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KS16S Zero Battery, Won't Charge


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The KS app keeps crashing on him, so I've asked him to install WheelLog and see if he can get a connection that way.

For now all I can say repeat what he told me:

> Ran his wheel down to zero battery (tilt-back occurring at lows speeds coming up a hill).
> Connects charger and the LED stays green, rather than turning red to indicate that charging is occurring.

It can't be completely zero, because it seems to balance itself but tilt back immediately if he tries to ride it.


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I'm not sure. If the board won't allow the charging, you can just charge the battery packs directly for a bit until their voltage is high enough so the normal charging works again. If it's the BMS, not sure how to get around this. Probably it's only the board.

The Z10 had a similar problem being under voltage right after delivery and not charging, you can look up how the affected people dealt with it.


Someone who actually knows should tell you how to proceed:)

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