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  1. It has a learning curve just like most PEVs. If you saw my early One Wheel videos I fell, a lot, and most of the time it was coming to a stop when it happened. The stock XR/Plus tire is much flatter so it actually is more stable, learning on a Pint to me would be tougher from a beginner standpoint because it is definitely more twitchy due to the tire profile. Make sure you are in the beginner mode which speed limits and also makes the side to side motion a little less severe. I strongly encourage you to work through the frustration, it will be worth it. The OW riding experience to me, is more engaging and fun.
  2. Anyone that has swapped a tire on the 16X, can you confirm the size of the tube?
  3. Bought mine off Amazon, new old stock
  4. That is a valid question that I may need to ask myself, both wheels fill pretty much the same role for me.
  5. Correct I just got mine and no charger in the box, it was shipped separately, an odd choice.
  6. Getting ready for the Pint arrival!
  7. Yea that part is true if it would actually cost $400 to add the range. For me it's a non-issue since I already have the XR and I go into Pint ownership ok with the range it offers out of the box. I have lots of PEV choices if I am looking to ride further My ship date is holding at July 5th.
  8. I guarantee there will 3rd party efforts to increase the range, quickly.
  9. Yea I hear ya, I could waste my life away just watching YouTube content.
  10. Here it is, the LAST PEV Live Stream! It was a good year run!
  11. The wheel is tentatively sold! When it is finalized I will mark it as gone!
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