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  1. KS18XL for sale 1,800 USD Brand new, unused, parts include: • All outer shell pieces • LED strips and lenses • Upgraded stronger white plastic inner frame • Upgraded lift sensors for new white plastic inner frame • Trolley handle extensions • Mud flaps and bracket • Upper pads • Tire • Inner tire tube Sale also includes: 1. upgraded large American size KingSong Pedals 2. two KingSong chargers 3. 3D printed EUC stand 4. Resurfaced and repainted trolley handle, and Large-sized pedals. Note: *Resurfaced, indicates that the items were sanded, body filled, then primed (three coats), painted matte black (three coats), and satin clear coated (three coats) for a total of nine coats of paints. They look brand new from KingSong. The seller of this wheel is someone in the EUC community that suffered an EUC related, career ending permanent injury. Likelihood of ever riding an EUC again is very slim. Sound off, If you are looking for a used 18XL in excellent shape, or know of anyone. Don’t miss out on this excellent wheel. The forum limits my ability to post photos so to see them visit: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Glydiators/permalink/1647305345411960?sale_post_id=1647305345411960&sfns=mo you can also visit: t.me/GlydiatorsAds
  2. You can definitely refurbish you existing shells. As @Mimetic Polyalloy has stated, I have wrapped several wheels, and painted mine. I will soon be sanding and painting my 18XL once again, because I am curious to try 2k clear coat; I’ve heard great things. You can purchase new shells (Cap, and two outer shells) from your dealer or directly from the manufacturer. They are not very expensive. Good luck.
  3. I can’t say that I have “needed” to go over the 31 my 18XL allows; but, I have certainly “wanted” to on many occasions; a kinky new lust that must be sated. 😂😂😂😂
  4. If you don't care about speed then I see no advantage in a Gotway wheel for you over a Kingsong. Should your need for speed increase at some point in the future you will want a Gotway wheel, because it's your only choice for more speed than a Kingsong wheel offers.
  5. Join the Glydiators local chat on Telegram: t.me/DMVGlydiators If you are looking for a used wheel there are several members with them.
  6. “What’s happening CC? They say you jive and games, and can’t be changed; but, on on the positive side you’re my piece of the rock and I love you CC. Can ya dig it?” - George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic https://www.komoot.com/invite-tour/89760131?code=ielmib-KLr9XsOhHQvhzFT1p9ai6Thk4hgoEB7Kis3PujnkvvI Glydiators! It’s time to take another bite of CC. Do we ever get enough? Nah! Join us on Saturday September 21@1 PM. We will meet inside the Capital One Bank/Peet’s Coffee on the southwest corner of the intersection at 7th & H Street NW. Please be advised that Google maps does not yet recognize this very new location as a destination; but, trust it is there. For reference: the Starbucks is on the Northwest corner of the same intersection, and the Chinatown Archway straddles the northeast and southeast corners of the intersection. Again, We will meet at 1 pm and pull out at 1:30 pm. The Glydiators use Telegram to coordinate route logistics. We also use Telegram’s geolocation feature to share live our location. If you plan on joining us on a ride downloading Telegram onto your mobile device will make life a lot easier on ride day. If you haven’t yet downloaded Telegram please do so, and connect with the Glydiators Chat at: t.me/DMVGlydiators Join us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Glydiators/?ref=share THE RIDE EUCruise through DC on a 30 mile campaign that is sure to get the blood pumping. CCEUCruise will connect with 22 Subway Stations and passing through +19 neighborhoods as it snakes through the NW side of the city. We will make a charging stop in Friendship Heights; Chevy Chase Pavilion Starbucks to refuel and chill. For those who want to stick around after the ride we can head to the DC wharf and Mash-off on the Chesapeake Bay’s delectable bounty, drinks, etc. 1. Gallery place 2. Metro Center 3. Foggy Bottom 4. DuPont Circle 5. Woodley Park Zoo 6. Cleveland Park 7. Vaness UDC 8. Columbia Heights 9. Georgia Avenue Prtworth 10. U Street/AACWM/Cardozo 11. Shaw/Howard University 12. Brookland 13. Rhode Island Avenue 14. NoMa 15. Union Station 16. Stadium Armory 17. Navy Yard 18. SW Waterfront 19. Smithsonian 20. Federal Triangle 21. L'Enfant 22. Archives/Navy Memorial Neighborhoods 1. Chinatown 2. Foggy Bottom 3. Georgetown 4. Adams Morgan 5. Woodley Park 6. Cleveland Park 7. University Park 8. Petworth 9. Columbia Heights 10. Logan Circle 11. Shaw 12. Downtown 13. Cathedral Heights 14. Vaness 15. Garfield Heights 16. Friendship Heights 17. Chevy Chase 18. Tenleytown 19. DuPont Circle And more........ Check the Komoot map for route details, and be sure to rsvp on Meetup. See ya there. Join me at Chocolate City EUCruise http://meetu.ps/e/H89Sq/DMZ1W/a http://meetu.ps/e/H89Sq/DMZ1W/a
