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  1. Thanks for sharing your impressions of the 241 vs the 244. It’s what I was looking for since I’ve recently purchased both a Shinko SR241 and 244 for my MSP about a week ago. I’ve put several hundred miles on my MSP. Awesome machine, but more about power than speed. Given that, I intend to use my MSP almost entirely for off-road adventures going forward, and use my other faster wheels for shred’n streets. I like the vintage trial tire tread pattern of the 241, and based on most of the Motocross reviews I’ve read those riders seem to prefer the 241 over the 244 for trail riding overall. Since they are working with two wheels instead of one, their preferences might not translate all that well to EUC riding. My broken wrist is healing right now so I won’t be able to ride for at least another 4 or 5 weeks, but I’ll pop on the 241 and see how it fits since I am not planning on any deep mudding or snowplowing; just dry-to-damp mostly packed, but very technical dirt MTB trails. As far as the width of the MSP vs the MSX, I’m actually not sure if the wheel well is wider. The motor is wider by a centimeter; 7.5cm vs 6.5cm. Not certain that a mere centimeter is enough to force pushing the wheel well further apart. Nevertheless, the Gotway spec sheet lists identical dimensions for the MSP and MSX; 22” height, 17.3”/9.0” width, 19.3” length. Their dimensions report could be convenience based and satisfied with ballpark figures though. Couple of millimeters left or right might not matter to them, but it becomes an important issue for those of us who hope to not need to shave the edges of a brand new tire
  2. There are currently 4 Nikola models in production: 1) Nikola 84 volt 1600 wh 2) Nikola 84 volt 2100 wh 3) Nikola Plus 100 volt 900wh with the 21700 cells 4) Nikola Plus 100 volt 1800wh with the 21700 cells
  3. 😂😂😂😂😂 Yeah. That tends to happen. Couple of weeks ago I was riding the Nik+ and my son was on the 18XL I looked up and he was like a half mile behind. I let him catch me. When I asked what had happened he responded that he just couldn’t keep up. The 18XL was beeping and tilting him back. I checked the app and I had hit 39 as a top speed on a stretch of road we were on. I knew that I had been going over 30 for that stretch, maybe around 35, but I guess I was in the zone and didn’t realize. It was such a nice stretch of road. 🌪🌪🌪🌪
  4. Yeah. I know very well that torque delivery profiles can be changed via firmware. I own a 1st batch 18L and 18XL that I bought when they were released, which have gone through several firmware upgrades since they were released. I have upgraded every time and for every tweak of the firmware they have done, and have noticed the differences. I love what they can do when they decide to adjust the firmware profiles. I am not arguing about whether or not it can be done by firmware. I am pointing out however that the power increase for the MSP specifically is largely due to a new/bigger hub motor and not merely switch flipping firmware profiles.
  5. The power that the MSP delivers is more than a mere flip of some firmware switch.
  6. I think that if you want range and comfort the the 18XL is very hard to beat. Plus, it maneuvers intuitively, is very fast up to 30mph and is the easiest one of three you mentioned to commute with. My son habitually commutes to campus with the 18L or 18XL we have even though he also has a Nik+ 21700, and 16X at his disposal. He likes the combination of power, ergonomics, and overall ease of use compared to the other wheels. My opinion is that the 18XL is the best “all purpose” wheel in the sense that it is the easiest to live with. I love to speedball, so I obviously love my Nik+ 21700. I have hit over 40 mph on this wheel. Pure adrenaline rush. This is the one that I usually take when I want to shred the streets of DC. I also have an MSP that I received a couple of days ago. I have been having a fantastic time riding the Sh’t out of that as well. Yesterday I hit 34 and I am sure that I will go faster. I usually grab my 16X for just all out fun. It is the most fun wheel I own. Even more fun than the MSP because it behaves similarly without the weight. The MSP feels as heavy as a brick to me. As others have said all of these wheels are great wheels. Choose the one that fits your use case the best. If you are certain that you won’t get the urge to surpass 31mph then I would recommend the KS wheels. They are Easier to adapt to and more versatile in terms of fitting across a broad range of use cases. Plus, you don’t really need 100 Volts of power if you are not going to go beyond 30 mph. If you think you might want to cruise over 30 mph at some point then the Gotway wheels that have been mentioned are your best option: Nik+, MSP, or you could go with a used MSX (Or “newsed” if a dealer still has them in stock).
  7. I saw one today in Malcolm X park (same neighborhood) that was nearly as big as this one that this Columbia Heights resident was brave enough to attack and kill. Not ashamed to admit that I would have run and jumped on top of something had I seen this behemoth staring me down. The one I saw today was on the move, and I was on the Nik+, so no threat at all. 😆😆😆😆
  8. Lutalo

    Nikola Pads

    Eff this! What the frigg? Either my fingers are too big or the backing design sucks. Judging from the comments I have a better idea of which one it is. Time to go find my double sided tape.
