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  1. Seems like there is a need for aftermarket pedals for the V10. These things aren't complicated at all, somebody with a CNC could make a set in a day that would hold up better.
  2. Tires tend not to provide their optimum grip until the mold release is scrubbed off. Is the 5102 still a problem in wet after it's seen a couple hundred miles? Or is it maybe just a harder compound?
  3. As a percentage of the wheel's weight, I would not expect to be able to tell which side they were mounted on. They really are not very heavy at all.
  4. Pulled mine off on day one and replaced them with other stickers. Along with the chrome "laceration letters".
  5. Ya know, I'd be fine with the fan running at 100% speed at all times just to better avoid the issue and to make it more obvious when it isn't working.
  6. Isn't that just a repost of @chrisjunlee's board failure?
  7. Don't forget about Snell ratings. They are much more stringent than DOT. They also tend to cost more, but you can replace your helmet, you can't replace your brain.
  8. Yesterday I took what may be my last long ride for the year on the Nikola. The weather has been the usual "fall trifecta of misery" (cold, windy and rainy) for the past couple of weeks so I haven't been riding at all. What I found interesting was that jumping on the Nikola felt great, and natural. The usual "I can't get this thing to lean" response wasn't there, and it's because I didn't just get off the KS-18L a few minutes prior. It's the riding on the KS-18L that messes me up for riding the Nikola, as they could not be more different in the way they ride. If I ride the KS-18L just before getting on the Nikola, it takes me about 3-4 miles to adjust. Going the other way (Nikola to KS-18L) the adjustment period is maybe 100 feet. I do have over 1500 miles on the KS-18L, and a bit over 500 miles on the Nikola, so maybe as the experience evens out, the adjustment period will decrease.
  9. Were you happy with this set of tire irons?
  10. It'd be an interesting experiment to see if the wheel feels different without the top pack in place. Unfortunately, I actually do need that extra battery capacity for my longer rides.
  11. Yeah, it didn't save my credentials and I forgot my password. The stupid timing out of the process to reset it was more than I have patience for, especially when being forced to type on a stupid small touch screen when I've got a full keyboard and mouse right in front of me on my PC. This is more than any other reason why I switched to Gotway.
  12. I wonder if this one would actually get me my alarm settings back to the way I originally had them before I made the mistake of loading a newer version of the app and trying to change them. Does it remember your login settings when you change versions of the app?
  13. Lightest EUC is the IPS i5. Not all that powerful, though.
  14. For similar money, KingSong 16S and Gotway Tesla would also be good all-around wheels that are still pretty compact, though I don't think I'd want to carry either one up several flights of stairs very often.
  15. Really, Gotway just needs to 21700 all the things.
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