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  1. in 9bot charging 61-63v (It is adjusted by the resistor, if at you 55v - that simply unscrew the resistor to 62v) In mini about the same charging: https://electrotransport.ru/ussr/index.php?topic=47024.0
  2. trevmar, In this topic we discuss the modified firmware, with a maximum speed of 23 km / h (25 on high rubber). Firmware comes with the phone by bluetooth. Waiting for WEagle95 will make it possible to put the firmware remotely.
  3. MRN76

    Ninebot A1/S1 to S2 Upgrade Effort

    I own the owner 9bot P, the last official releases is 1.4.0, but I have 1.4.1 and 1.4.3. I skate on 1.4.3 and it is much better, I can not even hear how to spin the wheel. In other firmware there is a barely audible ultrasound.
  4. atest app version 4.4.6 and it works with all the firmware, including Swallowbot
  5. MRN76

    Ninebot A1/S1 to S2 Upgrade Effort

    in the dump editor 9bot added support for A1 / S1 / S2 Ninebot.rar
  6. Hint. Do not touch the bootloader area, most boards come with a 1.0.0 bootloader version, but rarely come across with 0.1.4 (there may be others I've seen - only these two), and it is not known how the wheel behaves after processing your program. It may simply not be included.
  7. Good. Then I will not do it. Let the ruler S2 be on you)
  8. I did a similar firmware some time ago (I asked one member of this forum and 7 more devices). Later I will add support for S2 to my program, but only I strictly scored 1 battery - 24, 2 batteries - speed 30. Displays idle time and minor improvements.
  9. Through this application, you can return to the stock firmware. Through this application, you can return to the stock firmware. The stitched device behaves more safely and to go on it more comfortably
  10. MRN76

    Ninebot S2 thinks it’s S1

    Two motors, one with A1, second with S2. Absolutely identical.
  11. MRN76

    Ninebot S2 thinks it’s S1

    A1/S1/S2 identical engines 500 watts 600 RPM.
  12. The firmware is distributed on a commercial basis. For other countries, only by soldering and providing access to your PC.
  13. More than 80 devices are sewn. the firmware is completely safe. The run did not fall, you can even drive more.
  14. I can not answer your question. Only by trying it is possible to find out.