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  1. It's very British, it actually reminds of Rover.....
  2. using Tor browser or VPN service?
  3. welcome, I'm 53 and counting. Get geared up to protect yourself and use a learning strap, and bliss is just 15min practice (each day for several day) and a few bad falls away. Good luck,
  4. It's a range extender James, but not as we know it. You can buy extra batteries of 132Wh each, and bring them in your backpack if you are really motivated to ride this brand.
  5. at 7kg it would be the perfect wheel.....for 2015 Strangely they have not come up with a version with a battery upgrade. Maybe they keep the upgraded version for when sales are slumping, hoping the first buyers would buy the 2nd version because the range and speed of the 1st is below acceptable.....
  6. Never attribute to malice, what can be adequately explained by stupidity.
  7. 160 followers, after 4 year post startup, wow! Now that's what I call mass marketing a product...
  8. Hi, the 4th anniversary of the launch team is coming up, congratulations!
  9. how's the launch going?
  10. If you look at your car tire pressure recommendations: higher load = higher pressure I'm not sure if there are any dedicated EUC tires available; welcome in the uncharted teritory of EUC riding. I run an IPS 16 inch at 4bar, 100-110 kg ps: bikes usually have 2 wheels, so to exceed the max load of 70kg you have to be a pretty big cycler
  11. The Lhotz is very much Volvo 240. It still has it's appeal as a semi offroader, and although it lacks innovation I believe it's biggest limitation is the battery 340Wh maximum. It occupies a niche of a niche product.
  12. @vladmarks Trying mass-marketing of a new niche product like an EUC (high price, steep learning curve, potential safety issues, etc) without the full and unwavering support of the innovators to win over the rest of the client chain, is a bit like starting up a public marketing campaign for condoms in Vatican City without the sanction of the Pope. Trying to get Uniwheel of the ground is hard, and getting not so positive feedback is even harder, I get that. Please feel free to listen and learn from people like @Paddylaz here on the forum that live EUC's not just market them.
  13. When buying an EUC, cheap good fast, just choose either 2 of 3 characteristics..... Why not go for a second hand IPS 680 (same as the 121 but with a 680Wh battery) or IPS Lhotz 340, these EUCs ar not sexy with the latest design features but built as a tank, safe and reliable. For more details:
  14. Please don't trust your life to a crappy electronics device. On this forum I've seen people get hurt really bad because of a cheap wheel. If you're on a budget, you could try to get a second hand top brand from a reliable source (like here on the forum from a member with a good reputation). A second hand EUC doesn't brake your bank account, nor does it break your heart when scratched (which you will in the beginning). Good luck, and may the Big Rider be with you on your EUC yourneys.
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