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EUC World Level 1 & 2 Alarms for Gotway


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Hey guys,

Just wondering what the Level 1 and level 2 alarms in the Wheel Settings are for the Gotway wheels.


For a MSX84V

When All alarms are on, Wheel beeps at 34ish km/h ... Same as when I dissable Level 1.. whats the difference? (whats the level 1 then)

When I dissable Lv2 I dont get the 34ish alarm.. So I guess thats the 2 (Alarm 2 = 34km/h)? ,... Am I missing the lv1?

I would only like to have the 80% battery thing (5 beeps) Should I put it in Dissable Level 2?


thanx in advanced,... Tried searching, but had no clear answer.

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You do understand that the Gotway warnings are totally separate from EUC World warnings?

With that said, there isn't an '80%' alarm on EUC World that works the same way as the Gotway 80% alarm.

I suggest you decide which alarm system you want to work with - EUC World or the Gotway ones. If you choose to use both (maybe EUC World for a pre-warning and Gotway for the 80%) then you need to fully understand how both work.

If you only want the Gotway 80% alarm I do not know why you are asking about Level 1 and Level 2 alarms.

If you can be more specific about what you actually want we can try to help further :)





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Thanx for the reply.

When I set the "turn level 1 alarm off", the WHEEL beeps at 34km/h.

When I set "turn level 2 alarm off" the wheel does not beep.


I understand the 3 alarm levels you set in the app, but as it also affects the wheel beeps, that's why im asking.

Also, the 80% can't be touched. Right?


Thanx again

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