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  1. I believe the bearings are bad. Could someone listen to this video and agree/disagree? Only have 1000 or so miles on it. If bearings are bad, where do I get replacement? https://photos.app.goo.gl/VZoP9nUkpW3p5mKG9 Thanks!
  2. I am visiting Denver from St. Louis next week and bringing my wheel, 16s. Would love to meet up with anyone for a ride to show me some local riding. I'm there from Tues to Sunday.
  3. Todd


    Android app question My son ordered the ips 140 and we did not do a lot of research. They guy from ips sent me the tracking number and an attached file for the app. I can't find the app on Google playstore and I am super nervous to download an app from a file. Worried about virus or malware etc. Appreciate any help as I am very much a newbie. Todd
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