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Ks16x speed settings issue


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Hi all, just got my ks16x yesterday. Everything works fine except the speed settings on the app. Everytime I try to turn it on , it prompts current usage area inconsistent with the sales area.  Any ideas ? Thanks


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9 minutes ago, buell47 said:

Did you get the app from the Play Store? If so, uninstall and re-download from the King Song website.

When registering in the KS App, did you choose the right region?

When registering I chose uk as my region

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I think I've already read the problem here in the forum, but I don't know where and how it was solved.

Try to register again and select China as your region. Maybe it works like this?

I can't imagine that KS is blocking the models that are actually destined for the Chinese market. Would be possible, because they want to stop the sales from China (AliExpress) to protect the dealers outside China. 


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3 hours ago, buell47 said:


:o  :confused1:


But the wheel is running and only the speed settings are not working? 

Did you rode it already over 10km or miles? 

No I haven't riden past 10km yet. Wheel runs perfectly fine. Just download the latest v1.07 with no issues 

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It's all done guys. The company I bought from sorted this out at kingsong and my wheel is derestricted with speed settings enabled. Im al Good to go. Ks16x V1.07 is ready to rock and roll....

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