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V8 - knocking noise when breaking hard


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Hi there,
I'm brand new to EUCs, have just learned to go a straight line. I crashed on the first day. It was limited to 15kph, I wasn't going Vmax and had the cover on, so IMO the crash should/could not have caused any serious issue to the wheel.
Some hours later I found that, when I try to break a bit harder (for a total beginner) I noticed a very pronounced "knock" noise as well as a corresponding feeling in the pedals.
I can simulate this by load cycling as in this video:

I don't know if it was always like that, if it suddely came or if was due to the crash, but it's obviously not normal, so I took the wheel totally apart. I found absolutely nothing which could cause such a sound. After seeing how this thing is built, I would say this hard knocking noise must come from the wheel itself, (the part where the pedals are mounted), not the surrounding enclosure, but that's just an opinion. Apart from this knocking the wheel feels perfectly fine (as far as I can tell as a novice).


I did not take the motor itself apart (due to the lack of a 21mm spanner) but watching some youtube videos, it doesn't seem like there is much in there which could cause the noise.

Any suggestions?


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