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  1. I’m glad that you like wrap. I do as well. I have wrapped and painted several wheels. The photos are mostly on Facebook or instagram because the forum platform doesn’t allow me enough space to load them here. I would have to imgur or something; which, is an extra step and I’m lazy about that sort of thing. a few points about your comment; 1. Definitely agree prep for wrapping is easier. 2. Agree wrap is less messy 3. Agree More finishes and colors readily available for the novice. 4. Agree and Disagree that wrap is cheap; at least compared to paint. A Good can of paint for our particular application is $3/$4 purchase. The last good wrap that I bought to do the same job costed me $100 bucks. On the other hand it depends somewhat on what you are wrapping. Don’t want to be presumptuous about the extent of your wrapping experiences, but your perspective makes a lot of sense to me if wrapping the side panels of an MSX shaped it. The side panels of an MSX require much less wrap, and is far less challenging to wrap than an entire 18XL; wrapping the XL is the experience that informs my perspective. A cheap wrap might actually go over well on the side panels of an MSX because it’s basically a straight surface with no tricky corners. Most wraps adhere well to flat surface areas; it’s the corners that reveal the difference. On an 18XL cheap wraps that don’t adhere well are a nightmare, because there are so many corners. I find that I’m partial to the 3M brand. 5. I have had to sand and clean under wrap to make wrap repairs also. Abrasions will show through wrap, and sometimes it doesn’t look that great. 6. Painting takes me less time even with prep to wrap an XL. Generally takes me three hours to wrap an entire wheel. I can paint a wheel in half the time; this includes drying between coats.
  2. The neoprene covers are definitely an excellent option, and I have and will continue to recommended them to riders; especially, new riders. I wish they were available when I started riding; I would have bought one. They are highly functional with some cosmetic benefits to boot. Although it’s nice that they are aesthetically pleasing, I don’t see the covers as a purely cosmetic option. Rather, I see them as a highly functional add-on to help preserve the cosmetic beauty of my investment. I will paint or wrap a wheel and still use a cover in certain challenging situations. In fact. If I personalize the looks of my wheel I might be more likely to buy a cover to preserve the new look. because beauty is such a subjective notion, the primary value of the cover lies in its functionality. Painting or wrapping has virtually zero functionality; it’s pure vanity. The cover however can work alongside painting or wrapping, and thus a more complete solution.
  3. I didn’t primer, but the paint that I used is below. Good adhesion properties. Great coverage. Pretty easy. Good luck man. I am sure that it will look awesome 😉👍🏿
  4. Excellent advice, from a man who knows the consequences first hand. 😉👍🏿
  5. DC is EUC friendly; streets and trails. In fact, the entire DMV is friendly; but, DC and the Maryland suburbs are notably “more” friendly than the Virginia suburbs. On the V-side of the DMV you will see some posted signs, and the occasional SAC (self appointed cop) shout at you as you pass. On the plus side NOVA is becoming more PEV friendly. Arlington County just legalized electric bikes on their trails. The Glydiators completed a record setting, and all around epic group ride yesterday; 109 miles in a day. Most of this ride was on the WOD (Washington & Old Dominion trail) on the V-Side; we had zero issues. Cyclists are very tolerant of electric vehicles in DC. You will only encounter a few that will show open disdain for the glimpse we give them of transportation’s future; mostly unsponsored professional road cyclist wannabes wearing sponsorship gear. Most throw us thumbs up.👍🏿 I recommend that following safety gear for riding: 1. Full face Helmet: the DH/BMX Mountain bicycle helmets transfer nicely to EUC riding. They are extremely lightweight and comfortable, and will provide great protection. 2. Hand/wrist guards 3. Elbow pads 4. Knee pads. A good lightweight motorcycle jacket includes all the padding needed for the upper torso that additional protection from skin abrasions outside EUC impact red zones. In DC you can ride any safe place that has the space requirements for you to practice. Good luck. Looking forward to riding with you sometime soon. 😉👍🏿
