest are selling Ninebot C+ for £240 which is tempting but I'd rather get a newer model.
  8. So I purchased an IPS Zero a few years ago when they were new and it has served me very well. Having just updated myself on the current EUC scene it looks like 14 inch wheels are no longer common? Is it generally agreed that 16 inch is the new ideal minimum? I find using my bros 16 inch Ninebot is worlds smoother and makes riding off-road easy and possible to do at speed rather than a slow balance challenge, but I did feel like it was much slower to stop and turn which makes riding it in busy pedestrian areas much harder compared to my IPS Zero. What is your opinion on 14 vs 16? If I was to upgrade my wheel I think I'd get a 16 inch but would be a shame to loose that turning and stopping advantage.
  9. Gutted I missed this - me and my bro was in Blackpool last week and the promenade is absolutely awesome for EUCs. We were also riding around Hollingworth Lake, wonder if that was us you saw? If there are any other events in future or around Manchester and I'd be up to attend.
  10. We joke that riding the EUC you become an A-class celebrity - because for the longest time we only had 1 EUC in our group, I'm used to walking behind and viewing the reactions of everyone my friend passed on the EUC and I can tell you that every single person who he rides past will be talking about him in some way, turning around to take pictures. If you only ever ride the EUC you might not be aware of this, so basically you get the same amount of attention as any celebrity would.
  11. I was thinking about just cutting the part in the red circle The LED's don't start until further up the black strip, so nothing functional is affected.
  12. Has anybody done this, or thought about it as I currently am? I love my IPS but the case is so tight against the wheel at the bottom that it sometimes causes rocks to get jammed in it and can have trouble on some steep slopes. The solution to this seems to be cutting off a small part of the case at the front and back, this would improve the ground clearance. It should be possible, just really annoying to open the case and get a clean cut, so I was wondering if anyone has any tips before I start butchering...
  13. Tom

    IPS Zero - Tiltback

    Thanks for the replies. What is the best way to accelerate on the IPS Zero without overleaning forwards?
  14. Man, that's scary! This should be a huge concern for any IPS Zero owner, eventually this would lead to the wheel freely spinning unable to stop.
  15. Do the pedals and everything else feel "normal"? Seems like a worrying problem for all IPS Zero owners!
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