  9. Shot of the year 😁👍🏿
  10. Sorry, that I didn't get a chance to jump on this topic sooner, but you got great suggestions from the forum members; @meepmeepmayer and @mrelwood. These guys know their stuff. Glad that you got it worked out bro. Look forward to seeing the results of your calibration when the weather breaks up top in Canada and you get a chance to ride it. Take some time to Let Kingsong know about the failure of their app to update your wheel properly on android. I always do my updates on my homemade wheel stands, and put an app-based level on the foot plats for good measure 😉👍
  11. Anyone on the forum have any experience with this WOS. I would like to gather some overall subjective impressions, objective performance comps. What EUC- related apps will it support; if any? Lemmeknowww! 😆👍🏿
  12. After having taken both the XL and 16X on numerous long rides I am satisfied that the XL is the more comfortable touring wheel between the two. Having said said that, I think the 16X is the overall more “fun” Wheel to ride; it’s a pretty cool wheel. I did 60 miles on the XL yesterday. I covered some pretty gnarly sections of paved trail and street. When riding over those sections, I found myself wishing that I had brought the 16X instead of the 18XL, but by the end of the trip my feet were glad that I had used the XL. 😆😆
  13. Not your fault. 😆😆😆😆 I need to write shorter posts. 😆😆😆
  14. The 16X definitely outshines the 18XL in low speed maneuvering; I’m pretty sure I mentioned that somewhere in my dissertation length review 😆😆😆. I like the 18XL better at higher speeds; it’s just so intuitive. I feel like I’m Dancing and it understands exactly what I want to do; it gets me. 😆😆😆Right now I’m sharing the 16X with my son who was gracious enough to let me dismantle his 18L for parts in order to repair my 18XL which took a swim in the Anacostia River in Washington DC. Submersion in over two feet of water killed the Motherboard and Hub motor gyro. When I get his 18L back on the road I will get a chance to spend more time with the new pony.
  15. I completely agree. I feel like I am figure skating when I ride the XL. The 16X is not quite as graceful. Both are rewarding wheels to ride.
  16. LUTALO SCORING THE 18XL AND THE 16X. I just finished more 16X riding; swapping off between the XL and X with my son. The more that I ride the 16X the more that I like it. I am starting to discern some differences between the XL and the 16X. The noted differences that I share are my own empirical opinion, and the result of immediate back-to-back riding. MANEUVERABILTY: The 16X feels great tooling around at low speed in tight turning maneuvers: I was spinning like a top on the 16X. The high clearance and perfectly angled FPs help you feel locked in and confident when performing tight maneuvers. I could duplicate the spinning on the XL, but the spin circumference was wider because the outer edge of the plaforms are flatter, and fear of scraping my freshly painted FPs lowered my confidence with this maneuver: no such concern with the 16X. The XL shifts direction more easily, and initial turn-in is faster, but the X rewards with steeper turning capability from the higher clearance of the FPs: it's a toss up. Lutalo score (1 -10) 18XL - 6. Benefits from easy directional shifts from 2.5" tire. Lower -height, and flatter FPs force skilled adaptations to accomplish tighter turns 16X - 6. High FP height and slightly more steep platform angle helps in tight turning maneuvers, but resist directional shifts notably more than XL in our rides. Notes: Both wheels are inherently limited by the fact that they are large wheels. Smaller, lighter wheels (10, 14, 16) will generally maneuver better with less inertia and resistance. The 16X and 18XL both have virtues and vices, objectively, they are different, but which is better will be the subjective domain of the rider, and the type of riding that is typical for them. POWER 2. The XL is disadvantaged in climbing situations compared to the 16X by its larger wheel and low-end torque deficit. My son and I did some minor hill climbing today up a steep, but relatively short Grassy slope. Both wheels made it up the hill, but the 16X felt more capable on it. It is quite easy to feel all that extra low end torque digging in to help The 16X on inclines. The XL on the other hand, has plenty of power, but you have to sort of force the power to the ground on inclines to make it dig in. I climbed a 27 degree incline with both wheels; the 18XL struggled from a dead stop, and I suspect would not have made it to the top were the slope longer. With a Running start it did much better. The 16X did fine from both a running, and dead stop. With the X you can find your foot depth and just let the wheel do the work; it's very nice. In off-road situations it is easy to imagine that the 16X is the master. I ran through wet marsh grass. The 16X did much better than the 18XL in these conditions. The 18XL‘s skinnier tire wanted to sink and get stuck, but the 16X almost seemed to float on top of the soggy surface. Surprisingly over hard-packed, rutted dirt surfaces I liked the performance of the 18XL better than the 16X because it seemed the 16 wants to flow into the rutted grooves a bit while the 18XL was much easier to steer around and through the rutted surfaces. 