  6. Vinyl will give some protection from falls, but it's minimal. A friend of mine dropped his brand new Nikola today, and the fall Tore through .25" of neoprene foam. If your wheel takes a fall your shell will likely get scratched; even with vinyl covering. The difference is that you on peel and stick new vinyl to cover the ugly scratch. 😉👍
  7. Check out the Glydiators. It's a DC based EUC group that does rides all over the city. Contact info as follows: The Glydiators coordinate ride logistics and discuss all things EUC on their Telegram group chat. Connect at Tue following address: https://t.me/DMVGlydiators. The Glydiators Facebook page conmEd cats with the EUC world: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Glydiators/ You can RSVP for Glydiator events on the Glydiators Meetup page Check out Glydiators on Meetup: http://meetu.ps/c/4ckYm/DMZ1W/d
  8. Thanks for the first impressions. Looking forward to a longer term report😉👍🏿. Love the stickers on the 18L. 😆😆😆
  9. "https://www.komoot.com/invite-tour/79405405?code=km1m58-7AtpUYP73Vb6sRVbsLlK2wSo651H8Na2RE81Y3KZFDY" Join the Glydiators on Sunday, July 28th at Noon as we Invade the Southeast side of the city. This will be a 29 mile campaign that will put on display the everyday slices of DC Urbana. Don’t miss this authentic DC experience. The Invasion will sweep through many neighborhoods that include: 1. Downtown DC 2. West Potomac Park 3. Southwest Waterfront 4. Anacostia 5. Fort Stanton 6. Woodland 7. Garfield Heights 8. Buena Vista 9. Knox Hill 10. Douglass 11. Congress Heights 12. Bellevue 13. Washington Highlands 14. Barry Farms 15. Fairlawn 16. Capitol Hill Southeast The Glydiators coordinate ride logistics on Telegram. T-gram allows live geolocation to aid ride coordination. Live location is helpful for those who want to join the ride at various points due to time constraints, device limitations, or for other reasons. We encourage everyone who rides with us to download the app and join the Glydiator chat at Glydiators https://t.me/DMVGlydiators. There will be two opportunities to stop and recharge at the Anacostia Art Center at the 12, and 22 mile mark for those who may need it along the route. The place has ample outlets and comfortable seating spaces. For those who may join us at various points along the route we will pass through, or near the following Metro Stations: 1. Gallery Place (Start/End point) 2.Metro Center 3. McPherson Square 4. Farragut North 5. Farragut West 6. Smithsonian 7. L'Enfant Plaza 8. Federal Center SW 9. Waterfront 10. Navy Yard 11. Anacostia 12. Congress Heights 13. Potomac Avenue 14. Eastern Market 15. Capitol South 16. Federal Triangle 17 Judiciary Square 18. Archives-Navy Memorial/Penn Quarter 19. Union Station Check out the Komoot Map link for route details. RSVP on meetup. Check out this Meetup with Glydiators http://meetu.ps/e/GZTv6/DMZ1W/d
  10. @DaveSignal don't worry about destroying the wheel. It can handle a lot of abuse. Everything you are describing is a normal part of the learning experience. Usually, in the beginning we overcompensate with our hips by swinging them left or right to correct falls; especially, when we experience any wobble or vacillation of the wheel. This actually causes you to fall. Eventually, we discover that the best way to correct when learning is actually by straightening the hips, and micro-adjusting the pressure on the feet. This keeps the body relaxed and straight while allowing the wheel to self-correct. If you stay 👆 upright, then the wheel will seek to do the same thing. If you are throwing your hips left and right then the wheel will follow your hips and become unsteady. Don't know if I have clarified anything that actually helps you. This is really one of those: "I can show you better than I can tell you scenarios."
