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  1. Sounds to me like you started the update and didn't let it finish. So everytime you turn on your wheel it's trying to finish. IMO you should: 1. If you are using the old KS app. interface, upgrade to the new version 2. Complete FW upgrade functions to v1.12. I would advise this despite the horror stories that have been blown. way out of proportion; I am referring to the reports about it bricking wheels and what not. Everybody in my crew has upgraded; that is about seven or eight 18L/XLs. Not one has had any issues with the upgrade. In fact, I was the only one who had an issue that resulted from me failing to recalibrate the wheel after upgrading to v1.12; my wheel was riding real dopey. I recal'd it and no further issues; felt stronger than before the upgrade. 3. After successfully upgrading to. v1.12. recalibrate the wheel. It will fix a bunch of functions; prevent. vibrating, overheating, wheel lockup. etc
  2. Lutalo

    I got my KingSong KS18L stolen

    Glad to hear that someone returned your wheel. What a happy ending to a sad story.
  3. Lutalo

    Washington, DC

    DC Glydiators and DC ESk8 present the Hickey Hill Thrill Campaign. Don't want to miss this one. Sunday, April 28th 12pm Whole Foods 2201 I Street NW, Washington, DC. NPR will be covering our ride.. There will be a journalist and videographer following us along our route by car to capture the ride. This is part of a spread they are doing on alternative transpo in DC. Don't miss it. Click the link above for more info and to see the route map.
  4. Lutalo

    EUC Generations

    @RichieV This is awesome. It might be cool to add year ranges and go full blown timeline
  5. Lutalo

    Gotway Nikola EUC.NYC Post-Demo Impressions

    Thanks for the review man. Very interesting points.
  6. Lutalo


    The Raven rides again. 😁👍
  7. Lutalo


    If I could just learn départ sauté I would feel like a true OG.
  8. Lutalo

    N00b: Z10 VS 18XL and where to buy?

    Of course man
  9. Lutalo

    N00b: Z10 VS 18XL and where to buy?

    right my second alarm is set at 29 mph. My third is in proximity to 31 followed closely by the limit. I usually back off the throttle at the second beep. If I want to cruise fast I usually hover between 1st (26 mph) and 2d audible warnings. I use the first warning to alert me to go faster, and the second warning alerts me to slow down.
  10. Lutalo


    That lumpy meat is sexy don't you think?
  11. Lutalo


    Cool thanks man. If you follow me on the forum it will alert you when I post on this thread.
  12. Lutalo


    I bought the white because I knew I would wrap it. The rubberized surface of the matte Black is a more difficult adhesion surface when it comes to initial tack. You just need a heat gun or blow dryer (heat gun for hair) to heat the surface and help along the adhesion curing. Others have wrapped black vinyl and it came out just fine. I have learned that leaving it attached to wrap the surface, and removing the outer shells to tuck is better. Wrapping Shellcap 1. Remove tote handle and fully retract trolley stems 2. Remove outer shells 3. Begin in the center and work your way out heating, pulling, and flattening the vinyl until wrinkles are removed from the wrapping surface. 4. Tuck, heat, and cut the vinyl where the wrap will be covered when the outer shells are attached. Outer Side Shells 1. Attach the shells to the wheel using only the two screws to go into the center of the LED cap; one center screw in each Empty LED valley. 2. With the wheel laying down begin wrapping the outer shell; heating and pulling as necessary to remove wrinkles and bubbled vinyl. 3. Repeat process on opposite she'll. 4. Remove the two screws holding the shell to the body. 5. Tuck, heat, cut neat edges. 6. Reattach outer shells, LED strips, 7. Reattach handle 8. Check operation of trolley mechanism. 9. Check operation of LEDs 10. Sweep the heat gun over the surface one last time, and she's all finished. You don't really need a professional; just time and patience. Should take a couple of hours for a newbie to finish the job. You get faster and better each time you do it. Hope this helps.
  13. Lutalo


    A new look is a good plan; especially, to kill that new wheel bug. A wrap is a good coping mechanism for the pain of delayed gratification.
  14. Lutalo


    Thank you. I will actually be rewrapping the entire wheel soon; same color. I am aiming for a more professional job. I have learned a few tricks since I first wrapped it, and I want to try them out. New wrap should arrive sometime today; according to the tracking info. I will post photos of the process.
  15. Lutalo

    Washington, DC

    Awesome! Because that was me last weekend.