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  1. Duf

    Duf's PEV LIVESTREAM, Sunday, February 24th!

    It is now fixed, for real.
  2. Duf

    Duf's PEV LIVESTREAM, Sunday, February 24th!

    Give it 10 minutes and try again..... I fixed something
  3. Duf

    Duf's PEV LIVESTREAM, Sunday, February 24th!

    Yes, what Marty said..... So no different here? https://eucarmy.com/feed/podcast/
  4. Duf

    Duf's PEV LIVESTREAM, Sunday, February 24th!

    Plays on my iPhone as well?
  5. Duf

    My scooter experiences so far!

    I did not know the Thunder used a different wheel design, that is dumb. Changing a flat on my Dualtron II Ex was a piece of cake because of the split hub design, no idea why they would go away from it unless the fatter tire makes it problematic.
  6. Duf

    My scooter experiences so far!

    I will GPS test it. Yep the wheel diameter in the controller is correctly set to 11 inch diameter.
  7. Duf

    My scooter experiences so far!

    Check this out for further consideration
  8. I forgot this category was in the forums!
  9. Duf


    It definitely is a, hey look at me, type of wheel which is appealing to a lot of people. I know tons of EUC riders whether they admit it or not like the look at me, reaction EUC riding generates in many situations, including myself.
  10. I don't think EUCs will be a transportation revolution because it is not an easy skill to learn. This ADD world has increasingly less people willing to do anything that does not provide instant gratification.
  11. Duf

    The Photo Thread

    That's a good start!
  12. Duf

    Crazy off-roading with the MSX and 18XL

    Different strokes for different folks, that's what makes the world go round, or something like that. I like Kuji's stuff as well.
  13. Duf

    Duf's PEV LIVESTREAM, Sunday, February 24th!

    ATTENTION, the previously announced LIVE STREAM for Feb 3rd is rescheduled for Feb 10th. I totally forgot the Super Bowl was on the 3rd. See you on the 10th!
  14. Duf

    Unicycle storage (holder, dock etc)

    Also have 3D printed varieties. You can print yourself if you are into the 3D hobby using Mathias STL on Thingiverse or I sell them for a reasonable price on my store. https://eucarmy.com/store
  15. Duf

    Duf's PEV LIVESTREAM, Sunday, February 24th!

    Ok, I didn't expect the original issue regarding this nor did I expect the additional, somewhat heated discussion. Let me just tell you that I had/have a frustrating situation regarding copyright entrapment and harassment which lent to my initial response to this thread being less than enthusiastic. In retrospect I shouldn't have even said anything about it possibly leading to not playing cool EUC video content because that is a fun aspect of the show and leads to further discussion. Punishing others for this doesn't make sense. So while I would give two shits if someone showed one of my videos on a live broadcast that doesn't mean others feel the same way, it's the way things are. (protecting the clicks!!) So anyway, it is a pretty easy issue for me to address. When I collect content to show on the stream I will make sure I collect links and names which I can both include when I talk about them and throw into the video description. However if that is not enough attribution for somebody out there, things will start to get spicy. In summary, I'll do my best to make sure there is no lack of clarity in the future. I appreciate the discussion and support.