18XL is very capable on off-road dirt trails; however, in moderate to extreme off-road conditions I would grab the 16X every single time over the 18XL. On-pavement, urban touring and higher speed cruising is where the 18XL shines. Much has already been said about how great it is in these conditions, and I think that it is still marginally better than the 16X in these conditions because it just feels more stable and easier to control at higher speeds than did the 16X. Both wheels are near the top of the current voltage food chain. They are bested in this regard only by the 100 Volt wheels from the Gotway brand. Lutalo score 18XL - 6. Although a very capable hill climber, physics combined with current available technology for wheels limit all 18 inchers in this regard 16X - 8. The only wheels that will do this better are the powerful small wheel models offered by Gotway. I think the 16X is the best climbing large wheel available today. Winner: 16X Acceleration/SPEED: The 16X lost some ground to the XL in the higher speed, and acceleration runs we did. It has plenty of grunt, and feels very stable but the XL just felt even more stable, and easier to control and maneuver when cruising at high speed. they both had great braking when bringing the wheel down from High speed during our acceleration runs. Both wheels build power relentlessly; the 16X feels quicker off the line due to the low end grunt. However, to us the XL felt faster, and easier to control, and slightly more stable to near the top. I think the XL does the higher speed cruising/touring thing marginally better; although, both are fantastic. Lutalo score 18XL - 8 16X - 7 Winner: 18XL Note: In the Lutalo scorebook. Only Gotway wheels currently have the speed capability to break into +8 scores. Eight is as much as a KS wheel can achieve because of the relatively conservative top speed setting of 31 mph compared to the only other speed competitor they have: Gotway. COMFORT: 18XL has the big footplatforms, I don't think there is a more comfortable long range touring wheel available today. I find the 16X to be very comfortable as well: especially, with that tall plush tire, and gel pads underneath the grip tape plate; this is definitely a step in the right direction. The 10 degree angle on the FP's help you feel locked in and secure. I haven't yet taken the X on a long tour but, I'm going to go out on a limb and rate this despite my limited exposure to the wheel, I felt that the XL (which in fairness I have taken on many long rides) would be marginally more comfortable on a long ride than the 16X. Lets call the score I give a temporary, "so far" score. This score could change based on how well the gel pads do their job on a long expedition with the 16X. Going with champion rules here. The Challenger must beat the incumbent decisively in order to win. In this comparison, the 16X is the Challenger; so, For now I will give the XL the slight edge until the 16X proves otherwise in this category. Lutalo score 18XL - 10 16X - 9 ERGONOMICS, FEATURES, AND SPECS I see no need to go over each individual feature of KS wheels; it’s already very well documented. Kingsong wheels have the best ergonomics, and features in the business; hands down. Neither model carries any clear advantage over the other in regard to ergonomics. They also have the same features and specs; save the 2200 watt motor in the 16X and better sounding speakers. However, these are trickle down, in-model improvements that will probably be seen in the next batch of 18XLs.They are both the best in the business. Lutalo score 18XL - 9 16X - 10 RELIABILITY/DURABILITY/QUALITY The quality, reliability and durability of Kingsong wheels is legendary. No wheel is perfect, but no other brand is higher quality, more reliable, or more durable. These wheels take a licking and keep on ticking. Thankfully, all brands are improving, but Kingsong is still the top of the food chain. However, the 16X is a new model that is still working through some early production firmware bugs. Although I am certain that it will come out on the better side of these struggles, it is a new model without the history of the 18XL so I can not rate it as highly at the time of this comparison. Lutalo score 18XL - 9 16X - 8 Overall score: 18XL - 48 of 60 16X - 48 of 60 Overall Grade: 80% of 100% 18XL - B- 16X - B- Result: can't go wrong either one. 😉👍
  17. KS18XL for sale 1,800 USD Brand new, unused, parts include: • All outer shell pieces • LED strips and lenses • Upgraded stronger white plastic inner frame • Upgraded lift sensors for new white plastic inner frame • Trolley handle extensions • Mud flaps and bracket • Upper pads • Tire • Inner tire tube Sale also includes: 1. upgraded large American size KingSong Pedals 2. two KingSong chargers 3. 3D printed EUC stand 4. Resurfaced and repainted trolley handle, and Large-sized pedals. Note: *Resurfaced, indicates that the items were sanded, body filled, then primed (three coats), painted matte black (three coats), and satin clear coated (three coats) for a total of nine coats of paints. They look brand new from KingSong. The seller of this wheel is someone in the EUC community that suffered an EUC related, career ending permanent injury. Likelihood of ever riding an EUC again is very slim. Sound off, If you are looking for a used 18XL in excellent shape, or know of anyone. Don’t miss out on this excellent wheel. The forum limits my ability to post photos so to see them visit: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Glydiators/permalink/1647305345411960?sale_post_id=1647305345411960&sfns=mo you can also visit: t.me/GlydiatorsAds
  18. You can definitely refurbish you existing shells. As @Mimetic Polyalloy has stated, I have wrapped several wheels, and painted mine. I will soon be sanding and painting my 18XL once again, because I am curious to try 2k clear coat; I’ve heard great things. You can purchase new shells (Cap, and two outer shells) from your dealer or directly from the manufacturer. They are not very expensive. Good luck.
