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Shipping Internationally


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Hey Y'all--

So I purchase my EUC in the spring. The thing is now basically glued to my feet anytime I leave the house. The problem is, I'm moving to Europe next month (Switzerland) and am having a tough time figuring out how to ship. I still have the original boxes (KS16S and Solowheel V8). The company I'm shipping my household goods with has said that absolutely no lithium-ion batteries will be allowed. It seems like airlines also don't allow it. 


Many thanks!

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I think the easiest would be selling them and buying a new one in Europe. Coming from a KS16S and a V8 there is an entire new world for you to explore in EUC terrain. Look at it from the bright side. You'll have an excuse to upgrade and won't be disappointed :D 


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As an EUC reseller, I can comment on my experience, though it may not help you too much.

First off, you can ship them, you just have to be prepared for the cost. The easiest way to ship them is by using an import / export broker. They should be familiar with the requirements for shipping Dangerous Goods (DG). They will however require the UL certifications that detail the important bits that they want to know - if you don't have these, start by asking your supplier.

Where it gets messy is that even once shipping is accepted by a company, each vessels captain can choose to decline to ship based on other DG that may have already been accepted. Sooner or later though you will get it on-board and underway. 

But you should also know that most shipping will be charged at a minimum of one cubic meter (so perhaps ship a lot of other things with your wheels). And there is also a significant DG surcharge.


TLDR... If you are buying 10+ wheels, shipping isn't too challenging. Otherwise, sell them and buy new ones at the other end.

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