  7. Yes there is indeed. Come join us Saturday the 21st of September for Chocolate City EUCruise; details below.
  8. Turns out that I am unable to physically make the journey this time, but I am thrilled that this event is happening, and I am there in spirit 😉👍🏿
  9. Once a Glydiator always a Glydiator. We miss you E. 😉👍🏿
  10. Well now, We’ve certainly entertained some wild speculations on this one together; haven’t we? 😂😂😂😂
  11. I’m glad that you like wrap. I do as well. I have wrapped and painted several wheels. The photos are mostly on Facebook or instagram because the forum platform doesn’t allow me enough space to load them here. I would have to imgur or something; which, is an extra step and I’m lazy about that sort of thing. a few points about your comment; 1. Definitely agree prep for wrapping is easier. 2. Agree wrap is less messy 3. Agree More finishes and colors readily available for the novice. 4. Agree and Disagree that wrap is cheap; at least compared to paint. A Good can of paint for our particular application is $3/$4 purchase. The last good wrap that I bought to do the same job costed me $100 bucks. On the other hand it depends somewhat on what you are wrapping. Don’t want to be presumptuous about the extent of your wrapping experiences, but your perspective makes a lot of sense to me if wrapping the side panels of an MSX shaped it. The side panels of an MSX require much less wrap, and is far less challenging to wrap than an entire 18XL; wrapping the XL is the experience that informs my perspective. A cheap wrap might actually go over well on the side panels of an MSX because it’s basically a straight surface with no tricky corners. Most wraps adhere well to flat surface areas; it’s the corners that reveal the difference. On an 18XL cheap wraps that don’t adhere well are a nightmare, because there are so many corners. I find that I’m partial to the 3M brand. 5. I have had to sand and clean under wrap to make wrap repairs also. Abrasions will show through wrap, and sometimes it doesn’t look that great. 6. Painting takes me less time even with prep to wrap an XL. Generally takes me three hours to wrap an entire wheel. I can paint a wheel in half the time; this includes drying between coats.
  12. The neoprene covers are definitely an excellent option, and I have and will continue to recommended them to riders; especially, new riders. I wish they were available when I started riding; I would have bought one. They are highly functional with some cosmetic benefits to boot. Although it’s nice that they are aesthetically pleasing, I don’t see the covers as a purely cosmetic option. Rather, I see them as a highly functional add-on to help preserve the cosmetic beauty of my investment. I will paint or wrap a wheel and still use a cover in certain challenging situations. In fact. If I personalize the looks of my wheel I might be more likely to buy a cover to preserve the new look. because beauty is such a subjective notion, the primary value of the cover lies in its functionality. Painting or wrapping has virtually zero functionality; it’s pure vanity. The cover however can work alongside painting or wrapping, and thus a more complete solution.
  13. I didn’t primer, but the paint that I used is below. Good adhesion properties. Great coverage. Pretty easy. Good luck man. I am sure that it will look awesome 😉👍🏿
  14. Excellent advice, from a man who knows the consequences first hand. 😉👍🏿
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