  19. I can’t say that I have “needed” to go over the 31 my 18XL allows; but, I have certainly “wanted” to on many occasions; a kinky new lust that must be sated. 😂😂😂😂
  20. If you don't care about speed then I see no advantage in a Gotway wheel for you over a Kingsong. Should your need for speed increase at some point in the future you will want a Gotway wheel, because it's your only choice for more speed than a Kingsong wheel offers.
  21. Join the Glydiators local chat on Telegram: t.me/DMVGlydiators If you are looking for a used wheel there are several members with them.
  22. “What’s happening CC? They say you jive and games, and can’t be changed; but, on on the positive side you’re my piece of the rock and I love you CC. Can ya dig it?” - George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic https://www.komoot.com/invite-tour/89760131?code=ielmib-KLr9XsOhHQvhzFT1p9ai6Thk4hgoEB7Kis3PujnkvvI Glydiators! It’s time to take another bite of CC. Do we ever get enough? Nah! Join us on Saturday September 21@1 PM. We will meet inside the Capital One Bank/Peet’s Coffee on the southwest corner of the intersection at 7th & H Street NW. Please be advised that Google maps does not yet recognize this very new location as a destination; but, trust it is there. For reference: the Starbucks is on the Northwest corner of the same intersection, and the Chinatown Archway straddles the northeast and southeast corners of the intersection. Again, We will meet at 1 pm and pull out at 1:30 pm. The Glydiators use Telegram to coordinate route logistics. We also use Telegram’s geolocation feature to share live our location. If you plan on joining us on a ride downloading Telegram onto your mobile device will make life a lot easier on ride day. If you haven’t yet downloaded Telegram please do so, and connect with the Glydiators Chat at: t.me/DMVGlydiators Join us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Glydiators/?ref=share THE RIDE EUCruise through DC on a 30 mile campaign that is sure to get the blood pumping. CCEUCruise will connect with 22 Subway Stations and passing through +19 neighborhoods as it snakes through the NW side of the city. We will make a charging stop in Friendship Heights; Chevy Chase Pavilion Starbucks to refuel and chill. For those who want to stick around after the ride we can head to the DC wharf and Mash-off on the Chesapeake Bay’s delectable bounty, drinks, etc. 1. Gallery place 2. Metro Center 3. Foggy Bottom 4. DuPont Circle 5. Woodley Park Zoo 6. Cleveland Park 7. Vaness UDC 8. Columbia Heights 9. Georgia Avenue Prtworth 10. U Street/AACWM/Cardozo 11. Shaw/Howard University 12. Brookland 13. Rhode Island Avenue 14. NoMa 15. Union Station 16. Stadium Armory 17. Navy Yard 18. SW Waterfront 19. Smithsonian 20. Federal Triangle 21. L'Enfant 22. Archives/Navy Memorial Neighborhoods 1. Chinatown 2. Foggy Bottom 3. Georgetown 4. Adams Morgan 5. Woodley Park 6. Cleveland Park 7. University Park 8. Petworth 9. Columbia Heights 10. Logan Circle 11. Shaw 12. Downtown 13. Cathedral Heights 14. Vaness 15. Garfield Heights 16. Friendship Heights 17. Chevy Chase 18. Tenleytown 19. DuPont Circle And more........ Check the Komoot map for route details, and be sure to rsvp on Meetup. See ya there. Join me at Chocolate City EUCruise http://meetu.ps/e/H89Sq/DMZ1W/a http://meetu.ps/e/H89Sq/DMZ1W/a
  23. Yes there is indeed. Come join us Saturday the 21st of September for Chocolate City EUCruise; details below.
  24. Turns out that I am unable to physically make the journey this time, but I am thrilled that this event is happening, and I am there in spirit 😉👍🏿
  25. Once a Glydiator always a Glydiator. We miss you E. 😉👍🏿
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