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  1. My 84V is great on hills. Haven't done trails - but if the 84 is great on hills I have to think the 100 would be even better. I second your thoughts on the cover. Loved my V10F cover - in fact I had two. If you uncover (see what I did there) a solution for the Nikola please let me know - I haven't found one.
  2. Hi - There's a guy in Austin named Michael Paolini, who knows a lot about wheels. He was instrumental in bringing me along, and he might be an interesting guy for you to contact. He's on Facebook and has a YouTube channel... Okay - to your question, you have obviously done your homework. I had a V10F and experienced a lot of the issues you describe, though I'm quite a bit lighter (165 with gear). I was always riding up to tilt-back, and it drove me quite mad. When I moved on to a new wheel my choices were two of yours: the 16X and the Nikola Plus (more on that in a moment). I consulted three people whom I consider experts and who own or have experience on these wheels and it came down a close 2 to 1 in favor of the Nikola. The 16X has more low-end torque and seems a more robust hill-climber (due to said torque). However, it is speed throttled much like the V10F was (albeit at a higher speed). Also, the firmware/hardware has been dodgy, and depending on who you talk to it's either fixed or not. The Nikola seems like a better commuter wheel...no throttling though most of the battery range (unless you set it) and lots of power. You can keep your high speeds for quite awhile, which is useful on the street and if you have a longer ride. When I purchased in October, there were 2 Nikola Plus variants - a 100V/1845wh, and an 84V/2100wh. Same price. I opted for the 84v because I preferred more range to speed. Personal preference here - want a little more speed? Get the 100V. I hit 35 on the 84v and was terrified. I know you're also considering a Monster...well consider that it doesn't come with a trolley handle but can accommodate a seat. For me, no trolley handle was no bueno. I often have to push my wheel in pedestrian areas and use the handle daily. Also the Monster is one heavy hombre (as is the Nikola), and if you have to carry it up stairs think about running your local steps with a 60 to 70 pound awkwardly shaped dumbbell and you'll have an idea of what its like. Seriously the Nikola is significantly heavier than the V10F, but I haven't had issues with the thick handle. Got used to it right away. The ride is smooth as silk, and hills are no problem at all (for me - residential hills). The 16X (I've heard) rides more like the V10F because the pedals are slightly higher and the wheel is a little top-heavy. The Nikola rides...well, like a Gotway. (I didn't know what that meant until I rode one). The Mten 3 is kind of it's own thing... I'm thinking about it as a 2nd wheel because it's tons of fun, but it would never be a daily driver. Back to the Nik and the 16X - both have 3" tires which are different feeling than the V10F. You'll need some adaptation time whatever you choose. Dude - whatever you pick you'll probably be thrilled with it. Enjoy your purchase!
  3. Hi Seba - Thank you for all you're doing for the community! I bought an android phone specifically to run Wheel Log and then EUC World - I've only had it a couple of weeks. I have registered online with EUC World but have a problem... The phone isn't "active," meaning there's no cellular line associated with it. I just pair it with the wheel on Bluetooth and go. This works for Wheel Log, but when I use EUC World I am prompted to "log in," which I can't do because...well, there's no cel service. Is there a workaround for this for those of us who primarily use iPhone and just have a dedicated Android for riding around? Either way, again, thank you for everything!
  4. A fine decal was the way for me to avoid the awful Gotway stickers.... Enjoy your Nikola!!
  5. Hi folks - Does anyone know which Gotway App LED setting is the one that displays battery level? Thanks!
  6. LZMutant

    INMOTION V20 ??

    Hi Sam - Suggest you go back and look at the threads introducing the V10F that began about a year and a half ago. The launch was riddled with delays, promises not kept, and frustrated customers. I'd suggest this may be how InMotion operates. The V10F is now a great wheel, but it was recalled for waterproofing (you can read all about that too.) No wheel or wheel company is perfect and they all have their quirks. I'd suggest that InMotion is generally great when it comes to reliability, fit and finish, but not great when it comes to timely product announcements and meeting deadlines. Just my opinion.
