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For Sale: Kingsong 18XL (basically new) - $2,100


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I'm selling my basically brand new Kingsong 18XL (50 miles on it). No scratches or pedal scrape and in flawless condition (see pictures). I also added magnetic pedals for a seamless transition from closed to open.

Includes the 84.2v/5A Rapid-charger from eWheels and original charger from manufacturer ($150 value).

Originally purchased from Jason at eWheels August 2019 with ~11 months of warranty left on it (see receipt). I prefer my 16S, so looking to get rid of this. Local pickup in NYC only

See pictures via the following link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/184815834@N02/


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1 hour ago, Jtn260 said:

Dropping to $1,950.

Updated link for photos: 



lol you really thought you could basically get 95% of your money back selling a used wheel? Once you put double digit + miles on it expect at least a 20% drop. 

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Darrell - your response is valid and does make sense (similar to depreciation of a car once you drive it off the lot).

Re-thinking I'll bring it down to $1,800 (~20% off of what I paid) for those that are interested. Please message if interested. Thanks.



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