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  1. Unfortunately, the processor of this wheel is closed from reading, and I do not have a binary firmware file. I was looking for who can get the firmware, but the searches were unsuccessful.
  2. I have almost all the elite firmware
  3. Yes. Version 7.6.5 Sorry, I rarely go to this forum.
  4. Version 7.6.5 (Base 1.0.7)Battery <10% 8-> 15Battery <20% 15-> 20No auto power off 10 minutesThe speed Z10 Z8 in unlimited mode is set by the limit x * 6Z6 speed in unlimited mode is set by the limit x * 5The speed of all models in limited mode is set by the limit x * 2 PS. So far I have mixed up the models Z8 and Z6 in places, but you can already use it. http://mrn76.ru/NineToolBeta_2.2.6.rar
  5. firmware 1.4.3 has a maximum limit of 33km / h, all firmware up to 1.4.0 (Including 1.4.0) has a maximum limit of 30km / h. This is a model P with the high speed setting turned on.
  6. I injured my knee 9 months ago. But the reason was, I drunk at night at maximum speed did not notice the ice floe. But I have installed smart bms and LG HG2 cells, and I have never had a problem with this battery (True, I have very little weight, 53kg)
  7. @yoglorfindel Check the quality of the soldering. Pay special attention to pin reset.
  8. Hello. Rollback to firmware 1.1.7. so all at your own risk. http://mrn76.ru/NineTool.rar (bet beta 2.2.0) For firmware, you need the version to be higher than 1.4.0 (Should work with 1.4.0 1.4.1 1.5.5 1.6.0 1.6.2 1.6.5) Connect to the device, enter Enter 117 for the text space and press Flash FW
  9. For bluetooth can not be considered sound, only to record. But I counted the original sounds with the help of the programmer. I'll post them later. Now I am busy with other work.
  10. https://github.com/berghauz/wnb-slicer
  11. Not. Code 1 for all firmware. Yes.
  12. Wheel you do not hurt. Even if you write the wrong data into the sound memory cell, you can record another sound through my program. In the most extreme case, I posted a dump of the chip, and it can be written by the programmer. Unfortunately, I don’t have a wheel and therefore I cannot check custom sounds.
  13. I have already done a tool that can upload *.wnb files. Look at the link that I sent. It says how the file header is made and how to load it into the wheel.
  14. Only I will write in this forum in Russian. It is hard for me to translate it into English, so I will not describe it in a foreign forum. https://electrotransport.ru/ussr/index.php?topic=58686
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