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  1. For those that live in dense urban environments such as NYC, how do you deal with road rage? I live in NYC and have been riding EUCs for over a year. I’m a lot more comfortable handling NYC traffic and pedestrians since I first started, but the city is still a frustrating place to ride through especially evening rush after work. Every ride I seem to encounter incidents with either pedestrians not paying attention, car doors that swing open, hostility shown by drivers who decide to drive 5 inches from me, cars who don’t signal, cars honking the hell out of you even though you’re keeping speed in traffic, pedestrians popping out between car. The list goes on... Do other EUC riders feel paranoia and anger when encountering situations like the above even after riding for a long time? Maybe I just need to get over it lol.
  2. I'll consider shipping, but prefer local buyer. I'll give it a bit more time to see first if any local buyers.
  3. Hi, I'm selling my Kingsong 16S V2. Excellent starter wheel for those looking to begin riding. This wheel has been upgraded with extra large pedals and includes the lift-to-disengage sensor. The wheel has 1,300 miles and is in excellent condition. Purchased in May 2019 Jason at eWheels. High speed 5A charger is included. I'll throw in the rear tail light pictured as well. Asking: $875. Cash Only. Prefer local pick-up only. \
  4. For those interested in modding the Kingsong 16X with Nikola style lights, it's possible. Total cost is ~$30. Parts needed: 2x - 144 led/m RGB strips: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000047969372.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27554c4d4Vnsxw 1x - RGB controller: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32981053891.html?spm=a2g0o.detail.1000023.1.6eb67bc9VwsjxZ 1x - 3M Double sided tape (enough for two LED strips): I just used some 3M tape I had lying around. Since we use a separate RGB controller, you do lose control of LED strips via the KS application. You can only change LED colors and patterns using the separate RGB controller remote. Not a big issue for me because I just set a pattern I like and leave the remote at home. There are also no issues with drawing too much current from the board. Measured current draw and it's ~500 mA per 1 meter of 144 LEDs, which is equal to the standard KS LEDs. Just don't have them on full brightness and you should have no problems.
  5. When I say seamless experience - meaning the camera is powered on automatically whenever I turn on the wheel which then auto-pairs with my watch. Simply turn ON and go. The watch needs to be charged after running for ~2 hours.
  6. Night view is not bad - pretty clear when looking at the watch. Plus if cars are behind you, you can see the headlights in the screen. I'll see if I can get a picture up in the future. I am considering modifying one of my helmet mirrors to attach the watch. If I get around to this, I'll post some pictures.
  7. Hope everyone is staying safe in the middle of this pandemic. With the quarantine situation here in New York, I’ve had some time to tinker around my shop and decided to mod by KS16X with a rear camera system. Living in a dense urban environment like New York, taxis, crazy drivers, and cyclists often sneak up from behind quickly. I personally use helmet mirrors most of the time (thanks to @Marty Backe), however this is a good alternative for my helmets that do not have mirrors. The most important points of this mod to me are: 1) ease of use 2) effective 3) cost effective. I think the mod accomplishes all the above at a somewhat reasonable cost of approximately $60. Hopefully the community finds it useful. Feel free to reach out if any questions. Items Needed MicroFPV Camera / Video Transmitter – these cameras and transmitter are used primarily on drones. It essentially delivers a real-time video feed from the camera to your display. I use a bundled unit that cost $25. https://www.getfpv.com/caddx-firefly-micro-fpv-camera-w-vtx.html FPV (First Person View) Watch / Display – this wearable watch allows you to see your video feed in real-time. There are various displays you can get that range in size/cost, but found a 2-inch display is the perfect size for me. It allows me to quickly glance and see everything behind me. I use a watch that is $45. https://www.getfpv.com/topsky-2-fpv-watch-w-48ch-5-8ghz-receiver.html The Modification I’m not going to list out all the disassembly steps for the 16X as there are many videos that already do that. Basically the mod requires you to take the shells off, remove the charger assembly, drill a small hole, mount the camera with a bit of glue, and solder it to the existing LED power. You can likely adapt this mod to any wheel as most wheel LEDs are driven off 5Vs. The amperage drawn from the camera is pretty low at ~140mA, which is equivalent to ~ 2-3 small LEDs. The schematic is show below: The Results The moment I turn the wheel on, the camera is powered on and connects automatically to my watch. It’s a pretty seamless experience and runtime is ~2 hour, which is more than enough for most trips. Installed Camera View Watch View Video
  8. Hi guys, I just received a brand new 16X and connected it to the iOS application. At the top of the screen, it displays an "Illegal Device" message along with my serial number. Has anyone encountered this and will this cause any issues? The wheel rides just fine and doesn't seem to have any problems. I've included a screenshot in the following link: https://imgur.com/a/EKuIcZX Thanks.
  9. If you are using the iPhone Kingsong app, you can click on the settings icon in the top right, hit the voice control button, and then toggle off the voice speak switch. This will disable the "please decelerate" voice.
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