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  1. New version 1.5, for models CEP added firmware 1.4.0, and for models Zx added firmware 7.6.0 (mod, Z6-45km/h,Z8-55km/h,Z10-50km/h), and firmware Z10-65km/h (To check for idling, not for driving)
  2. https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/10554-only-for-the-brave-russian-hack-for-the-mini-pro/?do=findComment&comment=201667
  3. Noy. Our firmware does not support Gokart Kit(
  4. New version 1.4, added the ability to flash firmware model CEP. Firmware for them 1.3.5 and 1.4.3, and for models Zx added firmware 1.0.2 and 1.0.5.
  5. You understood correctly. All limits are shifted up to 10 km/h. The only thing that I did not touch was the limit when the battery was discharged below 10% and it is 8km/h
  6. If you have a wheel z, then it is still being tested. While we know little about it, and when testers travel for about a month, if everything is fine, I will add support to the public application. If you have another wheel model, write to me in a personal message and attach a screenshot of the screen with the serial number and keys read.
  7. You are not the first person to ask to do this. But I still can not figure out the firmware BMS. I am also asked to make that the wheel does not turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity. But the main problem of many owners that the BMS does not allow to turn on the wheel if it reaches a certain temperature.
  8. @trevmar Very accurately described the problem of security. And the above the firmware, the more chances to fall, reaching the maximum speed limit. My friend, having rolled for the first time on the ninebot mini pro, accelerated to the limit, the platform began to lift him very sharply, he could not resist and fell heavily. In the old version of the firmware, the elevate was not so sharp. In our version with Alexey, it is even softer.
  9. I will make a description in 2 languages. And the second is English. I need time to translate the description.
  10. I propose further discussion to lead on another forum. He is in Russian. Please write a message in English and lower translation in Russian. https://electrotransport.ru/ussr/index.php?topic=56928.0
  11. on our forum one and members did it (Russian forum). https://electrotransport.ru/ussr/index.php?topic=48837.msg1471991#msg1471991
  12. No. They have nothing to do with it. Here, on the contrary, it is profitable for them, according to the laws, they themselves cannot do this, and if something goes wrong, they will be able to refer to custom firmware
  13. Hey. No, minipro is not supported by my program. Alexey does program for them. Maybe by the new year he will finish (Everyone hopes so)
  14. MRN76

    From E+ to P speed

    No. To change the model from e to p. I have not yet implemented the firmware upgrade to version 1.4.3 and 1.3.5
  15. MRN76

    From E+ to P speed

    Can my program ninetool. But I can only do in the evening