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KS18XL for sale 1,800 USD


Brand new, unused, parts include:

 • All outer shell pieces

 • LED strips and lenses

 • Upgraded stronger white plastic inner frame

 • Upgraded lift sensors for new white plastic inner frame

 • Trolley handle extensions

 • Mud flaps and bracket

 • Upper pads

 • Tire

 • Inner tire tube


Sale also includes:

1. upgraded large American size KingSong Pedals

2. two KingSong chargers

3. 3D printed EUC stand

4. Resurfaced and repainted trolley handle, and Large-sized pedals.


Note: *Resurfaced, indicates that the items were sanded, body filled, then primed (three coats), painted matte black (three coats), and satin clear coated (three coats) for a total of nine coats of paints.  They look brand new from KingSong.


The seller of this wheel is someone in the EUC community that suffered an EUC related, career ending permanent injury. Likelihood of ever riding an EUC again is very slim. Sound off, If you are looking for a used 18XL in excellent shape, or know of anyone. Don’t miss out on this excellent wheel. The forum limits my ability to post photos so to see them visit:


you can also visit:



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