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  1. Thanks for sharing your impressions of the 241 vs the 244. It’s what I was looking for since I’ve recently purchased both a Shinko SR241 and 244 for my MSP about a week ago. I’ve put several hundred miles on my MSP. Awesome machine, but more about power than speed. Given that, I intend to use my MSP almost entirely for off-road adventures going forward, and use my other faster wheels for shred’n streets. I like the vintage trial tire tread pattern of the 241, and based on most of the Motocross reviews I’ve read those riders seem to prefer the 241 over the 244 for trail riding overall. Since th
  2. There are currently 4 Nikola models in production: 1) Nikola 84 volt 1600 wh 2) Nikola 84 volt 2100 wh 3) Nikola Plus 100 volt 900wh with the 21700 cells 4) Nikola Plus 100 volt 1800wh with the 21700 cells
  3. 😂😂😂😂😂 Yeah. That tends to happen. Couple of weeks ago I was riding the Nik+ and my son was on the 18XL I looked up and he was like a half mile behind. I let him catch me. When I asked what had happened he responded that he just couldn’t keep up. The 18XL was beeping and tilting him back. I checked the app and I had hit 39 as a top speed on a stretch of road we were on. I knew that I had been going over 30 for that stretch, maybe around 35, but I guess I was in the zone and didn’t realize. It was such a nice stretch of road. 🌪🌪🌪🌪
  4. Yeah. I know very well that torque delivery profiles can be changed via firmware. I own a 1st batch 18L and 18XL that I bought when they were released, which have gone through several firmware upgrades since they were released. I have upgraded every time and for every tweak of the firmware they have done, and have noticed the differences. I love what they can do when they decide to adjust the firmware profiles. I am not arguing about whether or not it can be done by firmware. I am pointing out however that the power increase for the MSP specifically is largely due to a new/bigger hub motor a
  5. The power that the MSP delivers is more than a mere flip of some firmware switch.
  6. I think that if you want range and comfort the the 18XL is very hard to beat. Plus, it maneuvers intuitively, is very fast up to 30mph and is the easiest one of three you mentioned to commute with. My son habitually commutes to campus with the 18L or 18XL we have even though he also has a Nik+ 21700, and 16X at his disposal. He likes the combination of power, ergonomics, and overall ease of use compared to the other wheels. My opinion is that the 18XL is the best “all purpose” wheel in the sense that it is the easiest to live with. I love to speedball, so I obviously love my Nik+ 21700.
  7. I saw one today in Malcolm X park (same neighborhood) that was nearly as big as this one that this Columbia Heights resident was brave enough to attack and kill. Not ashamed to admit that I would have run and jumped on top of something had I seen this behemoth staring me down. The one I saw today was on the move, and I was on the Nik+, so no threat at all. 😆😆😆😆
  8. Eff this! What the frigg? Either my fingers are too big or the backing design sucks. Judging from the comments I have a better idea of which one it is. Time to go find my double sided tape.
  9. Sorry, that I didn't get a chance to jump on this topic sooner, but you got great suggestions from the forum members; @meepmeepmayer and @mrelwood. These guys know their stuff. Glad that you got it worked out bro. Look forward to seeing the results of your calibration when the weather breaks up top in Canada and you get a chance to ride it. Take some time to Let Kingsong know about the failure of their app to update your wheel properly on android. I always do my updates on my homemade wheel stands, and put an app-based level on the foot plats for good measure 😉👍
  10. Anyone on the forum have any experience with this WOS. I would like to gather some overall subjective impressions, objective performance comps. What EUC- related apps will it support; if any? Lemmeknowww! 😆👍🏿
  11. After having taken both the XL and 16X on numerous long rides I am satisfied that the XL is the more comfortable touring wheel between the two. Having said said that, I think the 16X is the overall more “fun” Wheel to ride; it’s a pretty cool wheel. I did 60 miles on the XL yesterday. I covered some pretty gnarly sections of paved trail and street. When riding over those sections, I found myself wishing that I had brought the 16X instead of the 18XL, but by the end of the trip my feet were glad that I had used the XL. 😆😆
  12. Not your fault. 😆😆😆😆 I need to write shorter posts. 😆😆😆
  13. The 16X definitely outshines the 18XL in low speed maneuvering; I’m pretty sure I mentioned that somewhere in my dissertation length review 😆😆😆. I like the 18XL better at higher speeds; it’s just so intuitive. I feel like I’m Dancing and it understands exactly what I want to do; it gets me. 😆😆😆Right now I’m sharing the 16X with my son who was gracious enough to let me dismantle his 18L for parts in order to repair my 18XL which took a swim in the Anacostia River in Washington DC. Submersion in over two feet of water killed the Motherboard and Hub motor gyro. When I get his 18L back on the road
  14. I completely agree. I feel like I am figure skating when I ride the XL. The 16X is not quite as graceful. Both are rewarding wheels to ride.
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