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  1. I wear ice grippers on my shoes. It's amusing to look at the pedals on the ACM2 because the pedals are mostly down to the bare metal, the grips having cleaned most of the grit right off. But it still works, so I've made no attempt to remedy that.
  2. I've posted this in the news, but just because I've talked about it here so much, here is a link to the version of the story that appeared on the local news: https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/one-wheeled-wonder-edmonton-man-rides-electric-unicycle-in-37c-weather-1.4771029
  3. In the end they didn't use the number for the story because it wasn't specific to winter commuting. Still, I plan to keep using the numbers when I talk to people in other settings. In any event, I posted a link to the story in the 'in the news' section. On second thought, I'll put it in here as well: https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/one-wheeled-wonder-edmonton-man-rides-electric-unicycle-in-37c-weather-1.4771029
  4. Some nut is riding his electric unicycle in the middle of winter. https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/one-wheeled-wonder-edmonton-man-rides-electric-unicycle-in-37c-weather-1.4771029
  5. Just got word from the local reporter that the National news has asked for some of his footage, and I'm scheduled to a live Skype hit for the TV station in Toronto tomorrow, this is getting interesting now.
  6. Reporter followed up to ask how many consecutive days I've been doing this, so that's encouraging.
  7. I'm not sure I would even mind; if a casual wipeout gets a few more views (which it probably would) then that could be worth it.
  8. You're making a excellent case for wheeling as a retirement activity.
  9. Okay, so the interview with local news folk is in the books. They took lots of footage of me riding around in two inches of snow. It's -26c right now and the temp actually seems anti-climactic after yesterday. The bad news is that I had my first wipeout of the winter; there was some drifting snow on the bridge and I of course was trying to show off for the camera. Fingers crossed, he won't use that part. I'll know soon, the story is expected to air on the 6pm news tonight.
  10. The thing crashed into a wall during the show, people had to start wearing helmets to use it. When you need to wear a helmet to sit in a chair... you need a different chair.
  11. I'm really missing the downvote button.
  12. Just because the average income level of a country is low doesn't mean there are no wheels there.
  13. I agree totally on the importance. But I'm hoping it may not be so tough to get a supportable estimate; we start somewhere and then just keep adding data points until a clear picture emerges.
  14. The other reason I'd like to have as much hard data as I can is that I am gradually starting to lobby local politicians and such to take wheels seriously as a form of transportation. Hoping to get a little bit of face time with the mayor of my fine city in a couple of weeks. It'll really help to know what the trends are when that happens.
  15. Boy you are sure working hard to put a negative spin on the numbers. There isn't a one-to-one correspondence between Wheellog and riders either.
  16. I for one didn't start using the app until a few weeks ago. No one else in Edmonton is using it yet as far as I know (being winter, there isn't much riding going on).
  17. They called a couple of hours ago to say they might have to push it to this afternoon (seems unlikely now) or tomorrow (here's hoping). I'll post a link if it happens.
  18. I should mention that on a short but extremely steep hill on my daily commute the V5F would actually yell at me to "Get Off!". When I chose a different route it was fine.
  19. With respect, all of you screaming that he is too heavy for the V8 are full of it. I weigh that and happily rode my V8 for three months, only upgrading because I wanted more speed. I still ride it now and then. I also rode V5F at that weight (my first wheel) and play on a 14D every week.
  20. Nice! The 18XL is my favorite wheel at the moment as well; it rides like a dream, especially after a few days of riding the noisy, vibrate-y snow wheel around.
  21. If I extrapolate the population of Des Moines (about 220k) to the global population 7.5 billion, that's about 1->34,000, four riders there means total riding population 136k in the world. That actually checks out surprisingly well.
  22. Day three in the books, this is definitely peak cold, -36 at run time. Once again no issues. TV folk have taken interest and want to interview me today, so that's something.
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