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  1. It's all about picking your line. Nicely done.
  2. Now if we could just get InMotion on-board with this. Lets have a superior app aimed at supporting the riders, not promoting a vendor!
  3. Thats... amazing. I need to go find some speed bumps now. After a re-view, it strongly reminds me of how to ski through a mogul field: all the work is from the hips down, and very controlled (in other words, deliberate). Nice!
  4. jonm42

    InMotion V8f

    That looks pretty sweet. Decent speed and range for the size. And the weight is really nice!
  5. Well, that sure helps my resale value ...
  6. Coolness! How much would the V10F battery pack cost? And how involved a process would it be to swap things out and around?
  7. @Jason McNeil any thoughts on this please? Many thanks!
  8. From what I've been reading so far, the motherboards are the same and the wiring (appears?) to be the same. Would changing out the battery packs from V10 spec to V10F spec be cost effective?
  9. Tangerine! Yes! And for a V10, please please please.
  10. Really not liking the "clear" window inserts model. Reminds me of cheap wallets.
  11. Purple. Or Red. Or even electric Blue! No. Wait! I want ALL the colours!
  12. @Wheeler337See my reply in other thread :)...
  13. @Wheeler337whereabouts in PDX are you? I'm over by Forest Heights in NW.
  14. Well, 62 and riding measured in weeks. Extensive skateboard experience, 30+ years of downhill skiing. Still hard to master!
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