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  1. Duf

    Duf's PEV LIVESTREAM, Sunday, May 5th!

    In celebration of Easter the Easter Bunny will be giving away some used 3D printed stands on stream tonight! Also some BIG news will be revealed!
  2. Duf

    Duf's PEV LIVESTREAM, Sunday, May 5th!

    I actually started to improve on Tuesday and I'm almost normal at this point!
  3. Duf

    Duf's PEV LIVESTREAM, Sunday, May 5th!

    Yes, despite developing Bell's Palsy last weekend, the show must go on.... might be a little shorter than normal as talking for extended periods of time isn't great fun right now.
  4. You see? If I I just kept my mouth shut..... PEV Live Stream Sunday at 8PM, I'll talk about all of this in depth then....
  5. Oh I know that, wasn't referring to that part of it. It's fine, I never expected to get an avalanche of support for raining on the fun parade.
  6. Yea this is going off on tangents that are rather nonsensical, so I will discontinue my thoughts here. I think my point was pretty clear and if you or others consider that being a safety Nazi, so be it. I'll continue to point out when people are riding in an irresponsible way and most will continue to ignore, applaud or excuse it, that is just reality, unfortunately.
  7. Marty I appreciate and respect your opinion and I am sure knowing them personally makes it harder to call out was clearly irresponsible riding. I don't question their passion, I question knowingly riding in this manner in an environment that was clearly not safe for doing so. This wasn't an accident. He didn't hit a rock, a pothole, or have an animal dart out in front of him, he just dropped the hammer. He is far from alone in this type of behavior, we see it more and more with the growth of EUC/PEV ownership. This behavior is reinforced when the individuals receive tons of thumbs up, congratulations, and praise for riding at the machine limits. I know this sort of stuff goes on constantly in group rides, that doesn't make it ok in my book. If you want to ride in an isolated environment at machine limits and you go down, that's fine, that is your risk tolerance. But, when you do that in an environment where you could easily harm others that didn't sign up for your risk, I'm not ok with that and never will be. Hey it would be a lot easier for me to just shut up and roll my eyes when I see yet another example of this sort of stuff going on and not point it out. But I continue to do so because it needs to be said, even if it only gives pause to a handful of individuals or two to think more about responsible riding, it's worth it. I'm sure this will be talked about a lot on Sunday night.
  8. I agree it's great the rider was wearing good gear to protect him from the crash. However unless I missed it, why is nobody talking about avoiding the crash in the first place by riding more responsibly? Holy shit, cars on the left, pedestrians on the right and in a group ride in close proximity of other riders.... and the rider is pushing an MSX to cut out speeds. I must just be the crazy one that thinks about these things.
  9. The edict has been officially vanquished!
  10. Duf

    Latest Shipment of KingSongs

    Exciting news!
  11. Duf

    Duf's PEV LIVESTREAM, Sunday, May 5th!

    Hunka I didn't see you in there last night, Cindy was sad....
  12. Duf

    Duf's PEV LIVESTREAM, Sunday, May 5th!

    It is now fixed, for real.
  13. Duf

    Duf's PEV LIVESTREAM, Sunday, May 5th!

    Give it 10 minutes and try again..... I fixed something