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  1. Yea 15 minutes or so. The 18L may be spoken for but I will let you know if it is not.
  2. Just make sure the weather forecast doesn't have rain in it and don't ride in the ocean!
  3. Duf

    INMOTION V11 range test.

    Nice, I recommend tracking it with a GPS as app mileage numbers aren't known for being super accurate. What is your riding weight?
  4. Hey all I am selling my gen 1 Monster to make help fund future EUC purchases. It has some scrapes and scratches but overall is in good condition. The wheel only has approximately 550 miles on it! This is an 84V/1600WH wheel. Selling for $1000 and we split the shipping cost. Only shipping to the continental US. I'll also be posting my 18L with XL parts shortly.
  5. Duf

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    Thanks buddy!
  6. Duf

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    I was showing 24% and 70.4 volts at end of my range test
  7. Duf

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    Don't worry when a seat is available the majority of the weight will be supported by the handle assembly which is independent of the saddle. Also I rode with all four top screws removed last night, it doesn't affect ride-ability at all as the side mounts keep it in place.
  8. Duf

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    I think this sort of a brilliant move by Inmotion, they must have been studying the One Wheel handbook. Sell a great product and then sell a bunch of accessories for it to make it even greater!
  9. Duf

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    Thanks buddy that is very nice of you to say. Yes my time on the forums is rather sparse and that is to my detriment since there is a ton of info here that is not readily available elsewhere. I need to try to carve out more time to at least skim this forum more regularly. Glad you like the V11 content! I try my best to just present what is in front of me in a no nonsense manner.
  10. Duf

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    I didn't take it off I just removed top screws to get some room. If you did it with no screws removed I would love a video because it had to be frustrating as hell.
  11. Duf

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    Haven't noticed a gyro effect yet but I have been going mostly in straight lines so far.
  12. Duf

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    You can not fill without removing the four saddle bolts up top, that allows you to push them to the side enough to get access to the valve to fill it.
  13. Duf

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    What size are these?
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