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Stickers or Pringles (Chips?) - Nikola


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Hey gang - 

My side "GW" stickers are pulling up at the sides and resemble Pringles Potato Chips.  (Crisps, to be technical).  I have applied extra glue, push them down, they stick for awhile and peel up again.  (See photo - which is about 10 minutes after I pushed it down).  Both sides are affected.

In addition to looking weird cosmetically, these things are sharp and cut one of my legs as I leaned into a turn today.  

This must be happening to other folks too.  Any suggestions for this issue?  A glue that works?

I've also considered pulling them off, but the paint is sticking to them.  I could sand the spots down and paint it but...eh, more work.

I have some padding.  I guess I could cut circles and stick them on...  

Looking for some inspiration.  Thanks a lot - 


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well of course if you would like it to be permanent.. superglue is your answer.. theyre not going to stick worth a damn though if you dont clean all that junk out from under them first.. i suggest you peel the adhesive backing off of the sticker, it comes off pretty easily, clean both surfaces good with isopropyl or similar and then use superglue if you want it permanent, or a little hot glue or strong double sided tape if you dont... my thinking for the reason they peel off for absolutely everyone so easily is some sort of release agent gotway is using for the molds that they cant be bothered to clean off of the shells, hence why no matter how sticky, nothing will stick down... in order for any adhesive to have a proper chance the surface needs to at least be clean of any oils

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