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Russian EUC covers

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8 minutes ago, jonm42 said:

Now if only @The Fat Unicyclist would add INMOTION to his supported brands list 😢

if they were available for all EUCs i would definitely have one for every EUC i own.. at least inmotion has their own covers, gotway has nothing lol

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On 11/3/2019 at 2:02 PM, jonm42 said:

Purple. Or Red. Or even electric Blue! No. Wait! I want ALL the colours!

We hear you @jonm42... Unfortunately the product that we use has a reinforced outer layer (designed to be more tear resistant) and the difference in the fabric means that there aren't as many colours available. We have also quite recently been sourcing our Neoprene with a UV coating to prevent fading - however, that is an even smaller subset of the available colours.

BUT... We are just waiting on a couple of new colours to see how they work... A "tangerine" for those liking something a bit brighter and an "olive green" for everyone preferring to blend in a bit more with nature...

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15 hours ago, jonm42 said:

Tangerine! Yes! And for a V10, please please please.

While the plan will be to post all details here on the forum as well, feel free to subscribe to our Instagram or Facebook pages as all updates will definitely make it to both of those!

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