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    An open letter

    It's very British, it actually reminds of Rover.....
  2. using Tor browser or VPN service?
  3. welcome, I'm 53 and counting. Get geared up to protect yourself and use a learning strap, and bliss is just 15min practice (each day for several day) and a few bad falls away. Good luck,
  4. It's a range extender James, but not as we know it. You can buy extra batteries of 132Wh each, and bring them in your backpack if you are really motivated to ride this brand.
  5. at 7kg it would be the perfect wheel.....for 2015 Strangely they have not come up with a version with a battery upgrade. Maybe they keep the upgraded version for when sales are slumping, hoping the first buyers would buy the 2nd version because the range and speed of the 1st is below acceptable.....
  6. Never attribute to malice, what can be adequately explained by stupidity.
  7. 160 followers, after 4 year post startup, wow! Now that's what I call mass marketing a product...
  8. Hi, the 4th anniversary of the launch team is coming up, congratulations!
  9. how's the launch going?
  10. If you look at your car tire pressure recommendations: higher load = higher pressure I'm not sure if there are any dedicated EUC tires available; welcome in the uncharted teritory of EUC riding. I run an IPS 16 inch at 4bar, 100-110 kg ps: bikes usually have 2 wheels, so to exceed the max load of 70kg you have to be a pretty big cycler
  11. The Lhotz is very much Volvo 240. It still has it's appeal as a semi offroader, and although it lacks innovation I believe it's biggest limitation is the battery 340Wh maximum. It occupies a niche of a niche product.
  12. @vladmarks Trying mass-marketing of a new niche product like an EUC (high price, steep learning curve, potential safety issues, etc) without the full and unwavering support of the innovators to win over the rest of the client chain, is a bit like starting up a public marketing campaign for condoms in Vatican City without the sanction of the Pope. Trying to get Uniwheel of the ground is hard, and getting not so positive feedback is even harder, I get that. Please feel free to listen and learn from people like @Paddylaz here on the forum that live EUC's not just market them. Pour la petite histoire on marketing expertise: I knew a guy, ex-marketeer in really big pharma, that started his own business and wanted me to throw in some money. When I asked him his business plan, he showed me a slide set with pictures of the new office and the assistant (he himself was "too busy preparing the business plan to answer calls") and THE marketing strategy. After I politely congratulated him on his ambitious plans, I asked him again if I could see the business plan, and he went over the slide deck a second time. Needless to day I declined participating in his business. Six months post-startup he still had zero customers but a much more detailed Marketing Plan slide deck, which helped him to find another moron that invested even more money in the project, so he finally went bankrupt after 12 months instead of 6. Don't ask me why, but somehow when thinking about Uniwheel this previous experience came to my mind. Luckily the Chinese put their money, time and effort in building EUC's instead of dreaming up a perfect marketing campaign for a never to be launched product. Wish you all the best.
  13. When buying an EUC, cheap good fast, just choose either 2 of 3 characteristics..... Why not go for a second hand IPS 680 (same as the 121 but with a 680Wh battery) or IPS Lhotz 340, these EUCs ar not sexy with the latest design features but built as a tank, safe and reliable. For more details:
  14. Please don't trust your life to a crappy electronics device. On this forum I've seen people get hurt really bad because of a cheap wheel. If you're on a budget, you could try to get a second hand top brand from a reliable source (like here on the forum from a member with a good reputation). A second hand EUC doesn't brake your bank account, nor does it break your heart when scratched (which you will in the beginning). Good luck, and may the Big Rider be with you on your EUC yourneys.
  15. It doesn't seem a good idea to go below 30% all the time, but why would you as performance and safety suffer? The same goes for 100% charging and putting it in the car in the sun for days on end, but what sane person does that with Li-ion batteries? At the rate EUC develop, most of us will have a new wheel well before the batteries of the old one have reached their end of lifecycle with normal use anyway.
  16. did you finally get your refund?
  17. I think there was a reshuffle inside IPS, runrui was always very correct and helpfull and wrote in reasonable english, at a certain point yueyue started answering my e-mails. I've given them feedback on several occasions (last time 1 year ago) on what they should change in the design to keep up with the competition, but I didn't get the impression yueyue really understood what i was talking about and didn't really seem to care. I have a Lhotz (2015) and a T680+ (2016° and I love these wheels, very reliable and safe but the thing is that IPS has not really innovated anything for about 2years, they have zero understanding of marketing, it looks like they're just trying to milk their old designs as long as possbile. I plan on buying an new wheel again this year, but I very much doubt if it's going to be an IPS, them getting bad enduser reviews like yours is going the be the end
  18. a ball on a string atttached to a stick can turn circles without having to rely on friction without friction on the road surface a car will go in a straight line what you looking for is a mag lev kind of device, but this only works on dedicated 'roads' with induction coils in it
  19. 1. lack of experience riding the EUC 2. lack of understanding the torque vs speed limitation of electric motors 3. overconfidence 4. (did not experience this one myself but I've read quite a few on the forum) pure stupidity ......... The the infinitisimal smal probability of a sink hole opening up under your wheel......which happend to me a couple of months ago. Luckily it was just one rectangular brick of the road surface that caved in, but when I kneeled down I could see ap pit of almost 1m deep through the hole
  20. Jurgen


    Did you guys check if your latest vaccination against tetanus was >10year ago?
  21. There's a chicken sunbathing at a Costa Blanca beach. Another chicken walks up and rolls out her towel, pretty close to the other one. The first chicken says 'Tok' The 2nd chicken rather angrily replies 'Are you tokking to me?'
  22. So, if I understand you correctly, you feel only jokes about EUCs are permissible here?
  23. Because the giraffes had difficulties opening the cans
  24. I agree some jokes are a bit on the edge for me, and not really that funny. On the other hand, it's all about perspective. > 90% Women are really wonderful, and >10% of men are real *holes, for me this kind of sums it all up. There's however also something as the right of free speech. Society is keen on social engineer our kids into political correct AI's, trying to avoid just about anything (even the tiniest bit) that might offend anybody anywhere in the world, if you give into that there's always somebodies good reason to censor free speech (f.ex. Erdogan with that German comic entertainer).
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