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  1. We offer EUC learning sessions in Philly. We can offer you a free trial session to try on EUC. If you’re interested pls follow us on instagram “ElectricUnicycles_philly” and DM for details. Thanks
  2. I just tried to do what the video shows, but I only have an ssd hard drive and the wheel didnt response. do I have to use the usb disk?
  3. ahhh I calibrated it once but didnt work for some reason. and after seeing your post I did it again it is seemed fixed. thanks!
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOKpllHpHUA as the video shows the wheel tilted back at first and for the first few feets, and after a slight acceleration it tilted forward. it just won't stay firm during the ride.
  5. I got my 16x today and was excited until I found it was not what my V8 was like. After setting up the app and password the app showed from illegal equipment to a bunch of numbers. But when I moved it around with the trolly handle the wheel tilted back and forward, not a lot, but not stable neither. and when I did a test ride the wheel just didnt feel firm. it sometimes tilted back and forward and sometimes stayed horizontally. the speed was under 12mph. I tried to adjust the wheel with the Kinsgsong app but didnt help. the firmware is 1.07 and it just doesn't feel right. anyone had this issue before? solutions? thanks in advance.
  6. I'd rather discuss with my EUC fellows than wasting even 1 sec on this kind of guy deleted his comment instantly.
  7. its odd that despite the higher speed, longer range and more exciting riding experience that EUCs/e-skateboards can bring to us, we still don't judge them, at least I haven't seen any so far. but I often saw some arrogant comments from these regular unicyclists/bikers towards us.
  8. maybe the coachmen of the horse drawn carriages back in the 19th century also looked down to cars lol. well what do I know.
  9. true. manpowered bikes/unicycles are somehow nobler than battery powered ones in some people's mind. its not necessary to argue which is better. but "these guys just don't get it".
  10. Got this guy's comment on my instagram and apparently he is a unicycle rider. don't know much about regular unicycles but I know some skateboarders look down to electric skateboards. As an EUC enthusiastic I felt a little offendedThis kind of guy's mindset is like EUC riders are not capable of riding regular unicycles and EUC is the only optionThe mosaic is for privacy purpose.
  11. iOS user here. Cannot Conner to V8 whatsoever after the update. Sad
  12. Two days ago the Bluetooth connection was totally fine until today. I saw the app was updated to adapt V8f but I had no way to connect neither my V8 nor My girlfriend’s now. The iOS version is 13.2.2 and I tried every thing, restart Bluetooth, restart phone, reinstall app, restart V8, etc. None worked. But what surprised me is that my old iPhone with iOS 13.0 could easily connect to phone just like it’s supposed to. Is it just me or it happens to every V8 user? Any solutions?
  13. I'm so surprised how more EUC riders in Philly than I thought. I've been riding EUC since 2014 and until today I only saw 2 people riding it lol. I'm trying to convince people around me join the EUC world. Don't wanna be the solo rider. I'll certainly join the next group meet if possible.
  14. So I did my research and it seems Aria XD4 is the best one for wearing eyeglasses, but the $500 price scared me off. Any recommendations that can make wearing eyeglasses with a helmet no longer a suffer with a cheaper price? Any thing is appreciated.
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