  7. Thanks houseofjob - will do so. Appreciate the help.
  8. Hi - Have you checked the Gotway app to see if there's a temperature warning programmed in? It could be that it hit a default temperature and tilted back. I bring this up because a strange thing happened to me today - I was getting tilt-backs at 10kph. Couldn't figure out why - so I rode back to my car in slow motion and found that while Darknessbot (my usual riding app) seemed fine, the Gotway App (which I only opened once) had somehow selected a tilt-back at 10kph. Very weird. I changed the tiltback speed in the GW App, closed it, reopened Darknessbot and everything was fine. I'm not on my wheel now so I can't peruse the setup menus, but you might want to see if something is there... Good luck!
  9. Hey gang - My side "GW" stickers are pulling up at the sides and resemble Pringles Potato Chips. (Crisps, to be technical). I have applied extra glue, push them down, they stick for awhile and peel up again. (See photo - which is about 10 minutes after I pushed it down). Both sides are affected. In addition to looking weird cosmetically, these things are sharp and cut one of my legs as I leaned into a turn today. This must be happening to other folks too. Any suggestions for this issue? A glue that works? I've also considered pulling them off, but the paint is sticking to them. I could sand the spots down and paint it but...eh, more work. I have some padding. I guess I could cut circles and stick them on... Looking for some inspiration. Thanks a lot -
  10. Hi - not to be a contrarian, but there are a lot of folks who spend quite a bit of money on a wheel before they learn how to ride and find they either don't like it, lack the patience to ride competently, or find their particular riding style differs from the type of wheel they buy. The solution, in my view, is to buy a cheap used wheel that you don't feel bad bashing around as you learn. Once you are competent, then reward your efforts with the best wheel you can afford that suits your riding style. There are many used wheels available in the private sales section of this forum. Humbly suggest you start small on a well-used wheel and then get your dream ride when you figure out what you want. Either way - good luck and ride safely!
  11. Battery talk is as intimidating to me as Calculus... I try to figure it out but eventually my eyes glaze over and my mind drifts back to simpler times of Ray-O-Vacs, AA or AAA. Changing my mindset from a 980WH wheel to a 2100WH wheel has been a big adjustment. If you haven't had an InMotion wheel before, understand that while they're really safe, they begin to throttle your top speed within about 5 minutes of your ride if you gun it. My year has been spent charging up to 100% and enjoying 25mph for the 5 minutes or so I could sustain it. Now? On the Nicola I can begin at 70% and go faster than I want to. I still find touching 25 is about the edge of my comfort zone, and I wind up cruising around 18 to 20. The Plus can do that forever it seems. Of course over time I'll should get more comfortable and my speeds should drift up, but only slightly. I still don't consider myself a speed guy nor do I want to have that inevitable wipe out be at a high speed. This has affected my charging routine and approach; and you've all been very gracious in helping me through my growing pains.
  12. Great reply - thanks a lot. Sorry I didn't take time to search. Frankly the battery stuff has always been a little wonky to me... Some folks have told me that as long as I ride all the time (I ride about 15 miles every day) charging to 100% is no big deal because the neurons are moving around... That input was for my V10F, however. With the Nicola Plus, you're probably right in that I should go to 90% instead. The performance won't impact me at all, whereas the V10F really did perform better at 100% versus, say, 90%. Recently I've read some scary feedback on fast chargers catching fire and whatnot. Without raising a bunch of speculation I was just wondering if trickle chargers were safer. Again - really appreciate your spelling it out for me.
  13. Hi everyone - Here's a first world question to chew on... I have the Gotway stock trickle charger. I also have ewheels' fast charger. The stock charger and fast charger (1 amp, 100%) both take a long time to charge, which is fine by me. I'm only in a hurry when I'm riding... Ordinarly I run the wheel down to around 50%, then charge it back up to 100%. Wash, rinse and repeat. My question for you fine folks is, given that I don't need the wheel charged quickly in either case, which charger is safer? Thanks!
  14. Cool thanks a lot. My rides are not coming close to taxing the wheel right now. I suppose I'll enter in a value of 90 and see if it ever goes off... I remember when I got my V10F and I thought I'd never ride into the tilt-back. 3 months later I was constantly pushing it and wondering about getting a more powerful/robust wheel... Just a matter of time. I figure it'll take me a month or two to get settled in. You've been a great help!
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