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  1. The best way to learn is with somebody else. Which is shall we say, difficult, to pull off right now.
  2. Take a break. Think calming thoughts. Try again. Rinse and repeat.
  3. If you made an ATGATT shirt, I'd buy it.
  4. Has anyone figured out how to make this work with a bicycle based full face helmet?
  5. From a message with the vendor, they haven't tested with anything but motorcycle helmets. This makes me sad.
  6. I look at the Bell Super Air R. It's gorgeous. I don't need another helmet. I look at the IXS Trigger FF. It's gorgeous. I don't need another helmet. I need to keep repeating this. I don't need another helmet. I don't. Really. Nope.
  7. Class A means that they are considered the same as a regular motorcycle jacket.
  8. Knox Urbane Pro. With or without pockets.https://www.planet-knox.com/category/mens-armoured-shirts/
  9. What sorts of helmets are you thinking of applying this tech to? I, for instance, have a TLD Stage, and am not sure it would work for me. I have asked them via their compatibility check link and will report back. In the meantime, spill!
  10. What was this thread about again? I've gotten lost.
  11. And to think this used to be thread about the S18...
  12. Discomfort < Surgery. Or something like that.
  13. Pads should be snug enough not to move around if they impact something and unprotect the areas in question. My Knox Urbane Pro is a snug fit; I can wear a regular t-shirt/dress shirt under it without worrying about getting them wrinkled up, and wear any warmth I need on top of it.
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