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NINEBOT Z10 (or Z6) - LImit speed


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I know a lot of questions revolve around upping the speed of the EUC, for which a great tools exists @MRN76 - Ninetool.

But the other way around, are there tools that can reduce / fix / brick the maximum speed of the Ninebot Z10 or NInebot Z6 ? (Ninetool has a limitation possibility of 20 kph on Z6 I read).
And I also read somewhere that someone had a locked EUC on a  speed, but I don;t seem to find a solution (or maybe I overlooked it).

I would like to test out a 25 kph setting (and corresponding range / battery capacity), BTW 25 kph is the legal limitation here (EU - Belgium).

Any suggestions / links are welcome.

Kr, Pieter.

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7 hours ago, Trevor Phillips said:

Can’t the app do it?


it can on the little baby models the one etc...

I don't have the option to set the speed limit in the official Segway-Ninebot App for the Z10, only the alarms. Am I missing something ?


6 hours ago, Planemo said:

Can deffo do it in the app, but I have a feeling that the OP wants a more permanent, non-tamperable solution?

Indeed, a less in your face limitation tool would be nice.

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On 12/2/2019 at 8:41 AM, Planemo said:

I dont think any Zeds are country-restricted?

I 've come across some info, but maybe a French citizen can correct me where needed, but I believe that in France they are officially limited to 25 kph.
And I have seen some links where all Ninebot Z's are limited to 25 kph: e.g. https://www.gyroroue-shop.fr/boutique/gyroroue-monoroue/segway-ninebot-one-z-6-z-8-z-10-1800-w

But I believe it would be the most sensible of Ninebot to brick/lock this through software (firmware) and not hardware ...
And this by means of demand by the reseller channel (in line with local regulations), my guess.

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