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MSX 100v strange noise

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So, I have been riding my euc about three miles a day and today as I rode back to my car in light/very light misting with some water 💧 n the road it started making a strange rubbing type noise. It sounds like something wrong with an axle. It is also seeming to not ride firm and level...it was strange, is there an axle nut that I can tighten or look at? For the past 50 ish miles, felt just fine, any experts help me out? The noise started right after I hopped on, not after being in the very light rain, more like mist.

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Have you opened the side panels to see if anything looks weird (plastic is cracked)? It might be bearing noise but that wouldn't explain the firmness thing. Just out of curiosity what's the battery capacity on your wheel? It'd be hard to tell what the issue is without like a video clip or something demonstrating the sound/odd behaviours.

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The symptoms sound a bit like tire rubbing against the shell inside the wheel cavity. Do the symptoms get worse or better when you mount or ride on one leg?

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