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EU current legal status in Switzerland (Lausanne)


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Hey folks, 

Anybody knows what is the current legal status for using EUCs in Swiss, Lausanne?

I read some articles from 2015 that you need a licence plate, liability insurance and that are not allowed to be used on sidewalks.
(Also max speed 20km/h, total weight under 200kgr and up to 2KW motor)

I can live what all that (accepting that I might get fined every once in a while for riding on a sidewalk).

Anybody has any updated info to provide?

I might move there, but I can't move to anyplace I ain't riding my EUCs.


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As far as I know, EUC's are not legal to ride anywhere in Switzerland. In reality, I've seen a couple of guys ride around Lausanne. I ride outside of Lausanne where the public is still intrigued, and where there's less police to hassle you. I've even passed local police and the gendarme (again, outside of Lausanne), but haven't been stopped. I've even ridden in Geneva.  Also see other riders there too.

Don't know what to tell you, but it's always a risk here. Or, do as I do: take a 3hr train ride to Paris and put your worries on a shelf for a couple of days.

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