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Transport Stand for Any Wheels


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I have found a  bicycle stand (see below Amazon link) with a little modification, it can become a stand for almost any wheels. So far, I have used it with KS16, KS18S, KS18L, InMotion V10F, GotWay MSuper.... This stand comes with pre-drilled holes meant for bicycles with narrow tires. Its built is very solid. However, you can drill more holes wider apart into its bottom bars/legs to suit the size of your wheel. You can use it as storage stand. I use them in my car trunk to transport my wheels. They are stable and would be even more stable if you secure it with a bungee. I used to lie my wheels down flat during transport, but now I can stand them up, save trunk space and I find loading is easier too because I don't really have to reach forward in to my trunk to unload my wheels.



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I modded an old PC tower stand like this, similar to that bike stand idea, but it's already made to be adjustable.  Just the side panels needed to be mcguyvered to accommodate pedal height. Wheels with Ventilation and Adjustable Width from 6 to 10 Inches - SY-ACC65057 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B006V9AUMC/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apa_i_7TA2DbS41T1Y3

I'd remove the wheels so it's firmly on the ground though.

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