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MCM5 vibration at fixed speed


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Hello guys,

I need your experts diagnostic ! I'm using a gotway MCM5 that has a very high frequency vibration (felt mostly in my feets) occuring at about 10-12kph (6.2 to 7.5mph) that dissapears above and under, it seems to be mostly at constitant speed and not during deceleration phases. This vibration is not present if I just lift up the EUC and make it free spin at these speeds.
It is not unrideable but not very pleasant and makes me avoid this range of speed.
Do you think it's just the motor that has this "resonance" speed or can it be something else ? I saw @Duf mentionning something that could be similar with his 16X but I'm not sure it's the same here.

Thanks all for your precious help !

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