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  1. Which size clamps did you use? 40MM?
  2. So another "easy" fix would be to remove that larger washer?
  3. SO when adding the bearing spacer washer, you removed the spring washer in the process?
  4. Finn which mods did you apply to your S18? Lube, remove lock washers and replace with spacers? (and remove metal block)
  5. Everyone has removed that metal block between the tubes by now I assume?
  6. My plan is to not remove bearings just undo bolt, remove spring washers and put those spacers in. And remove the metal block between sliders....
  7. So just replace the spring washers with these?
  8. I appreciate you guys doing the leg work as far as coming up with a list of quality replacement components. I look forward to seeing what does and doesn't work/fit. My S18 wont be here for another 3 weeks so it looks like I have some work to do when it gets here.
  9. Yea 15 minutes or so. The 18L may be spoken for but I will let you know if it is not.
  10. Just make sure the weather forecast doesn't have rain in it and don't ride in the ocean!
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