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  1. That's it exactly. It's like hitting the "mute" button until the sound has finished playing, then turning the volume back up afterwards.
  2. I like my Proframe, except for one constant issue. The padding along the brow tends to shift, meaning I get a hard plastic edge sitting on my forehead instead of the cushion. It just doesn't stick to the tiny velcro dot they are using to hold it in place. I think I'm going to mod it and put a long velcro strip on there instead.
  3. By my measurement, looks like 12.5 degrees on each side. Compared to the KS-18L at 4 degrees each side.
  4. The Nikola does have the angled pedals, too.
  5. Just doing the math shows that the same riding style with 2400Wh on the Monster vs 960Wh of the V10F, will yield 85 miles of range.
  6. That is IMO the best solution, as it allows the speakers to still be used while getting rid of the startup sound.
  7. I "fixed" mine by putting 1/8" rubber mat between the speakers and the holes, and sealing it up with the same white tub & tile caulk that Gotway seems to love. Looks just like factory! Note that I really don't use the speakers, I was more interested in waterproofing this area.
  8. The arms are rather thick and solid (looks like machined from billet aluminum), whereas the pedals are not (looks like cast aluminum).
  9. Well, the pedal looked much worse from having that rod ripped right out of the side of it. The arm was fine.
  10. Yeah, had to replace the pedal and the rod, but otherwise no damage, and I hopped away from the wheel when it happened, so no injuries, either. The van was barely moving when this happened. It just decided to pull out of its parking spot right as I was about to pass in front of it. I was more annoyed with having to trolley the wheel the remaining 2 miles in hot sunny weather, and having decided to wear a black shirt that day. This was months and several hundred miles ago.
  11. Instead of drilling all those small holes, you could use an appropriate-sized hole saw. I'd also put a grille on the fan.
  12. Angle grinder with a cutoff wheel was how I fixed mine. It was so bent there was no way it was coming out.
  13. I don't hear any noises out of mine. Could it be the trolley handle?
  14. Well you could use the number of posts for each brand in the brand-specific forums to get some idea. Gotway: 27k KingSong: 22k Ninebot: 18k Inmotion & Solowheel: 12k All the rest combined: 7k
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