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  1. iOS user here. Cannot Conner to V8 whatsoever after the update. Sad
  2. Two days ago the Bluetooth connection was totally fine until today. I saw the app was updated to adapt V8f but I had no way to connect neither my V8 nor My girlfriend’s now. The iOS version is 13.2.2 and I tried every thing, restart Bluetooth, restart phone, reinstall app, restart V8, etc. None worked. But what surprised me is that my old iPhone with iOS 13.0 could easily connect to phone just like it’s supposed to. Is it just me or it happens to every V8 user? Any solutions?
  3. I'm so surprised how more EUC riders in Philly than I thought. I've been riding EUC since 2014 and until today I only saw 2 people riding it lol. I'm trying to convince people around me join the EUC world. Don't wanna be the solo rider. I'll certainly join the next group meet if possible.
  4. So I did my research and it seems Aria XD4 is the best one for wearing eyeglasses, but the $500 price scared me off. Any recommendations that can make wearing eyeglasses with a helmet no longer a suffer with a cheaper price? Any thing is appreciated.
  5. That's what I wanna do. But the reality is where I live is so populated and its almost inevitable to meet those idiots. so sad.
  6. idk about New Yorkers but probably yea. Usually when I ride on the street and someone has to yell at me to stop and answer their questions I pretend I did not hear them and lean forward as much as possible to avoid any potential conflicts.
  7. Because sidewalks in Philadelphia are crowded and are full of potholes. Especially when we have these rude and mentally ill people all around the place, so riding on roads with cars like what cyclist always do is way safer IMO.
  8. My girlfriend likes to ride on sidewalks because she is afraid to riding on the roads with cars, which increases the chances that we encounter these mentally ill ppl. She doesn’t understand it’s much safer to ride like a cyclist
  9. Maybe it really is the time we update our slow ass V8 to a better wheel
  10. OK this is my 2nd time whining about rude people here. So tonight I rode my V8 with my girlfriend on the road and there was a guy walking towards us. And when we were getting close that madafaka jumped out and tried to scare us. My wheel wobbled a bit but luckily me nor my girlfriend fell off. Fortunately we were not so fast, like 15mph, but imagine if we were at 25mph and a guy jumps out and scare you and you fell n get hurt. I mean what kind of people want to scare the EUC people? idk wtf is wrong with them. I have encountered this kind of people for so many times in Philly. maybe EUCs are really rare to see in this city and they are curious. But instead of asking nicely they decide to scare people like that. REALLY?
  11. I own a German shepherd(75lbs) and an Alaskan Malamute(100lbs), both are relatively large dogs. I have no problem walking, or wheeling them with my EUC. You'll find it is surprisingly stable when you pull the dog and they will get tired and slow down in 1 mile.
  12. It seems a good solution. Maybe I'll buy some scary ass motorcycle gears to scare people away
  13. what would you say to refuse them? simply say no? I got cursed for so many times just because I said no
  14. So I live in Philadelphia, and almost every time I ride my V8 on streets I got yelled and stopped sometimes by the pedestrians. Most of them just nicely asked me what my wheel was and I was happy to answer their questions. BUT! The most frustrated thing was I might encountered some very rude people and they stop me not to ask but just wanna try themselves. Usually I just say no and ride away but I sometimes got sweared at. This reminds me a worst experience I have ever had back to 4 years in Atlantic City, NJ. I was riding my old Airwheel X8 on the road and I tried to take a break. A bunch of drunk teenagers came out from nowhere and tired to help themselves to ride my wheel w/o my permission. I stopped them and they dropped my X8 on the ground very hard. They even intended to start a fight with me just because I didn't allow them to ride my wheel! WTF? Guys this is my first time being in an EUC forum. I learned to ride EUCs back in 2014 but I never knew anyone else around me riding it. What would you react to such behavior?
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