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Kingsong 16s bearing bad


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1) Check your valve stem. See if it is rubbing.

2) If not mark the tire to see if the noise is in the same location 10 or 20 rotations later after turning in the same direction. 

if it is always in the same place it is likely an armature or tire rub if it moves location it is likely a bearing noise. 

3) push sideways on the wheel (down or up in the video)  to see if it gets worse. if it dose it is likely an armature or tire rub. 

The motor armature can rub the side case when warped or the bearings are bad enough. 

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I don't think that sounds like a bad bearing...  Considering the size of the bearing, that noise is much too "extended" to be in the bearing.

My thoughts is that it is occurring much further toward the outer rim. Which would mean it is one of two things;

  • The valve stem rubbing against something outside of the motor.
  • Something rubbing inside the motor (which I have heard / seen before).

I have  footage for a video resolving a similar noise in the motor.... Just trying to find time to edit it... Perhaps on my upcoming flight to the LA EUC Games???

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