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  1. Duf

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    What sort of dipshit charges a wheel and cleans it before sending it to someone???
  2. Duf

    EUC Live Stream Event on June 24th

    Don't forget to mark your calendars, this Sunday at 6PM EST, the EUC Summit at youtube.com/dufisthenics Bring your Z10 questions and anything else EUC related to bounce off Marty or I.
  3. Duf

    Duf's Z10 Experience

    My summary of the Z10 experience!
  4. Duf

    Duf's Z10 Experience

  5. Duf

    Duf's Z10 Experience

    Yea there is some brief backwards riding in a couple of the videos. I didn't want to risk any dropping of the wheel so I only did it a little bit.
  6. Duf

    Duf's Z10 Experience

  7. Duf

    Duf's Z10 Experience

    It's very weird, I felt them less during my hill testing in the afternoon.
  8. Duf

    Duf's Z10 Experience

    Based on numbers I got on this test I would estimate you get 30-40 miles per charge based on rider weight and riding conditions.
  9. Duf

    Duf's Z10 Experience

    Just wait, you'll see
  10. Duf

    Duf's Z10 Experience

    Interesting idea, I'll try it.
  11. Duf

    Duf's Z10 Experience

    You will see some hill riding in Florida, honest. Ah yes, Mathias makes his mudguards in PetG
  12. Duf

    Duf's Z10 Experience

    Huh? Where do you see that?
  13. Duf

    Duf's Z10 Experience

    I don't print in PetG normally, it is almost always PLA+ from Esun , Hatchbox or Solutech PLA
  14. Duf

    Duf's Z10 Experience

    It definitely makes slow, straight riding significantly easier than what I recall on my old Ninebot One E+
  15. Duf

    Duf's Z10 Experience

    Here is my thread covering my thoughts about the Z10 as they develop. I received the wheel yesterday and took it out some last night. It is a very "dense" wheel. It almost feels like a Monster was hit with a shrink ray that kept the weight but knocked a third off it's size. The look and feel of the wheel in person is impressive and measures up to what I have seen in pictures and videos. The fit and finish seems top notch and what I have come to expect of a Ninebot product. Wide is a recurring theme when I describe the wheel. Not only is the tire almost motorcycle looking in width, the pedals, which have been touted all along as being Ninebot One knock offs feel much wider than I recall. Even my big size 13 feet had extra space to move in and out, more so than I do on my Msuper style pedals which surprised the hell out of me. I was very nervous hopping on for my first ride which was able to do pretty quickly since Chris was nice enough to send the wheel with a full charge on it. The first few minutes in the driveway were very similar to what I remember when I first rode the Monster. Body movements that would turn my other wheels did not have the same effect on the Z10. As Chris mentioned several times, going straight on the Z10 is extremely easy because of the fat tire, it just wants to stay upright. Despite the different physics and geometry of the wheel within a half hour or so I felt much more comfortable as my body learned what does and doesn't work pretty quickly which I talk about a lot in the video. As far as power and braking I have zero complaints. Acceleration and braking was smooth and predictable. Keep in mind my other wheels are a 67V Msuper V3 and an original Monster but with that background, the Z10 felt just fine to me initially and even better once I started leaning more to bring on the power more rapidly. The wheel cruises at speed easily. My top speed during the ride was over 25mph and it obviously had a lot more to give if I asked it to. So I will expand on this as my experience continues. I have a very busy two days ahead of me with me traveling all around the county trying to test the wheel in various situations. Yes, the swamp will be one of them.