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  1. Lutalo

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    Hunka B. It's more than a feeling. If you don't get back on your round horse you are a wimp.
  2. Lutalo

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    Congrats dude. Enjoy. Mine should arrive on Saturday. It's cold as heck in DC as well so I am in no hurry for a long range test; bang that out this spring. Given the winter predictions for the DMV it's going to be a long one. So, it will probably be May before I overcome the 200km limitation. I am in no hurry since riding the 18L has closely acquainted me with the dynamics of this wheel, and since winter must run its natural course. In the end, I don't expect it to be very different from the 18L I currently ride. I am sure that I will love the 18XL for all the same reasons that I love the 18L. I basically expect it to be what it is; an 18L with 50% more range. However, I am certain that you, coming from a KS16S are having quite the experience adjusting. You are going to love your XL. it won't be as quick as your 16S, but it will be faster and will feel better going faster than your previous wheel. The 18L/XL is a very stable wheel at speed. I have yet to experience any wobbles, or hear of it from any 18L riders. And the range potential. I mean, isn't that the main reason we bought it at the end of the day? 😉👍
  3. Lutalo


    Thanks for the article. It is True. He can't carry the wheel into the plane, but we can ship it as freight.
  4. Lutalo

    King Song Social Media Representative

    . You have that allergy too huh! I thought that I was the only one. Not sure, but I think that I once saw a video of @US69 testing out an 18L in Thailand with the KS Thailand group.
  5. I guess his wife decided to let him keep it.
  6. Lutalo


    I learned that a personal item owned for at least 6 months can be shipped without paying the 20% VAT. If I ship it as a personal item, include the purchase receipt, declare it early through Fedex. I purchased the 18L in Late June, or early July. Since my son leaves mid-January, the wheel meets the six month rule as a personal item; barely though. Receipts, serial numbers, declaration docs all seem relatively painless if I ship through Fedex. I will do more research and update. Even if I end up having to pay the 20% VAT I can come out pretty good because France considers depreciation in the calculation of VAT on a personal item. So, using the straight depreciation formula: total cost/useful product life I get a pretty good rate. I got a 1st batch 18L for the intro price of about $1,500. If I set the useful life at 5 years then I can knock off $300 per year using straight depreciation. That means that at 6 months old the wheel's depreciation is 1500 - 150 = 1350. That means French VAT would be $270 plus shipping cost. I got a quote from FedEx last week for $235 and a transit time of about ten days. Assuming that quote stands and I have to pay VAT I am looking at about $505 US dollars. I am not sure, but I think that they take the exchange rate into account. If that the case, I come out even better because right now the Euro to dollar rate is .88 to 1 USD. That means that $270 USD represents an actual VAT cost to me of approximately $238. Thus, worst case scenario (in terms of shipping cost) is $473 to ship the 18L to my son in France. Best case scenario is about $460 round trip for shipping minus VAT obligation.
  7. Lutalo


    Flattening a bit the tension spring helps. Also, lubricant where the metal rubs metal. Over time, it wears down enough to loosen a bit if you have the patience to live with it until then. The lubricant of course inhibits the wear. Personally, I discovered that I preferred the wear so I removed the lubricant because the high swivel resistance didn't bother me that much in the first place. My KS18AYs are a couple of years old now and the platforms have very little swivel tension from wear over time.
  8. Lutalo

    King Song KS18XL

    🤔🤔. It seems that you just need to adjust to the feel of a bigger wheel.
  9. Lutalo

    Msuper X panel screws size?

    Most likely. Thankfully, replacements are easy to come by. 😉👍
  10. Lutalo

    Msuper X panel screws size?

    For some reason the wheel manufacturers like using soft screws with heads that strip very easily; makes wheel maintenance really annoying. Like @houseofjob has already mentioned, the first I usually do is replace those pathetic screws. Be aware that Home Depot might not have screws small enough to match. In DC, I have had better luck at ACE, or mom and pop hardware stores than Home Depot or Lowe's. For my Kingsong wheels I have also ordered 100 packs of size M3 X 6mm, 8mm, 10mm from these guys: www.laptopscrews.com
  11. Lutalo

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    I would like to see some competitively priced aftermarket lithium ion choices. That would certainly impact the inflated prices of wheels. 2 large for what is basically one motorized wheel hub, a control board, and a battery pack is a lot to ask. Cheaper battery packs would drive prices into a more reasonable range while improving the equipment.
  12. Lutalo

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Hey! I like that name. Go, Hunka Genius the Accidental Burn. My bad. I meant Hunka Burn the Accidental Genius
  13. Lutalo

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    I don't need them either, but I have them both on my 18L and they are super cool once you have them. GW is doing the right thing by joining the party and adding them.
  14. Lutalo

    Yet another what to buy. Second wheel

    Lots of choices, and everyone has their favorite wheel. I won't venture to tell which wheel is "best," because that is mostly opinion and you have gotten a bunch of those already. The opinions are cool because it's what you have solicited. I will tell you what wheel I would buy if I was in a similar situation to what you have described and actually liked any 16" wheel; the Kingsong 16s. Big purchases are emotional and rational. Problem with rational is that emotions can make us rationalize anything. So for me, at the end of the day, and for my money, I let my emotions rule because they rule anyway. On the scale of buyer emotion, I trust the Kingsong more. Period. For a disposable, fun, recreational wheel, a feeling of security as a factor is lower on the criteria list. I might actually consider a Tesla. However, factor in the word "rely" to the buying equation and Kingsong is the only wheel on my list. For me, if I am going to "rely" on a wheel to commute to the place that enables me to pay my mortgage. If I am going to integrate a wheel into my life in any serious way; Kingsong everytime. Good luck. As you balance your particular priorities and emotions I sure that you will choose what appeals to you the most. In the end I think that you will find most of the wheels at which you are looking to be satisfactory choices.
  15. Lutalo


    Yes sir. I am loving the stability and just the general feel of greater control that I have. I get the urge to go out and do some wheel tricking, but the fear of getting ugly white scrapes on my brand new foot platforms usually overrides that surge of urge. 👍