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  1. MRN76

    PTR Elite max speed

    A few months ago, I badly injured my knee and elites - this is the only thing I can ride.
  2. Connect the programmer to your computer, on the board several diodes should light up and flash. Try to connect a mobile phone on bluetooth. If all is well, then check the solder swdio/swclk
  3. Solder the power on the other side of the capacitor. Check the quality of the soldering.
  4. Thank you for the review!
  5. Hey. I usually answer everyone. But not always immediately (during the day)
  6. Hello. My hands reached the elite. But I am tormented by the question, does anyone know what the maximum speed set depends on? On some devices, you can set a maximum of 20 km / h, and on some 22 km / h, but I still find it difficult to find a dependency.
  7. Disassemble the steering wheel sensor and turn over the magnets. Thereby you invert the steering wheel.
  8. My telegramm https://t.me/mrn762
  9. MRN76

    Battery 1 password incorrect? Ninebot one s2

    Hi. If there is a programmer st-link v2, I can tell you what to do.
  10. The guys from Spain made a detailed description of the program's capabilities, thank them very much for the work done! Link
  11. 26 km / h is the official limit. It is written in the native firmware.
  12. MRN76

    E+ Haven't updated the firmware in 2 years!

    E+ 22kmh P 25kmh P+ hight speed on - Maximum that can motor and battery
  13. MRN76

    E+ Haven't updated the firmware in 2 years!

    No facebook. http://mrn76.ru/index.php/contact
  14. Fee must be sent to Russia. Firmware costs 35$ USA. Sending from Russia to your country costs ~ 40$ USA. My contacts are listed on my site. This forum has personal messaging problems.