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  1. Cool thanks a lot. My rides are not coming close to taxing the wheel right now. I suppose I'll enter in a value of 90 and see if it ever goes off... I remember when I got my V10F and I thought I'd never ride into the tilt-back. 3 months later I was constantly pushing it and wondering about getting a more powerful/robust wheel... Just a matter of time. I figure it'll take me a month or two to get settled in. You've been a great help!
  2. Thank you mrelwood - I think I have the alarms configured separately in Darknessbot. One question - what AMP level do you set your alarm? I recall there's (more or less) a standard warning level for Gotway wheels...is it 80? I don't remember. If you know it please tell me and I'll set it as well.
  3. I very rarely got wobbles on my V10F. The more I rode the less they happened; and when they did I was able to solve it simply by relaxing. Don't know about you but a new wheel (no matter what it is) makes me more tense and more susceptible to the wobbles. Just have to practice and build up hours on the pedals.
  4. Totally understand. One thing I noticed in transitioning from the V10 is that your muscle memory anticipates certain tilt-back and resistance, and when it doesn't happen you can go too fast and then brake too abruptly; which causes wobbles and crashes. I wiped out once because I had no idea I was going as fast as I was - unconsciously I thought the wheel would push back around 24mph, and so I braked too hard and...boom. (wearing gear - no injuries.) So be very aware that the Nikola, besides being heavier and more robust, will confound your muscle memory. It also has a lower center of gravity, making it easier to ride in some ways (mounts and dismounts) and more difficult (control). It's all a learning curve. Just watch your speed because nothing will really stop you from going really fast. Eventually this will all become second nature (or so I'm told!)
  5. That is incredibly valuable information. Thanks so much! I was wondering why there was an almost 10% discrepancy and that explains it. I think I'm going to stick with Darknessbot. I just have to figure out why my alarms and tilt back don't seem to work there. I have them set in Gotway but need to close Gotway to open Darknessbot. This may be really obvious and I just haven't had time to drill into the app. Maybe there are more features when you buy it? Thanks again -
  6. Hi - I'm a newcomer to Gotway so forgive me if this question has been asked... I've searched and can't find the answer. Simply put, after a 14 mile ride today Darknessbot App reported 80% of my battery remaining and Gotway App reported 90%. Both are IOS on an iPhone X. I have input the proper settings into Darknessbot (84v, 2100WH) and the Gotway App didn't require anything as it recognized the wheel. If there's a known bug when it comes to battery reporting on either app please let me know. Since there's no visible battery meter on the wheel (Nikola) I need to rely on the App. Maybe over the holidays I'll fire up an android phone that I have that's still in the box - but really won't have time until then. Thanks a lot! Larry
  7. LZMutant

    v10F Range

    I was pretty surprised. Here in Los Angeles, the requirement to participate in group rides is a 1600WH wheel, which has the range to make the popular routes without recharging (about 45 to 60 miles). This was the biggest factor in my recent (as in four days ago) upgrade to a Nikola Plus 2100WH wheel. Love the ride on the V10F but it just didn't have the range. Also, the speed was limited (slightly) after about 5 minutes of riding at full power. Over the course of, say, a 15 mile recreational ride, I'd start on 25mph and by five miles in was limited to 22. By 10 miles in about 20. And so on. I'm no speed demon but I'd like to cruise at my preferred speed for hours not minutes. As to InMotion's claims, they're probably based on test riders who weigh 110 pounds and cruise at 12 mph on flat ground. I'd love for all the major players to get taller and heavier riders and do testing with them. Offer different expectations based on size, weight and terrain.
  8. I'm riding in strong mode now - but the weather here is still great. Just learning it now - it is built like a tank!
  9. Hey - looks like you did what I just did - switched to the Nicola from the V10F. Happy riding - and thank you for all your help back on the InMotion page.
  10. For anyone interested... Thanks to Marty, Jason at EWheels and Michael Paolini for helping a brother out...
  11. And if you're interested (will also post to video thread...)
  12. Hey AtlasP: I was choosing between the Nikola + 2100WH, The Nicola + 100v 1845WH and the Kingsong 16X. I spoke to the three people I trust the most, and they came down in favor of Nikola 2 to 1, and of the Nikola's one was for 84V/2100 and one was for 100v/1845. The two were the same price on ewheels, so money wasn't a factor in choosing between the Nik's. Ultimately I came down in favor of WH vs. speed. Coming from the V10F 25 MPH for longer than a few minutes will suit me just fine. Some things from my first day: With the fit and finish of the Nikola you'll want to manage your expectations. The stickers and letters were in various stages of curling up like potato chips. When I removed the big, round "GW" stickers on the sides, which were half off anyway, I took the paint off with them. There were areas the size of a dime that were beige plastic colored where the paint was missing. So I did what any self-respecting techno-phobe would do - glued the damn things back on! There is silver lettering along the top of the wheel. Mine was peeling off - but was also sharp as razors. It's a kind of metallic cellophane sticker substance that really cut my hands up. It was so sharp I didn't realize I was bleeding until I saw the blood on the handle. Can you imagine? I was bleeding before I every mounted up... SAD!! The wheel shipped with around a 4 or 5 degree backward calibration. I re-calibrated and made it level like the V10F, but after a quick test ride I'm wondering if I should fiddle it back a few degrees... The wheel gave me a similar experience to moving from a V5F to the V10F. It felt heavy, wide, low torque and slow. I'm convinced this is my learning curve and not any drawback to the wheel. Wondering if the backward calibration helps acceleration; and this period of learning and experimentation is a lot of fun for me. No doubt it's a great wheel - I just need to learn how to wrangle it, just as I had to learn the V10F. Last up for a quick first impression vis a vis a V10F... There is a dihedral pedal angle on the Nikola that is not there on the V10F. Think \ / as opposed to __ __ (it's not nearly that extreme - it's just those are my keys.) Of course it felt weird, but my V5F had a similar angle and I was used to it and had to adjust to the V10F. It's all a learning process, and given the positive reviews of the EUC community I'm excited to get started. Hope you are too.
  13. LZMutant

    v10F Range

    Hey - so one day last month I decided to ride as far as I could on a 100% charge. Flat ground, mostly bike path and clear streets. Not a lot of stop and go. I weigh 165, 170 or so with light gear. I got 29.4 miles before the radical tailback at 20% battery. I was monitoring the battery and expected it so it was not a drama at all. I shut off the wheel, waited for it to recalibrate the charge, then started it up and saw 22%. I drove back to my car at around 15mph and had no issues. In all I got 30 miles out of the wheel at good speeds and ideal surfaces. It's pretty much what I was told to expect. Hope that helps!
  14. AtlasP - watch out for the Gotway pads that come with the wheel. I peeled the backing completely off of mine, and the adhesive stuck to the backing. You'll need a sharp knife to get between the backing and the clear adhesive that sticks it to the wheel. Also, I was cut twice on protruding stickers. Those suckers are sharp - you may want to remove them if they aren't fixed down.
  15. Hi - So disregard that last post - I think that the app failed to boot up because Darknessbot was also open. It appears the calibration worked, so next up it's inflating the tire and going for a ride, probably tomorrow since the rest of the afternoon is booked up. One last question. What does "Remove Binding" mean? I'm assuming there are limitations on the wheel's performance until certain milestones are reached? Again - thanks so much. And AtlasP - stay tuned, as I'm sure more questions will follow. Larry
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