  11. Thanks @meepmeepmayer. @DaveSignal The DC Glydiators are local, and we have a Baltimore chapter headed by @JBinBalt. You can follow and join our events on Meetup at: Check out Glydiators http://meetu.ps/c/4ckYm/DMZ1W/a on Meetup http://meetu.ps/c/4ckYm/DMZ1W/a You can follow up to the minute happenings, and connect with riders in DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York on our Telegram Chat at: t.me/DMVGlydiators you can find us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Glydiators/?ref=share Telegram is an awesome place to link up with someone in Baltimore, or if you have the time we can meet up in DC and spend some time getting you acquainted with your wheel. Soon you will be joining our group rides which occur weekly.
  12. I shipped the 18L to and from France as a personal item. The round-trip literally costed me the price of another wheel. I call it my 18L the most expensive EUC on earth for that reason. My recommendation regarding shipping a wheel to Europe for personal use is don't do it; Muito Cara.
  13. UP SLIGO CREEK WITHOUT A PADDLE Join the Glydiators on Sunday August 4th, at 12pm as we find ourselves Up Sligo Creek without a Paddle. This exciting campaign combines the thrill of street riding with the fun of the DC trail system network. For the street ride portion of the campaign we begin in Chinatown, and head uptown to downtown Silver Spring (DSS). In Silver Spring we will rehydrate and rest. From DSS we head back down to the DMV's core via Sligo Creek Trail. Be ready to experience some of the most beautiful and scenic trail pathways in DC's entire trail system in the DMV. The campaign encompasses 30 miles in total, and passes through or near close to 50 neighborhoods in and around the city. follow the Komoot Map link for route details. "https://www.komoot.com/invite-tour/79607301?code=u1wdth-rsjZpEOL8YtZfrWGzvIhkYNENU7aFbRJFMBKLDVL_WQ" Neighborhoods/towns 1. Downtown 2. Penn Quarter 3. Chinatown 4. Shaw 5. Cardozo 6. Logan Circle 7. LeDroit Park 8. Pleasant Plains 9. Adams Morgan 10. Columbia Heights 11. Parkview 12. Petworth 13. 16th Street Heigjts 14. Brightwood Park 15. Brightwood 16. Takoma Park DC 17. Takoma Park MD 18. Silver Spring MD 19. West Hyattsville MD 20. Avondale MD 21. Queens Chapel MD 22. Brentwood MD 23. North Brentwood MD 24. Cottage City MD 25. Mount Ranier MD 26. Hyattsville MD 27. Riverdale MD 28. Rogers MD 29. Edmonston MD 30. Bladensburg MD 31. Tuxedo MD 32. Colmar Manor MD 33. Fort Lincoln 34. Kenilworth 35. Eastland Gardens 36. Mayfair 37. Benning 38. Carver/Langston 39. Kingman Park 40. Fort Dupont 41. Greenway 42. Barney Circle Hill 43. DuPont Park 44. Fairlawn 45. Randle Highlands 46. Anacostia 47. Navy Yard 48. Capitol Hill 49. East End For those wishing to join the route after the ride commences. Use Telegram Live location to locate one position and intercept. 1. Gallery place (start/Finish) - Red Line 2. Metro Center - Red Line 3. McPherson Square - Orange/Blue Line 4. Mount Vernon Square - Convention Centre - Green/Yellow Line 5. Shaw - Howard University 6. U Street/African AmericanCivil War Memorial/Cardozo 7. Columbia Heights 8. Georgia Avenue - Petworth 9. Takoma Park - Red Line 10. Silver Spring - Red Line 11. West Hyattsville - Green Line 12. Deanwood - Orange Line 13. Minnesota Avenue - Orange Line 14. Anacostia - Green Line 15. Navy Yard - Green Line 16. Potomac Avenue - Orange/Blue Line 17. Eastern Market - Orange/Blue Line 18. Capitol South - Orange/Blue Line 19. Federal Center SW - Orange/Blue Line 20. Union Station - Red Line 21. L'Enfant Plaza -Green/Yellow. Orange Blue Lines 22. Smithsonian - Orange/Blue Line 23. Federal Triangle - Orange/Blue Line 24. Archives Navy Memorial - Green/Yellow Line RSVP on Meetup Check out this Meetup with Glydiators
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