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  1. Has anyone tried installing the new inmotion v11 honeycomb footplate on the Begode RS ? The ones from begode are over priced, the one from chicway is ugly as f. I kinda like the design for the v11 and the price is reasonable.
  2. Has anyone installed an inmotion v5/v5f handle onto a gotway mten3?
  3. Hi, I was looking at purchasing a tyre for my mten3 through Aliexpress. The original tyre for the mten3 is £36.00 however there are scooter tyres of the exact size for half the price. Anyone with the same experience?
  4. if given choice of these three wheels, which should i consider the most? Gotway Nikola 100v , MSP HS or MSP HT?
  5. hi, Does anyone in the uk have a used ninebot one e + motherboard for sale?
  6. So I was riding my wheel this morning. As I turned on the Kingsong app on my phone I was asked to update the latest V3.3.1. I accepted the request but nothing's happening. It just says " updating please wait a moment". Its been almost an hour, still no changes. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
  7. Would a hairdryer work as I'm not that equipped
  8. Hi all, I have issues with my current wheel bearing on my ks16x. I am having problems removing the wheel bearings. Any of you have suggestions is greatly appreciated
  9. Hi guys, giving my wheel an overhaul. After removing the wheel motor cover, I realized one of the sealed bearings is stuck to the axcel. Can this be removed? Tried prying it off but no joy. https://youtu.be/fCUfKgILvHk
  10. Thanks for your advice. Someone told me to use a hammer drilled kinda screw driver. I'll try that first. If that doesnt work. I'll use your method
  11. Hi guys, I noticed my wheel vibrates constantly when I accelerate and slowdown. Some riders pointed out it could be loose screws that hold the wheel to the body, after in depth research, I realized it was something to do with the axle that holds the motor. I'm trying to remove the footplate hanger but am unsuccessful. Could you help me here with some advice as the nuts that hold the footplate hanger is soooooo freakin tight.
  12. Thank you soooooo much. You're right it is the sensor. Where about is the sensor located? I was washing my wheel. I think its wet. Wonder if I use a hair dryer will it work?
  13. Hi guys, tried turning on my wheel . It turns on but doesn't balance . Anyone has any ideas? Is it difficult to open up this wheel ?
  14. Think the v10f has a 2000w motor and the v10 is 1800w motor
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