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  1. Normally that'd be us too, weather's been a bit freaky this year. We expect to get back up to normal on Thursday.
  2. A bit of the winter trail riding from this morning.
  3. Did someone say snow? Normally we're at +8c at this time of year but Mother Nature decided to drop a curveball on us. I used to be a decent skier, today was pretty much like having a groomed run down on a decent mountain slope.
  4. That's a pretty crazy tire you have on there.
  5. In my city this is an *awesome* time to get comfortable with riding on the streets with traffic... because there is very little traffic these days, even in rush hour. I'm eschewing the bike lanes in favor of normally-busy streets for all my ride time now. Absolutely no reason to be riding on any sidewalks while the quarantine is going on. Also, walking around is about the only activity people have right now, there are a few more pedestrians than usual in the residential areas.
  6. Electric unicycles are definitely far safer than OneWheels.
  7. We'll know soon enough, I plan to be riding this thing a *lot*.
  8. Before doing that one might want to think about exactly what is it about the one-thread approach that draws more interest. I'm guessing a lot of people are interested in seeing whatever random videos pop up the thread, regardless of content. Having to jump into five different threads to see five new videos added since a last visit is drudgery. Also, one gets notifications that something has been added to the video thread. You don't get a notification if the video is put into a new thread. The video section seems like it is the most popular aspect of this site. As Elmer Fudd might say, be vewy vewy careful before blowing it up.
  9. Well that's a downer. Much appreciated, but damn. 155lbs isn't a good default limit for wheels sold in N.A. The marketing says they're good to 220lbs, but it seems like the tire isn't good for anywhere near that.
  10. It seems like the long video thread is where you have to post videos if you want anyone to see them.
  11. I have no patience at all. Ordered on ewheels this morning and paid for max shipping speed. I've been wanting to try one of these for months.
  12. My next wheel will be... an MTen3. I love the big wheels and the long trips and that continues, but this year I want really want to thoroughly test the idea of this little wheel being a great last-mile option in our spread-out city. We have transit everywhere, but most people have a bit of a walk to get to the nearest transit point. Plus I really want to be carrying a wheel in a back pack to events and (hopefully) show civilians around here that wheels are really pedestrian friendly. And finally, I think more people around here might take the plunge if they see that a fun little wheel can be had for much, much less than the cost of a big wheel. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure going to feel a bit silly riding such a cute little wheel around.
  13. Okay, I'll try to work something up. We should have enough ice around still to make this happen.
  14. I may just print this off and put it up at work. Love it.
  15. If there's any texture to the ice surface at all, either a bumpy ice or a little bit of snow on top, I find it's super-easy to ride. It's only the glassy smooth black-ice type surfaces that require extra care. I've also noticed that in winter I ride as far forward on the pedals as I can, that allows me to keep forward momentum without having to do too much leaning. The note on the videos is much appreciated, although I have to say if I make the videos any longer Mrs Winterwheel gets distracted and wanders off to pet the cat or whatever so then I know I have to cut them back a bit.
  16. Looks like a awesome TV series idea. I wonder if Netflix is still in "we'll fund anything" mode...
  17. Not really sure how the new video thread system is supposed to work; re-posting this here where someone might see it. 🤞
  18. In the past I've posted a couple of videos riding along the shoreline of this lake (Astotin Lake, Elk Island National Park), this is the first time it's been good to ride out on the lake itself. Last summer we did a bit of kayaking in this exact spot. I like this because it shows just how much of a breeze it is to ride on icy surfaces with a big wheel, in this case a KS-18XL. No studs or modifications of any kind made to this wheel before taking it out here.
  19. Yeah, extreme cold is easy, you just need to dress up a bit more and make sure not to leave the wheel outside when not riding it. Ice is generally easy too -- just be aware when you're on it and be super cautious turning. Accumulated snow is a bit of a pain for me, my efforts pale in comparison to people like Chooch Tech above who takes on snowdrifts that I would try very hard to go around.
  20. In my first year I was investigating something similar and might even have bought something like this except the company that made them seemed to be out of business. I know better now, although I think it would make for a very amusing video to see a wheel rattling down the street with chains on.
  21. Sometime in the future I plan to experiment with putting a blanket over the wheel to see if the temp stays up. Today for example, the 18XL dropped to 5c by the time I got to work (-27c ambient at the time). It would be nice to know I could ride further than that if I wanted.
  22. That's awesome to hear... especially that you had success with it. @mrelwood has answered your too-cold question far better than I ever could. I tend to be conservative as well; if the wheel temp gets below 0 I'm bringing it inside to warm up. For me grips for the shoes are an absolute necessity, I never ride without them in winter. It's great to know you can step off the wheel onto ice with confidence, or be less worried about snow build up on the pedals. Something similar to this works great. Anything heavier-duty is too much.
  23. Paying attention is the key. I don't go down often, but on those occasions that I do it is because I was distracted by traffic, a pedestrian, looking for friends up ahead etc., and not realizing that I had ventured onto ice until too late to recover.
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