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INMOTION SCV Bluetooth (updated app android 7.4.3)


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1. support for inmotion V8F

2. support for inmotion P3

3. Fixed some bugs.

download on google play

Do you feel any specific improvement?

Did it help you with connecting problems?

By setting the unicycle calibration or crashing the application?

Offers now 2.2.10 firmware for all V10F riders? (im on 2.2.10 alredy i cant test this)

The only thing I noticed is the change of icons.
 Again the fan icon still does nothing. Only once when the fan was spinning very fast I turned it off with the icon. But to allow the fan to turn on preventively before climbing or mountain does not work like this and I'm afraid that I turned off the fan forever.

Just came to us a wave of very cold weather and I had no opportunity to try in practice.


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I hope Inmotion fixed their issues with connecting to android 8.0 or later (and Samsung phones) but I guess I will find out when my V10f arrives next week (hopefully). 

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I dont know about android 8 issue maybee is something related to BT power saving try check that(phone batery save behavior). On my galaxy S7(android 7) and S5 (android 6) app work excelent and conect always. On lenovo A6000 (i try android 4,4/5.1 /6)  BT never conect with my V10F both app inmotion app and whellog(euc world).

Unventor  you own strogner whells i strongly recomend you use wheelog(euc world) set current alarm around 29A -32A to know when stop push "that" hard (after alarm trigers little slow acceleration) .Here is realy strong safety features you can be frustrated and angry if you hear "please get off". Maybee is only my case i am 115Kg heavy/fat. No app = no alarm = no fun on my V10F.

i use comfort mode 100% footboard sensivity and 40kmh speed limit in app( i still try find my best).

You can use Euc World app and set 45kmh wheel is more agile is like overclocking.

I never ride on whell limit im not speed demon my ride is speed is typicaly 16-26 km/h  i like climb inclines ride slaloms im sidewalk rider (i must is trafic rule for EUC in czech republic).

After i start using whellog (euc world) alarm  i never have overload "problems" anymore. And overheat is imposibble here temperature is around 6 Celsius  last 3 weeks :facepalm:.

Dont forget calibrate wheel when need (or after change settings spd etc) if you feel in turn some tilt (front or back) stop and calibrate V10F is super stable after good calibration and pedals keep level excelently.   

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@DjPanJan thanks for your input.👌

In general I don't ride aggressively and me being slightly lighter 81kg or about 90kg geared up like in my profile picture, I doubt I have that big issues with overload or cut outs.

Here in Sweden we ride as bicycles but top speed is only 20kmh....but I have never been stopped yet. Only once 50m from the door inside a mall. 🙄

It seems I am receiving my V10f on Friday. It finally started to move on the tracking info. 😀

But ever so typical it is raining here on the weather forecast for Friday 🌧️🤧😢

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